Why do you like DC?

Obviously, your here because you have SOME kind of liking for DC. So why do you like it? And why do you choose it over marvel? Or do you like them both evenly. For me, I like DC better because of the characters (although I do like Venom). And also, I just don’t like the majority of marvels community, since they brag over Infinity War a lot and it gets annoying


Grew up on Batman stuff (before I even knew about Marvel) so naturally I am here about that.

The world, the darkness, the atmosphere if places like Apokalips. The voice actors are the best in entertainment. So many great characters!


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Yep lol I love Harley but recently saw The Killing Joke and ordered the Batgirl statue, I’ve been in a Batgirl mood lately! Plus, noticed nobody has a Batgirl pfp that I’ve seen.

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Pretty good actually. If you’ve seen me around, you know I’m 13 so I still got school but tomorrow I get off for easter. If I’m correct you are an adult with a wife??.. I think I saw you say that somewhere


I just recently got into comics (I’m also young, just 16) last summer. I knew I liked superheroes, but never really knew enough about any character to have a favorite one, although I liked the X-Men. A friend recommended I watch Gotham, and I naturally started to look into the comics after I finished all 4 seasons of that show. I got hooked when I read The Long Halloween, and The Court of The Owls. I started diving into Batman, and when I saw DC Universe was coming out, I preordered it. DC Universe has been the thing that has really gotten me into the entirety of DC, not just Batman. I suppose that THIS is the reason I like DC then :slight_smile:



Thats actually pretty neat, how this is kinda what got you really into DC


Born into it



Yep, wow you remembered lol yeah, I’m an old fart, in my 30’s!

Glad you’re doing well, hope you have a good day at school tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Why do you like Tom Hardy as Bane?

I’ve said the before but I like DC because of the darker tones of their stories. Also, I feel like the books handle modern day themes well.

Another thing is that the Hero’s just want to be able to fit in society. Which is relatable to a lot of people in this day in age.


Great post by the way!

I like his bane because I prefer live action movies, and IMO, his was better than the worlds bane from B&R, although that one looked better with the luchador outfit

I like both marvel and DC but always had more of a DC leaning cause I grew up with DC comics. Starfire was my childhood role model and I’ve always loved the batfam. my mom got me this giant stack of DC comics from the library when I was a kid and I read them all the time. Honestly I just connect way more with DC heros then marvel. I have enjoyed marvel movies but recently been getting bored of them cause (besides infinity war and endgame) they have felt like the same movie. With DC I can never expect the same thing when it comes to their live action and i find that to be entertaining

I was indoctrinated with Adam West and the animated Justice League from about as early an age as possible and never looked back.

But in terms of what actually appeals to me other than nostalgia: Superhero universes, especially the DCU, are also some of the most diverse franchises out there. I don’t mean in the sense of demographics of the characters, but in terms of the kinds of genres, themes, plots, and styles you can find. There’s something there for you no matter what mood you’re in. Plus, I particularly enjoy more idealistic stories - not necessarily ones that are light and happy (though light and happy is always fun), but ones with strong moral themes – ones that wrestle with ideals. DC is a lot better at doing that than Marvel, somehow. Marvel’s heroes tend to be more likely to do morally ambiguous things, and the villains are more easily forgiven for their evil actions. In theory, that’s more “complex,” but it just feels like they’re asking you to ignore the fact that their characters are jerks all the time, and I get tired of that after a certain point. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Marvel’s one of my favorite franchises, but I’d rank it third behind DC (#1) and pre-2014 Star Wars (#2) for pretty much that reason.


I am still a kid at heart and love comics

I grew up watching Superfriends on Saturday morning. Have always liked DC

Loved Starfire and Raven from comics and the other Teen Titans characters (Perez). Perez’ Wonder Woman rocked. Also really loved the L. Carter WonderWoman and Lois & Clark TV shows. Michael Keaton as Batman, didn’t seem like the typical Batman but he grew on us. Read Superman from the newspapers back when newspapers were big. Superfriends were awesome Saturday cartoons. Like to see good guys win and happily save the day.

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Adam West was cool.


Batman is my favorite hero but I just love comics and the superhero genre in general and don’t prefer a company over another

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