Who Would Win? Batfleck vs. Battinson

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

Our matchup this week is an all-Batman edition. Which of the two most recent film versions of Batman do you think would come out on top if they came to blows-Ben Affleck Batman or Robert Pattinson Batman? Let us know which Dark Knight you think would win, below?

  • Batman (Ben Affleck)
  • Batman (Robert Pattinson)

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Pattinson goes down.


Battinson is pretty vicious in his fighting, but Batfleck is even more so. That combined w/ his experience should mean Batfleck takes this one


I actually like Battinson more… soooooo…


….soooo… Batfleck still kicks his butt.

Forgive me… couldn’t help it… just playin’ :woozy_face:




I haven’t seen the movie yet, but will soon, so I pick Battinson.:smiley:


if they fight with their horns like moose, Affleck’s got no chance with those stubby little things




Batfleck is a beefy bruiser and then some, so Pattbat is going down (and Affleck would drop Pattinson like a sack of dirt IRL).

When Battinson gets his own Warehouse Scene™, then we’ll talk turkey on him being a world class ass-kicker, ala Batfleck.

The real question is, who had the better Batmobile chase scene in their debut outing as Batman? Because each of their debut movies had a great chase scene with their respective rides.


Ok, again, this is like trying to decide which tooth you want pulled. Very tough.

And although I loved Battinson, I have to give it to Batfleck.
I believe they are both extremely skilled fighters, have amazing gadgets, and can seriously kick butt.

Now, I’m sure that I’m going to get ripped a new one here, but I’m gonna say it anyways. :sunglasses::hugs:

I truly believe that since Batfleck is older and has been around longer, that he’s been able to get a Ton of more experiences, strategies, logical deductions, complex maneuvers from opponents, and is able to plan out much better than the younger Battinson.

Now, all my “young Family” on the forum, please dont roast this old timer too hard. But once youve lived a lifetime of ups-and-downs, you truly have a completely different take on life.
When I was young, I thought I was invincible, and I could do anything.

But with time, comes experiences.

And with experience, comes knowledge.

And with knowledge, comes foresight.

(Oh snap, see, the younger me would never have come up with that. :thinking::rofl:)

Anyways, I think Batfleck has the win here. He’d be able to plan much further down the road, and would ultimately figure a way to win.

But again, I seriously love both of them, so this was a tough one.

(Ok…ok… now all the youngin’s can jump on me about “stamina”). :rofl::rofl:

Although……:thinking::face_with_monocle:…… Batfleck did kick some serious butt, especially in the warehouse seen….sooooo……:face_with_monocle::thinking:

Haha. Anyways, that my old take on it.
Great poll by the way! :+1:t2::metal:t2::+1:t2::metal:t2:



I see where you’re coming from with this, but I think Battinson knows that he’s very mortal. In The Batman we can actually see his grief and depression, even after all those years. I think he’s not afraid to die, and, in my opinion, that makes him much more dangerous.

I think Batfleck forgot that he’s not invincible. Hell, he almost killed Superman, and then revived him, and tried to stop him, WITHOUT ANY WEAPONS!


Haven’t seen Pat yet so went with Fleck.

But secret answer number 3 they kiss and we get a Wolverine :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Great points @Jurisdiction :+1: But you know us old farts have to pretend we know what we’re doing. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And yeah, @NYJt3 that has bothered me for years, everytime I see Wolverine in his original costume. :rofl:


lol!!! i think you just described the human race


I think this pushes the argument in Batfleck’s favor even more.


yeah i didn’t think this through…


guys… guys… I actually DO have the true answer to this poll… and I guess I’ll just go ahead and tell you the truth…
In a fight between Batfleck and Battinson… it would start off like…

giphy (6)

which would lead to hours, upon brutal hours of…

giphy (5)

and for the finale, the ultimate winner would be…


the winner of this poll, would be US… the fans after leaving the theater after watching two of the greatest Batmen go toe-to-toe


which would inevitably lead to us all going home, logging on to DCUi, and figurously debating who won…

giphy (8)

:sunglasses: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I have to give it to Battinson. both are likely roughly even in strength but Battinson has the edge in speed Batfleck has a little better reach as he is three inches taller(holy hights batman is taller than Superman in the DCEU). Batfleck likely lost both speed and strength over the years due to the abuse his body has been through well Battinson does not have near the accumulation of injuries but has yet to kick through an oak tree(which is year four i think). both have the same training, but Batfleck’s fighting style well becoming more brutal again, is still somewhat tempered from having a Robin, well Battinson’s fighting style is still pure brutality. both of their basic suits are roughly as protective as the other however Battinsons suit is more optimized for combat and utility.
the differences in the suit and fighting style and health in my mind give Battinson the edge needed to take the victory.
however, Batfleck wearing the power armor he made to fight Superman would give him the win he would not be wearing it to simply patrol Gotham. there batmobiles have roughy the same durability and well Batfleck’s does have big guns attached to it in JL, they were added during the course of the movie and may not be there normally. Battionson wins.


I just hope we get to see more of Battinson in the years to come.
It will be amazing if they keep taking us down the journey of watching him grow and mature into an older Batman.
I really hate when great characters are constantly recast.
Pick-It and Stick-It

:sunglasses: :metal: