Which Lantern Corps Are You In?

Take this poll or this one to find out. Then put it in the replies section.

EDIT: I would recommend this the most though.

Please put which corps you got in this poll:

Which Corps Did You Get?
  • Blue - hope
  • Indigo - compassion
  • Red - rage
  • Orange - greed
  • Green - will
  • White - life
  • Black - death
  • Yellow/Sinestro - fear
  • Violet/Star Sapphire - love

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Indigo Lantern - Compassion

the other one:

Red Lantern - Rage

I expected to be Green or Indigo.

Instead I got 100% Blue and 88% Blue.

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oh! hopeful I see!

Poll 1 - Blue Lantern 100%
Poll 2 - Green Lantern 89%

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you’re a natural Barry Allen!

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That works for me. One of my favorite characters.

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@GREENLO0NTERN You might be interested.

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Blue/Green. I am a being of unspeakable power.


you’re barry allen too!

Volthoom says otherwise.

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volthoom is a blue lantern right?

Technically yes, because he is every color at once. He is the first lantern from before there were even rings.

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oh. thats pretty cool! does he have his own comic series? @MatthewHecht

Storylines like This and this, and he is a recurring villain in New 52’s Justice League, as he is the Green Lantern of Earth 3 acting as a parasite.

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oh. ok

I wanna see what corps my cousin is in

Some of these questions are wild. “Would you help a defenseless little girl, or beat the crap out of her?” Who’s going to pick the second one?


I got Blue Lantern Corps and Indigo Tribe.

And some of these questions are ridiculous. I like the quizzes where you can’t tell what answer is equivalent to what result. These make it kinda easy to get the result you want.