Who Would Win: DC Super Hero Girls Field Day Edition

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week in the United States. To celebrate, we’re going to ask who would win Field Day games at Super Hero High School!

Featured on DC Super Hero Girls, Super Hero High School has among its students and faculty some of the most famous and powerful DC characters. Pick one of the Field Day activities listed below, and tell us which character (or characters) you think would excel at each activity and why!

  • Tug of War :muscle:
  • Sack Race :potato:
  • Three-Legged Race :running_woman: :running_woman:
  • 100-Yard Dash :goal_net: :running_woman:
  • Relay Race :running_woman: :firecracker: :running_woman:
  • Ultimate Frisbee :flying_disc:
  • Capture the Flag :triangular_flag_on_post:

If you’d like to watch DC Superhero Girls yourself, you can do so on the CN App,
Amazon, or Netflix (thanks to the fabulous @Razzzcat and @Mae for providing those links).



  • Tug of War :muscle:
  • Sack Race :potato:
  • Three-Legged Race :running_woman: :running_woman:
    Zatanna and Jessica
  • 100-Yard Dash :goal_net: :running_woman:
  • Relay Race :running_woman: :firecracker: :running_woman:
    Diana and Kara
  • Ultimate Frisbee :flying_disc:
  • Capture the Flag :triangular_flag_on_post:

Cool Idea!

Tug of War :muscle: Kara (Just realized how hot of a take this is.)
Sack Race :potato: Diana
Three-Legged Race :running_woman: :running_woman: Kara and Karen
100-Yard Dash :goal_net: :running_woman: Based solely on running I’d say Diana, but if we allow flying Kara.
Relay Race :running_woman: :firecracker: :running_woman: Again depends on if we are counting flying, if we are Jessica and Kara if not Diana and Kara
Ultimate Frisbee :flying_disc: Barbara
Capture the Flag :triangular_flag_on_post: Barbara

Winner of the most games: Kara
Winner of the second most games: Tie between Diana and Barbara


I counted flying :grin: also I chose Diana for the Tug of war because she is used to working with rope :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • Tug of War :muscle:
    Supergirl-her strength has it.
  • Sack Race :potato:
    Z-she probably has some bunny hop magic for the sack
  • Three-Legged Race :running_woman: :running_woman:
    Batgirl & WW-there determination has it
  • 100-Yard Dash :goal_net: :running_woman:
    WW- just think she’s a fast runner
  • Relay Race :running_woman: :firecracker: :running_woman:
    WW&SG- the seem like a fast team
  • Ultimate Frisbee :flying_disc:
    Cruz-I don’t know why but I feel Cruz is good at this​:sweat_smile:
  • Capture the Flag :triangular_flag_on_post:
    Bumblebee- she’ll shrink her way to a sneaky flag victory

I hadn’t thought about it, but I feel like Jessica Cruz could use ring constructs to help control the path of her frisbees. Which might be cheating, maybe? Although if everyone else can use strength, speed, and flight, I feel like she’d be able to use her ring as much as she could.


I have to admit I’m learning alot from @Razzzcat, @Mae & @DC89 about Super Heroes girls! I don’t know if they’re teachers or not, But I really appreciate them.:slightly_smiling_face:
Winners for these races in my opinion are…

  • Tug Of War: Wonder Woman
  • Sack Race: Batgirl
  • Three-Legged Race: Harley & Ivy
  • 100 yard dash: Supergirl
  • Relay race: Jessica Cruz & Bumblebee (Hope I got her name right!)
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Vixen
  • Capture the flag: Mary Marvel

I didn’t think about using any of the non core 6


Since this is in the framework of a Field Day, I’m including two key points in my logic:

  1. Other students are participating, so no overt use of powers. No flying, no miniaturization, no constructs, and Diana, Barry, etc need to slow their running to a believable speed.
  2. While Kara could win most of the events, she has zero interest in participating and is either hiding in the corner with headphones or, if teachers force her to participate, not putting in any effort. (i.e. the only thing she’d help with is the tug-of-war, if someone tied the rope around her.) Man, this thread is making miss the faculty of Gen 1 DCSHG…

1-on-1: Diana :00_wonder_woman_stars:
Team: Whoever has their side tied around Kara’s waist :supergirl_cw:
If Kara can’t be found, this goes to Team Doris.

