With Bendis soon revealing Superman’s identity, who do you guys think he will be?

My guess is that star reporter from the Daily Planet.
You know, that one who always seems to be in the know of all DCU events.
The one with the dark hair.
Lois Lane! Thoughts?


Lex Luthor. It has to be him.


Ohhhh I hadn’t thought of him!


It’s gotta be that Bruce Wayne guy from Gotham right?


Nope, it’s gotta be Jimmy Olsen.

Vote for Jimmy to be Superman.


If it isn’t good ole’ Lex, I just don’t know who it could be!

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Not to hijack the thread, but I liked seeing the different opinions people had here already.

So why not a poll. If I see a lot of “Other” I’ll try to add some more options here if possible.

  • Lois Lane
  • Perry White
  • Jimmy Olsen
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Lex Luther
  • Other

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It’s Jonathan Kent from the Flashpoint universe

I hope it’s not something out of left field and completely unforeshadowed, like the only survivor of some random alien planet.


Everyone knows it’s Mr. T, fool! One of his powers is to change his appearance, like that White Rabbit chick from The Dark Knight (the comic, not the movie).


Well, we know it’s not Henry Cavill anymore.


Obviously it’s Bizarro


It’s clearly Steve Urkel. He’s even dressed as '50’s Clark below.

Look…he knows we’re onto him…


I am going to go with Brainiac.

After careful consideration, and given his close association with Batman, I believe you will find it is Alfred Pennyworth. He knows Batman well, and Gotham is so close to Metropolis Superman could be there in a heartbeat. (I mean, to Superman so is India and like, Mars…) Clearly he maintains the disguise with Kryptonian cloaking technology.

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@BatJamags I laughed out loud.

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OK, that one hurts

It am not Bizarro

Look, fellas, all I know is that Bibbo Bibbowski is ALWAYS talking about how great Superman is. Little suspicious if you ask me.


So right now it looks like most people think it will either be Bruce Wayne or Perry White revealing his identity.

One thing I didn’t consider is Superman revealing his identity himself, but that might account for ‘Other’ scoring high in the poll also.

How do you think each person would reveal it? I’m not sure about Bruce Wayne revealing it, or how he would. Perry would definitely be front page of the Daily Planet (or on their webpage first and then paper). Why Perry would reveal it I’m not sure. I haven’t read a lot of recent (Rebirth) superman, so I can’t tell about their current relationship. Would Perry keep Superman’s secret?

I remember back in the day (ugh… not that far) in the Batman/Superman comic pre-flashpoint, Batman said he thought Perry was too good of a reporter to not have put the connection Clark Kent and Superman together. (Superman also thought the same of Jim Gordon / Batman - he was too good of a detective to not see the connection between Batman / Bruce Wayne).

But I’m not sure what the scenario would be that Perry would reveal it.