Who is Your All-Time Favorite Robin?

With the 4 main ones and various elseworld incarnations, who is your favorite Boy Wonder?


I respect Dick.
I love Jason.
I admire Tim.

Damian is my favorite.

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Tim Drake.

mine is a tie between jason and stephanie, but i’d have to say jason. only because they didn’t fulfill what stephanie’s robin could have been completely.

Tim Drake. Even with his bad taste in music.


Love Grayson as Nightwing but favorite Robin is Tim!

The first Robin - Dick Grayson. Jason is my 2nd favorite.

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Overall Carrie. Mainstream Jason.

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Dick will always be my favorite Robin but I think I’m liking him more and more as Nightwing. Damian is my second. I just love him. He is seriously a neglected child that doesn’t know how to show emotion just like his dear Baba.

Gonna go with Damian.

DAMIAN, not Damien, BTW.

Dick and Jason



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My favorite comic book character is Stephanie Brown, but as Robin, I would say Tim Drake.

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Dick 5ever. Do wish we had gotten more Stephanie Robin though…

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Stephanie Brown without a doubt. She brought out the lightheartedness that was lacking in all the other Robin’s except Dick Grayson. Seriously, why did the other characters who took up the mantle have to be so dark, serious, or edgy? Batman’s got that covered, he doesn’t need his partner to be the same way.

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Tim Drake. Hands down.

Jason Todd. Followed by Tim. I honestly think Tim is probably the best person suited to be robin but I just truly enjoy Jason so much he always sits at the top of my list.

Tim because Dick is better as nightwing