Babs. All day, every day. Have you seen that girl bounce?!* :00_batgirl1:

Karen & Garth :honeybee: :sweat_drops:
Slow and steady; nobody will see them coming. Everyone else will be arguing or fighting over technique.

Awkward tie between Diana and Barry, as they eye each other up trying to push the limit of what they can get away with without exposing their powers. :00_wonder_woman_gold: :flash_hv_5:
Post-finish line, they loop around the remaining 300 meters of the track, both colliding with Kara, who is looking down at her phone, still standing at the starting blocks.

How big is this relay? I’m going to two-person teams based on the emojis.

  • Harley & Babs are the only ones with a clean handoff and finish first, but are disqualified because Harley can’t resist tripping their opponents. :harley_eyerollhqtas: :0_batgirl:
  • Hal finishes second, but is disqualified because he didn’t hand off to anyone. :00_lc_green_lantern:
  • Tatsu is back at MH for field day, and her hand off to Jennifer brings them the first clean finish and the victory. :crossed_swords: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Girl is from Portland. Hell yeah, she’s a Frisbee pro. She probably gets all frustrated when her friends just want to play catch, but she’s trying to organize a proper game of Ultimate. So, if the game is Ultimate, it is a team win, but only because Jessica is running the gamebook and forcing them to focus. :00_lc_green_lantern1:

Again, this would be a team win, but the superstar is Zee here, as the only one whose powers can be used on the downlow to benefit them. (Well, Kara could use X-Ray vision, if she were paying attention.) But a little Etacol eht galf and she’s off for the win while Babs, Jessica, Karen, and Diana run interference/distraction in the other direction. :tophat:



Points, to quote our fabulous @Razzzcat!


Oh that’s smart…I was thinking it was a friendly competition between the 6 main characters :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: with use of powers


I see Barbara being relentless in capture the flag.


Ohhh, what can I get with my points?!

lol, thanks. I like to overthink the conditions of simple “who’d win” scenario threads. :ttns_gif_krypto:

Absolutely. I feel like everyone else is still playing, not even realizing that Babs won an hour ago.


I believe there is a mail-order catalogue being circulated. Check with @Vroom :laughing: Maybe they even have those Batgirl PJs! :hugs:


happily Xeroxes copies of the Cool Points Catalog

IDK if it’s legal to Xerox it, so…:shushing_face:

talks to the guy at Kinko’s while his copies are running in the background

'Member Kinko’s?


I still have a Kinko’s! They’ve got the FedEx desk, but haven’t fully rebranded.

Looking forward to my sweet sweet Batgirl PJs. I hope they’re footed. My old man toes get cold.


I remember watching the numbers rotate on that li’l…thing (cartridge? I dunno it’s technical designation) that you’d slip into the printer before you began printing.

Oh, and the smell. Kinko’s always smelled awesome. Plus, they sold a lot of snacks and drinks, too. I’m fairly certain 10 year-old me bought a few Crystal Pepsis at Kinko’s in 1993.


I would love to have her DCSHG hoodie with the ears, DC needs to make it happen! :purple_heart:


Ooh! :raised_hand: I know @Green.Lantern! Winner takes all the ice cream, tater tots and kittens—FACT.

As for my picks:
Based on her healthy competitive spirit and drive for self-improvement, I’d give 100yrd dash, tug-o-war, the sack race to :purple_heart: :00_wonder_woman_gold: Big D.

3 legged race goes to Karen & Jess.
Frisbee goes to Zee.
Relay=all of them. #teamwork
Capture the flag to Harley. For obvious reasons​:boom::laughing:

Also, :supergirl_cw: Kara might seem like a logical choice, but if you’ve seen the show you know she’ll likely be busy listening to music and snacking, instead of participating in anything remotely “nerdy”. :purple_heart: you Kara.


Warner Brothers Consumer Products needs to merchandise the **** out of DCSHG.

Sure, there’s a lot of stuff out there for the original iteration as well as the current take, but they need to turn it up to 11. We need (for starters):

  • action figures from the Lauren Faust DCSHG
  • adult-sized apparel from OG and current DCSHG
  • an ongoing DCSHG comic
  • all of the other Things and Goo-gahs

Right, Kara?

She’s saying “Right!”, but you can’t hear it at the speed she’s flying at. :slight_smile: