Who Would Win: DC Super Hero Girls Field Day Edition

We have a Cool Point catalog. :full_moon_with_face: :harleys_crew: @Vroom knows.


is still Xeroxing Cool Points Catalogs at Kinko’s

Man, I sure could go for a Crystal Pepsi right now…

eyes the soda fridge by the “Pay Here” counter


fishes around for a few bucks in his jeans that still have that GD wrinkle that won’t smooth out


tbh, it freaks me out a little, BUT you make me wish I had bought one to try when they did that reissue! :cup_with_straw:


There, there. Clear sodas are our friends, and nothing to be freaked out over.

I tried a Clear Whak Soda once, and…yeah. If “badass” could be packaged into a drinkable form, Clear Whak Soda would be it.

TBH, that CP reissue caught me by surprise. There I was at Target one day, and I turned me noggin towards the Pepsi fridge by checkout and…well, this was me in terms of excitement:

She’s saying “Holy ****! Crystal Pepsi is back?! Hell yeah!”.





I’m sure they do but it seems DCSHG never gets the spotlight it so richly deserves. As those of you who’ve been part of the Crew’s WALs of the series (join us this coming Monday!) know, this is a ingenious and hilarious series full of deep nerdy DC stuff and amazing voice acting. But because it’s for kids, and - gasp! - girl kids, at that, feels like DC doesn’t really do much in terms of promoting it, perhaps outside the CN bubble.

So the fact we have this official DCUI activity is making me super happy! I’m hoping the crossover with TTG on May 31 gets a shoutout and perhaps an official WAL or some kind of fun thing… :pleading_face:


YURS! :hugs: And the comics already out added to our library here :pleading_face:


I don’t know if I’m the odd duck out, but as a guy, I’m completely secure in my love for DCSHG.

I’ve loved it since Day One of the original iteration in 2016, and I really enjoy Lauren Faust’s take on it. It’s fun, cute and the animation is great.

I agree that WBCP should be promoting the DCSHG brand in full a lot more, especially since it appeals to kids and adults.


That ice cream is likely why D wants to win. I mean, we’ve all seen how she DESTROYS sundaes! :eyes:

:joy: I feel so safe now, @Vroom. ty

Might’ve helped if they hadn’t rebooted it w/o just changing the name. :purple_heart:


I get why they’re not here yet, but if this series is here (and like DCSHG, it too heavily centered on toys by Mattel, as well as merchandise from other licensees) than the SHG OGNs should be here.

One day, hopefully. Just got to be positive and hope they’ll show up.


But like… what else are you supposed to do with them? :woman_shrugging:



clears throat

Anyhow, have one on me, @Razzzcat:


yoinks, Yara Flor-style, a few of the above for himself

Now I’m thinking of what a DCSHG-style Yara would be like…


“The Shadow knows!”

Well, he does. It’s kind of his schtick, you know?

returns to contemplate on who would win what in a Field Day competition

It’s tempting to say Kara would take it all, but I want to be a bit more thorough in my choices.

Speaking of Field Day, was that just about the best day of the school year for everyone else? A whole day of school where we just do cool sports stuff and don’t have to learn? I’m substantially more academic than athletic, but even I looked forward to Field Day.


I LOVE all of the DCSHGs so very much,

but as you all probably know, my heart belongs to one in particular:

She may not be an immortal goddess, a bulletproof alien, or an amazingly gifted magician, but the one thing my gurrrl has in abundance is the will to NEVER give up.

So whichever of these events that Barb participates in one thing’s most def for sure- I’m rooting for her win or lose. And I always will. :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :purple_heart:

Ps. Thank you SO Much @Green.Lantern for posting this topic! :smiley: :+1:


@Mae lol, Ok, that’s fair. Diana is fully relatable :icecream:


@Vroom :smirk: Hey, Yara Flor.


What’s that No Doubt song that goes “Hey baby, hey!”? I kind of have that on the noggin’ ATM with regards to Ms. Flor.

BTW, 5/18 is The Day. I’ve circled it so heavily that there’s a circle in the wall behind my calendar.


5/18!!! :dancer:t2: :00_wonder_woman_gold:


:man_facepalming: Of course it was Hey Baby! I kind of like her gig with Moby (South Side), too.

will be at a comic store at opening on 5/18

I’d wear a Yara Flor t-shirt too, but…I don’t think any exist. At least those that are officially made/licensed.


I’m not sure if this falls in to “action figures” or “all of the other Things” but I need the LEGO license to extend to Gen 2! I think the kryptomite centric sets kind of hurt the Gen 1 sales, because if you didn’t see the show you had no idea what they were, but I got Eclipso’s Palace and am still regretting not having bought Superhero High before they ceased production. Gen 2 sets need to happen, especially a Ren Faire set with all three forms of Ember. And like 50 turkey legs.

(Man, I forgot how much of a square Gen1 Kara was…)

Quack! I’ve got a comic buddy that is equally as enthralled by entertainment ostensibly targeted at … a different demographic than us. (See also Gotham Academy, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Emily and the Strangers, Li’l Gotham, Tiny Titans…) We might have gotten strange looks back in the day, but now we’re old enough that our friends are grateful for the suggestions we have for their kids. :slight_smile:

Absolutely! I was hellauncoordinated, and far from an athlete, but more than happy to run around like an idiot for a day! In high school our “field day” included jocks v faculty games, which were probably more fun to watch than participate in.


Yes, this!