Will Smith

So I like Will Smith being cast in the DC Comic movies BUT I never thought Deadshot was the right role for him. Also, I like Deadshot as the Latino that I’m used to. I also can’t see him as John Stewart. So let me ask y’all.

If you cast Will as any DC character (that is already black) who would it be? Who should it be? Suggestions?

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either cyborg or green lantern

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(I think one of times he’s at his best is when he gets to talk a lot of s;*t so I would go for a character who is at least witty. Just my opinion. If it helps)

Black Lightning

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I say they recast Deadshot as a Latino. These DC movies will now be made to stand on their own anyway. If the rise of comic book movies has told us anything it is that you do not need a movie star.

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The problem I’m running into is that Will Smith just oozes charisma. That and his acting range is so diverse. It’s hard for me to nail down a character I would have him play. He definitely makes for a relatable anti hero, but I think I’d like to see him as a fully fledged superhero.
Ultimately, I don’t think I would dislike him in any role! I’ll take Will Smith in any movie as any character any day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Smith’s Star has faded. “The Wild Wild West” movie proved you cannot cast Will Smith in anything and have it be successful.:wink:

I also like to see starfire look how she did in the comics or in teen titans not that husk of a shell of a character they call starfire on titans

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…i think his last hit was Suicide Squad.

I liked the actress who portrayed a yellow cartoon character in Titans. I thought she done well.


The broad point I am trying to make with Will Smith is that the James Gunn Suicide Squad movie will be fine without him.

To answer the question in the body of this thread - I doubt you see Will in anymore DC movies. They will not wait on Will Smith, his loss.

I do think Viola Davis should play Amanda Waller. I hope they can keep her.


Ever since this generation of DC movies came out I’ve been thinking “Damn I wish Hancock was a DC Comic property!” He’d be perfect in DC. I don’t why but I want to see Hancock in Shazam doing something similar to what Superman and Shazam did in that animated short where they teamed up. Except Hancock has a very different disposition the Superman. So funny.

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I hear you. Apart from Will Smith there is a young black man that DC could and should use, and that is Ray Fisher. I just seen him in the 3rd season of True Detective, with what little they give him he is Fantastic.

As long as he’s not playing a blue genie, I’ll take Will Smith in anything.


Deadshot is latino?


Will Smith is still great and has been for decades. Guy has multiple golden globe and oscar nominations under his belt. He’s still a star. He was even bearable in that horrible Suicide Squad movie. I would have liked to see him return in a better version of the Squad, but it is what it is. I doubt we’ll see him in any screen version of DC.

For consolation, everyone should check out Hancock which proceeded the superhero movie explosion. While it’s third act is a disappointment, Smith shines in that one.


As for Will Smith, I could see him as Black Lightning, or as Green Lantern John Stewart.

@mattyb, I disagree about your comments about the Titan’s version of Starfire. The character is still developing in Titans, so you should expect more development of her character as the show goes on. Even so, even though she is not orange, I think the actress is doing a find job of bringing the Starfire character to life. No, she is not exactly like the character I read in the comic books in the past, but this version of Titans isn’t the same as the comic books either. It is a different reality that stands apart from the reality, or realities, we have seen in the comics. Different does not mean less than. It is good in its own right, even though I do think the show, as a whole, can be better in time.



If Will Smith is still a star the new live-action Aladdin movie will be a hit. It looks like a bomb to me lol. Judging from what I have seen, they should premiere that on their Disney + App.