Why isn’t there any vertigo

Does anyone know why there aren’t any vertigo comics on the app? Is there any plan to add them?


To my (very limited) knowledge, it’s because the DC Comics company only allows DC Universe to upload certain seriesss and certain comics, and, for whatever reason, they’re holding off on the Vertigo stuff. It’s not up to DC Universe because DC Comics is basically lending their material to this platform.


Mostly what @cnzspuk said. Part of their deal to get the DC Digital Library on here was to mostly limit it to just the main DC Comics and leave the imprints out.

Yeah, there are some exceptions that DCU was able to negotiate separately I believe is how they did it… Wildstorm has gotten a lot on here, and there is some Vertigo AKA Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, and Flex Mentallo are all on here in the Vertigo comics case clearly because they have been adapted into the live action shows. But as a whole the deal apparently was limited to the main DC line of comics. I would guess this was so as not to have Comixology and the like have no appeal to DCU fans, but that is just my guess.


DC Comics (the publisher) has to keep both DC Universe and retailers in mind. To avoid upsetting their relationship with retailers, DC Comics is withholding the rights to certain comics from DC Universe. That’s why all content originally released in graphic novels, anything that is under the Vertigo imprint, and anything that’s less than a year old. However, that does not mean that none of those things can be added. They just have to be negotiated separately. Currently DC Universe has a deal with DC Comics where they get Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, and Flex Mentallo. DC Universe most likely pursued the rights to these comics over other Vertigo titles because their original series are based on them.

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DCU is going to screw over comic shops anyway. I’m not buying hard copies anymore.

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Also, why do we speak as if DCU isn’t part of DC Comics? I get that they are separate divisions with different contracts, but they are part of the same company, right?

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@darkknights They’re both owned by WB, but they’re not the same. They’re more like partners. DC Universe still has to get the rights to distribute comics from DC Comics (the publisher). It’s a bit confusing since they’re both DC themed.


I just wish we could get the original Hellblazer series and Transmetropolitan


Comixology gets Vertigo, we get the rest!

Hopefully is just a matter of time …


I was actually looking to read them here too, was really excited about the prospect. Oh well.

Add the Vertigo, Paradox, Milestone, etc titles.
Don’t be cute and add titles when it’s convenient. Silly Golden Age Batman comics can live right alongside Sandman. People won’t get confused. People don’t get confused now with silver age Titans and the new Titans show, do they?
Lucifer and iZombie are currently on television, but nowhere on the DC Universe app. It’s like they’ve ashamed of them.

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@Pre-Code It’s not about confusion. DC Comics wants to protect its relationship with publishers, so they only allow DC Universe (which is separate from them) to have things that aren’t under imprints.


I meant retailers, not publishers.

The relationship with retailers is only to have books appear on the site/app a year after they have been released in print. This is to protect stores and their sales.
The separation between DCU and Vertigo books/characters is whatever editorial decides it is. One day it was decided to make Swamp Thing a Vertigo title, and boom, he’s a Vertigo title. A few years later, it’s decided that he fits better in DCU, and boom, he’s a DCU book again.
They view the service as a vehicle for mostly superhero comics (and film/tv). I would like the service to (where possible) embrace the company’s entire output. We’ll see…


I subscribed in the first place for the great animation, and hoped that the comics available would be nearly as complete as Marvel’s. It certainly isn’t.

I’m apparently not the only one who is concerned about something that DC should be wiping the floor with Marvel with your mammoth inventory of comics and the Trinity.

DC has shown that they can be conscientious about their subscribers, with the extraordinary DOOM PATROL. So, guys, give us ALL the books?

ALL of them!

@Pre-Code We get you want them, a lot would want them. But DCU has specifically said that the reason they stuck to the main DC line is because that was the agreement to not undermine retailers. You disagree with that logic and that is fair, but that was their logic and it was the agreement they made to get from 5000 comics to 22,000 plus comics.

It isn’t because they are ashamed of the Vertigo line (literally anything ever said by DC about the Vertigo line would make it clear they aren’t) or because they think it will confuse people. That is the literal reason employees of DC have given for why they aren’t on here. You are holding it against them for reasons that they aren’t actually making the decision.

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I want vertigo so bad DC owns them so it shouldn’t be a big deal .

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It’s just not what DC Comics wants to do.
They want to focus on the main line DCU here.

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Which makes sense. The name of this streaming service is DC Universe, so it makes sense the publishing side of it would largely be comprised of titles from the DC Universe line itself.

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