which comic books age appropriate for my nine year old daughter?

My nine year old is discovering young justices, teen Titans, JLA, Wonder woman and so on. My question is where could she start her adventures into comics?


It depends on what she can pretty much the pre new 52 wonder woman is fine t
Young justice would be fine as well but for the teen titans I’m not really sure the Geoff John’s run should be ok


There’s a thread somewhere around here about young readers, but in the meantime…

There are 2 Young Justice comic series:



A series based on the old Teen Titans cartoon:


And a comedy series based on the modern cartoon Teen Titans Go!


The Young Justice (2011) series is based on the cartoon and is quite enjoyable.

When I was 9, I was just starting my comics reading, as well. And back then most comics were suitable for all ages.
Wonder Woman (1942) #269-271 was something of soft relaunch in the early ‘80s and it updated her origin.
And later in #291-293 there was a three-part story guest-starring all of DC’s main female heroes at the time.

Wonder Woman #269-271 aren’t available, currently. But keep a watch for them.
#291-293 are available.

She may also enjoy Amethyst.

The Superman Adventures and Batman adventures which are based on the DCAU shows are great for that age.


Justice League Adventures is based on the Justice League TV series and a fun read.

Picking up from where that series leaves off is Justice League Unlimited. Also based on the TV series of the same name and a fun read.

The advantage of both series is that they each feature a variety of household name characters but many lesser known and even obscure characters that are a great deal of fun too.

Both of those shows and comic book series are available on DC Universe in their respective sections.

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If DC Super Hero Girls was on here, that would be perfect for her I think. Amethyst is great but a bit too dark for nine. The Teen Titans Go series would be a good fit (there are two). Also, Tiny Titans. She might think it looks too kiddie, but it’s great fun (and it’s award-winning, too!).

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Oh and here is that thread about kid-friendly comics: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/comics/kid-friendly-comics-are-he


Search with the Word Adventures and you will get many of them, look for books with cartoony style

There are ones for

Justice League
Justice League Unlimited
Super Friends
Super Powers
Superman Family
Supergirl in Eighth Grade
Legion of Superheroes in 31st Century
Batman 66
Superman and Buggs Bunny
Tiny Titans
Teen Titans go

There may be others.

Batman and Robin
Batman Beyond

Some Hanna Barberra comics are NOT for kids. They are too sophiscated. Like Flinstones, Snagglepuss. Great comics though.

Krypto the Super Dog

Future Quest two series. A lot of characters, which might be confusing

There are also Looney Tunes teams up here with Marrian Manhunter, Wonder Woman.

Read before letting her read.

Batman and Elmer Fudd may be too soon.

Never read the Jetson, but society is crubling, with few survivors.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade should be fine for a 9 year old.

If it hasn’t already been mentioned, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! is fun for kids too. So’s the movie.


Thanks, @Mae! For the life of me I could NOT find that thread.


Billy Batson is great, with a prominent kick ass Mary Marvel.

She is a very young girl, much younger than Billy.

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You’re very welcome, @biff_pow! I would say while I loved the Shazam movie, it’s probably a bit too scary for a nine year old. But every kid’s different.


Batman Adventures, Adventures in the DC Universe, Superman Adventures - all good series for both a younger reader and an adult.

I’d say Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns

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A couple things:

First: In case you didn’t notice, Jewell-El is trolling you. I feel bad ruining the joke, but I’d feel worse if a nine-year-old ended up reading one of those books, so I’ll be the party pooper.

Second: Anything published between 1955 and 1970 is pretty much guaranteed to be kid-friendly because of the Comics Code. Comics were pretty much exclusively written for the six-to-nine age range at that time. Pre-'55 stuff isn’t exactly the darkest and grittiest of content either (What 1955 considered so edgy it required a censorship code is rather tame by today’s standards). '70s stuff takes itself a bit more seriously, so tread carefully, but you won’t find anything especially kid-unfriendly until the '80s.

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Outside of Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns I grew up reading the same comics as everybody else. For the record I turned 9 in 1990, so that should give you a idea of what era I would have been reading from both DC and Marvel. I have zero idea of what you consider inappropriate but with so much on DCU you can easily check out say Wonder Woman (1987) before showing your daughter. I never know what to suggest in these situations because I was reading Conan the Barbarian and the Punisher along side Batman and Superman and you might be the type of person who is like whoa my daughter isn’t reading Conan or Punisher for another 5-6 years and that’s perfectly fine. I would argue outside of a few comics here and there comics up until the mid 90’s (maybe 92 or 93) aren’t really that bad until everyone started copying the early Image comics.

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