Which Universe Has the Better First Movies, Tomorrowverse or DCAMU?

It does look like Toy Story


Does that also mean Batman is buzz lightyear


I wouldn’t go that far, LOL! Maybe more like Dark Woody Haha.

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On a side note, does anyone have a favorite intro sequence to the DC Animated Features?


All of them.


I’m making my own dc movie universe it’s going to be called the LBDCF guess what it stands for


Those aren’t movies, however. But TV series. And the movies that are often lumped with the DCAU tv shows because some of the VA cast is very similar are not necessarily in the same universe.

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As for the thread question, I think both of these movie universes (and, to be honest, all of the DC movie universes, save to a far lesser extent, the DC Superhero Universe that was being used, in of all things, the direct to DVD DC Lego movies - separate from the theatrical Lego films) all of these have been flawed for any number of reasons, but if forced to pick, I would give it to the current universe (Tomorrowverse), solely because it’s not loaded with plot contrivances created by Cereal Lord solely to place a new roof on his ‘Hollywood’ house or so that HIS canon could become THE canon, at least as far as normies were concerned.