Who should be the next actor to play Batman


I’m done with all these pretty boys playing bats. At least Ben Affleck had enough sense to bulk up. My votes Michael Jai White. Dudes ripped knows his martial arts. Although I’ve heard talk of Chris Meloni and I freaking love that dude so I’d back him as well.

My guy is Scott Adkins he’s badass in the Ninja movies

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John Hamm looks the part and is an incredible actor.


Probably I weird opinion but John Krasisnki. Ever since Jack Ryan I just thought it would fit.

I think Adam Driver aka Kylo Ren from Star Wars would nail it!

Let’s go with Batman beyond, and have the person that should have played him in Tim Burton’s Batman. Tom Selleck can be the old cantankerous Bruce Wayne.
Terry Mc Ginnis, Dylan Minnette or Ansel Elgort?

Jim Caviezel

Robert Pattinson Rumored To Be A Candidate For Lead Role In Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN. Hell no. No, no, No.

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I know he does not look the part and he’d need to bulk up and dye his hair but I think he could carry off the brooding personality of Bruce Wayne very well and better than Afleck did. I liked Batfleck by the way but I thought something was missing. I’m targeting that here. Matt Damon. The entire time I watched each Jason Bourne movie fight or chase scene that I saw I thought to myself that was some Batman stuff to do. Walk in and in a short series of precise series moves break someone up and knock them out. Batman. His intensity. The sharp suddenness of his actions/reactions in non fight scenes. Batman. (Those last 2 parts are really the main things Batfleck needed to work on otherwise he was perfect. You could just keep Batfleck and make him hangry)

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I could see Pattinson as Batman! Just because an actor played one role you did dig, even if that role is a sparkling vampire lol, doesn’t invalidate them as an actor. When I heard Zack Effron was going to be playing Ted Bundy in the most recent film about the killer I was highly skeptical but he actually did a good job. I have a weird feeling Robert Pattinson might land the gig. I mean it can’t be worse than Clooney lol

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Not the guy from Twilight. No. Please. No.

Christian Bale still exist.

Pattinson would definitely make a good Bruce Wayne, I’d buy him as the millionaire Playboy type

James Brolin … I legitimately don’t know… Is he to old for the role?

They never should’ve let Michael Keaton get away. He is still available. How old is Daniel Day Lewis?

Brad Pitt. Javier Bardem?

I think they are looking for actors under 35

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I think they are looking for a younger actor. Of all the names under 40 I’ve heard rumored I honestly think Pattinson is the best. He has done a lot of solid indy work since washing off the body glitter.

Honestly if they are going under 35 then there’s only one choice for me its Armie Hammer.