What's New on DCUI: October 2021

@Alec.Holland any idea why King Shark #5 is giving an error? it’s supposed to be up today

Hi there! Thanks for bringing that up. Suicide Squad: King Shark #5 is now available. :slight_smile:

Happy reading!

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I’m actually glad they completed all three volumes of Who’s Who, myself.

I’m just wondering why they’re re-releasing issues of Green Arrow that were already up.

The issues were available on here, but not on Comixology. Not sure how that happened, but since we get what Comixology gets, we’re getting those Green Arrow issues again.

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I’m just curious, I’ve taken a break from this and just came back. I thought newer comics were uploaded online to read 6 months after release, so what’s up with Batman Curse of the White Night? The last issue of that was released in March of 2020, so why is that full series not available? Again just curious cause I have been away from this for a bit. Thank you!


some comics arent released on dcui. you can request them on the request thread

Hey @jtolliver23.40444, welcome back to the community! :wave: Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, we don’t get every new release on DC Universe Infinite - if you see a comic series that’s missing and would like to request it, you can post on the Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread (as @Jurisdiction mentioned) and one of us moderators will add it to our internal list that is then passed on to the appropriate team.

That being said, I’ve added your support for the remaining issues of the Batman Curse of the White Night series to our list. Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please let the moderator team know if you need anything. :batparrot:


Ah. Thanks.
I didn’t realize they weren’t on there.

Gotta question: Has the ‘Death of Iris’ story always been part of DCUI? I could’ve sworn in the early days of the service-- this storyline wasn’t here. I saw it was here, but I remember sometimes wishing for the storyline to be available.

Flash 275

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Batman: curse of the white knight.


Welcome to the community @djames.eighty.eight.8820

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I agree. And it’s okay to complain to complain. You’re paying a pretty penny each year to subscribe to this service. They have way too many gaps in things that should have been here at launch

Is there a reason why we have Truth & Justice #19, but not #18?

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We’re on the case, @KnightOS! Thank you :slight_smile:


Okay! Admittedly, I cheated! I was working on something for my Instagram/Twitter accounts and saw we had more Wonder Woman getting to the archives next month.

Grateful, because we are so close to giving fans the 1st 230 issues of her series. All that’s missing is 211.

So thanks-- in advance(!) to the archive department!


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Hey @KnightOS!

This has been fixed :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any other issues!

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