Why with Doom Patrol and why not with Justice League ??

If Doom Patrol can have this type of language and nudity, then please… Release the Snyder cut of Justice League. Wouldn’t this Doom Patrol show would make DC a hypocrite in regards to prior DC films? Right? If I am wrong, will someone please let me know… Justice League was too scary, yet within a few minutes into Doom Patrol you see all of that. C’mon WB. C’mon DC. C’mon Geoff John’s. You guys did Zack Snyder wrong.


The Snyder Cut does not exist.


HubCityQuestion: Please take some time and look at the actual facts my friend.

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The Snyder Cut DOES exist and will be seen by the GA eventually

To the question at hand, I think TPTB at WB and some levels of DC only really care about the movies and the box office they can possibly bring in, especially Superman and Batman, than some perceived rinky dink television shows on baby networks and a barely known streaming service. Shows like DOOM PATROL, TITANS, and the ones that comprise the Arrowverse look great for the most part but I doubt if even the seasonal budgets of three of those shows combined even add up to the total production budget of an Amy Shumer rom-com. The way WB looks at it these programs, even the animated productions, are just found money about characters in the depths of the DC catalogue that only a small sliver of the viewing public cares about. Movies though, especially ones with the World’s Finest, are supposed to appeal to everyone which is why they come under the highest of scrutiny.

The problems come when the ones who scrutinize these movies during production have less than no respect for the source material or the converse, in one case in particular, know the material but not how to translate it to the screen. On the WB end, the studio would keep remaking SUPERMAN '78 and BATMAN '66 because those interpretations are what it feels comfortable with because guys in capes are to be kept as inoffensive and simple as possible since that’s what worked when kids wore coonskin hats and hung out at the neighborhood malt shop…especially if the studio is putting up hundreds of millions of dollars to bring them to the screen.

It’s not smart or the best allocation of resources between what flies in a DC movie compared to a DC television show but if I can get real creative freedom in the DCU by just turning on my big screen than having to go to a theater then pass me the remote.

Snyder got fired because his films were not successful. They were both commercial and critical bombs. That’s why he was fired, that’s why they will not spend more money creating a cut of his films for the dozen or so people who want it. So it has nothing to do with mature content. If Doom Patrol doesn’t do well enough by however it is that they measure success here it will be cancelled too.

I understand. My issue is with WB signing Snyder up to do a 5 part film arc (his approved vision) and not allowing him to complete it. WB/DC showcased all of these “upcoming” films, among these, a Justice League part 1 & 2 was included. Snyder is as big of a fan of these characters as we are. Bloggers combined with people who do not have a vested foundation of knowledge in comics (or have even seen or read a true comic) were unfortunately given the most significant voice of influence. Look at the numbers… Snyder did not fail… WB failed themselves, then in turn failed DC (my opinion) by intervening with the comic filmmaking process. Integrity is a key characteristic to have, because it speaks volumes about a business. I do not believe it was in the best interest of business ethics that Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns were allowed to alter another director’s vision, yet we were led to believe that Snyder approved of it. WB/DC needs to do what is right, and we all know what that is.

On this app, I understand that fans are paying for the service, so they are appealing to the core audience. I am curious about this black label DC, where it has been said creative freedom exists. I strongly hope that WB is smart and releases the Snyder cut of Justice League underneath the Black label banner and allows for Snyder to continue with his 5 part film arc here. Whatever the case is, history repeats itself and I hope we do not go back to the Batman Forever or the Batman and Robin days. Surely, WB has learned from their past mistakes.

Either way there IS a way to appeal to different market ages. An untouched market or niche exists for DC products.

Unfortunately, DC is losing money as long as this window of opportunity is not realized.

Snyder did fail, his BvS film with no studio interference got a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. Justice League scored higher, actually. There was a lot of buzz about how bad that movie was. The failure of that film had a direct affect on the failure of Justice League.

Snyder’s problem is that he’s a special affects guy who became a director. He had some success early in his career, but once the industry caught up with him on special effects the audience was no longer impressed by that alone. They expect good effects and a good story. Since Snyder’s never had a very good grasp on characters the industry has more or less passed him by.

Note that Snyder’s last positively reviewed film came out in 2009. This is not a case of 1 failure and then getting canned. He’s been skating by on “poorly reviewed but did pretty well at the box office” for a long time.

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I believe Man of Steel was the only truly untainted movie in what would’ve been the DC universe.

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That’s the whole point in trying to make… does Rotten Tomatoes determine whether a movie is good (or successful)? People that base the success of a movie from a rating by Rotten Tomatoes are part of the reason that DC films are in the current state they’re in. Which is now there’s no Snyder, no Justice League, no Ben Affleck, more than likely no Heney Cavil, no flash movie, no cyborg movie… you see the trend here.

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Take away film ratings… I’m talking about what matters - money. Check the records.

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The state that DC is in is they just released a very successful movie, far more successful than any of Snyder’s. From my vantage point it seems like they made the correct decision here.

Rotten Tomatoes is not an indication of failure. The Transformers films are proof of that, so is Venom. People will see the movies they want to see.


They released a new movie, with a character which we’ve never seen before in film, which is largely the reason why. Batman and Superman movies are mostly all we’ve seen. Snyder established a foundation for other directors to base their movies from.

Aquaman is new to the general audience. Wan picked up where Snyder left off. Wan even says it in interviews, he received the “nod” from Snyder. Aquaman is in continuity with the Snyder cut of Justice League. Do your homework.


From my standpoint, WB/DC needs to release the Snyder cut of Justice League.

… and it will come!

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Right, and Aquaman was both commercially and critically regarded higher than any of Snyder’s films (of his career, not just the recent DC films), as was Wonder Woman. In fact the 2 most successful DC films of the post-Nolan universe are the ones that Snyder wasn’t involved in.

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@Truth_of_Pisces: BvS received low audience scores as well. It’s not just critics. Of course reviews matter, it’s part of what determines if an audience will go see a film. Since BvS did so poorly it poisoned Justice League, even though JL was a much better film.

I liked Justice League the way it was. It was a great movie. I don’t want a bunch of R-rated movies. I want heroes I can look up to, like I did as a kid. Not heroes who get undressed at the first chance they get. No one needed the Lois and Clark bathtub scene (Still the reason I will never in a million years watch that movie). Snyder didn’t make movies for a child audience. He wanted to make the DCU so dark that it belonged in Superman’s grave. I enjoyed the heroic aspects of MoS, and Aquaman. I do not want a batman who tortures and brands people. I want the Batman who fights for a cause, not revenge. It isn’t just me, people loved the lighthearted Aquaman, and Wonderwoman. Who acted like heroes, instead of psychopaths who think that it is all about darkness and evil. Batman used to believe his villains could change. He wanted to save his friend Harvey from Two-Face. That is why I liked Batman in JL, who had faith in humanity again. Snyder’s cut probably would have made him into a hateful, distrustful, and embittered man. The altered Justice League was much better. Just my opinion though.

how many years till we can stop hearing the chants of a snyder cut?

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I think it’s because Doom Patrol is more obscure, thus it’s less likely to be inspirational to younger audiences. Many kids look up to figures like Batman and Superman, so I think that they need to make justice league so it’s at least appropriate enough for kids to watch it with younger audiences.