Why Damian Wayne Needs to Become a FULL TIME Villain!

Damian has really been well written by some of comics greatest writers. It’s no accident he’s either well liked or even hated. My favorite writers takes on Damian are Grant Morrison and Peter Tomasi. It’s been a great ride to read about him being brought into the fold of the Batman family and always leaning towards either his father or mother ways. It’s a struggle to find his true self. He is a major character and always will be. It would be intense to see him become a villain,fail his father and go to the way of The Demon. It definitely makes for a good story.


I frickin LLLLLOOOOOVVVEEEE Damian Wayne. His growth as a hero throughout the series is fantastic. He has his inner demons he battles. Assasin training vs making his dad proud of him. His attitude is perfect for Batman in my opinion. Tim Drake is meh to me. Not as dynamic as Damian is. Damian is such a badass. He could go off on his own like Nightwing and be amazing.


I really hated him during Morrison’s Batman and Robin run, but Tomasi redeemed him for me. He helped me understand that Batman having him as Robin is a redemption story for the character. Because the truth is, if Jason Todd was a bad seed, Damian’s even worse, so if Bruce can’t heal him, the world is screwed. What’s great is seeing Batman be able to heal himself (a bit) in fatherhood. If you haven’t read Peter Tomasi’s run on Batman and Robin and subsequent other series featuring the father and son dynamic, you should check it out. Tomasi will make you believe.


Personally, I’ve never liked him as robin. He’s too young, and DC is always eager to bring him in when they reboot everything so they automatically have to make Ra’s and Talia old news, so we’re never really able to see them in their glory. He also takes away a lot of “screen time” from other characters who definitely deserve more development and exposure. If it were up to me, I would get rid of him and Tim Drake. Dick and Jason are the two robins that have the biggest impact on Batman/Bruce, and I think ending the robin legacy after Jason really gives weight to Jason’s and Batman’s character, and it’s more in character for Batman to just stop with the robin shit after joker killed the last one, because I don’t like to believe that he just kept going through robins after that. :man_shrugging:t4:


As a villain, Damian is functionally boring. He’s essentially Ra’s with a bit of family ties to the batfam. We’d rather see him die heroically or get out of his father’s shadow and start to develop as a character who is a child abuse victim than become a villain. Tim doesn’t need to be Robin because he’s developed his own identity outside of it and it would take away everything he’s worked for so far. Honestly, I personally don’t think anyone should be Robin, and I think Damian should break away from the batfamily completely with how everyone is acting towards him. I believe DC should explore his guilt, his underlying fear of becoming a failure or like Ra’s, and his character outside of all the expectations set on him. He’s pretentious because he has golden child syndrome. If he’s allowed to do his own thing, he break away from who he was until then, because he is no longer the grandson and heir to the demon, he is no longer the son of the bat, he is no longer an al ghul or a wayne, he’s just Damian. And that could be really interesting to see. All his life, he’s had a path set out for him by others and almost everything that makes him up isn’t something he’s developed himself. At first, he’d be a bit lost, but if Dc allows him to develop who he really is, away from the bats and the demons, he could become a really interesting character. He’s a POC and a victim of child abuse. He’s had so many expectations put on him throughout his life that he hasn’t had a chance to discover himself. DC, let him be his own person.

Also personally, Cass as Batman would be amazing.

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I agree. I’ve had this discussion with a group of friends at the comic shop and I came to the conclusion that he should be put into his own comic. He has a lot of fans, weirdly enough, so he shouldn’t be killed off. He could move to another city or country and start his own anti-hero vigilante thing. He can return on few occassions to help batman and the family when needed for large events or what not. But primarily he will live in the pages of his own spin off comic.

This solution gets him out of Batman for those of us who dislike him, but keeps him alive for his fans.

Wow. I never saw this discussion before.

tim drake is not the most loved imo its not damians fault that dc dosent know what to do with 90s self insert white boy tim
and him being robin again would be major regression on both parts thank god they changed it back

he cant become all villain he could but there is like dick Grayson Tim drake Jason Todd and btw if anyone would become a villain most likely red hood i know he like leader of a new team.

no Damian is a 13 year old, he shouldn´t be living by himself he can take care of himself, but that dosen´t mean he should have to. besides he´s great. especially in movies

how exactly would the franchise improve? damian is easily the third most popular and profitable member of the batfamily like supersons is literally one of rebirths even nows hottests titles
literally all the other robins got to and still get to do cool things because of who adopted them so your point?