What's New on DC Universe: REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN and More Than 1,000 New Comics!

Greetings, friends! If you haven’t heard, make sure to check out our latest article in the News section, or follow the link below:

You’re reading that article right- We are doubling the amount of titles for you to read on DC Universe! Today alone, we have rolled out over 1,000 new issues, with more coming out every Tuesday.

But let’s not bury the lead- today we have released the long-anticipated, highly-requested, REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN, right here on DC Universe!

What titles are you the most excited for? Will you be joining our Reign of the Supermen Watch-Along on Wednesday? Tell us everything in the comments below!


Please bring back Superman Adventures comics with all 66 issues! Thankyou DC for alot of new comics! :grinning:


thank you dc for adding a ton more


Service is really kicking into gear, thanks DCU!


Thanks u so much!


Good job!


Thank you all for your patience!


Oh my g-o-s-h, it’s like Christmas morning and I’m a little kid jumping up and down in front of the plethora of wrapped presents with unbridled glee!

I watched Reign this morning and revisited some “old friends” in the Comics section. I had alot of fun!

So good! =)


…and yes, I’ll be attending tomorrow’s WAL. I’m bringin’ ribs!


If you love comics you’ll love DCU!


Well, that’s a tag line if I’ve ever heard one, @msgtv! :rofl:


Thank you for all these new comics. Even though I have many of them, they are now together, conveniently in one place.

There are so many to choose from, but among the standouts

Wonder Woman 2016, with this addition, any new reader has a wide number of ways to approach reading her for the first time, while readers who know her can just sit back and enjoy. Thanks for Wonder Woman Year One.

Tomasi Superman, 2016, gives us some of the earliest adventures of Jon Kent and his family. If later, you give us Superman Lois and Clark as a prequel, these set of stories will be complete. The best version of Clark, Lois and Jon as a family in existence.

Tom King Omega Man The man can really write, about war and other things, with Kyle Rayner being our heart and soul through the adventure. It is complete in itself.

Green Lanterns I remember well the excitement and energy of these early issues, as Jessica and Simon become Stars.

Huntress series. A almost realialistic story, by Paul Levitz, on both Helena’s.

Spectre. It is not exactly the Spectre I encountered in Adventure Comics, long ago, but it is a sophisticated book.

Still some stuff are still missing. Silver Age Flash, Superman, Showcase, with only one of two issues.

If no Brave and Bold Hawkman, how about the version by Geoff Johns?

Plus Tynion in Detective and Peter David’s Supergirl, especially the arc with Original Kara. Kara is practically non existent here, just her replacements.


Excited for all the comics being added. I won’t be able to join the watch along because of work but I will probably watch it tonight.

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Assuming that this was the promised announcement it doesn’t do anything to address the biggest problem people had with the service: namely the rotation schedule.

If your endgame is to double the number of titles in the library we’re probably pretty close to that now so I don’t see how we can expect to see additions continuing at the pace of the last month without something going away to make room.

Unreal how many amazing comics I woke up to see added today. I was still working thru the ones that were already on here. I can’t wait to get to Batman Black Mirror, Watchmen Doomsday Clock, all the new Supergirl & Superman titles. Literally, just to name a few. So many juggernauts, I’m gonna be busy. Thank u sooo much, made my day/days.


THANK YOU!!! This has made my day. I hate to ask for anything more but could we get the “Steel” run from 1994?

You have renewed my faith…Thank you again


@TheDemonEtrigan, I’m not gonna let you steal our shine today! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The issue of rotating comics is its own internal beast to slay. It is also misleading to include a claim that no comics will be rotated out in a press release because, as we have mentioned elsewhere, it is prudent that we allow flexibility to remove content if it is not being engaged in. This will permit adding highly requested comics that there isn’t room for. We are not rotating out at the pace we set upon launch, but to rigidly insist no comics are going anywhere ever would be to stagnate.

I know that some folks may wish for an ever-expanding library that grows and grows, and the future does not prevent this possibility. But for now, we do have to work within a fixed library count (that was doubled!!).

I for one am happily celebrating the victory of getting approval for an expanded library with full run titles that was not previously granted upon launch, and that it happened so quickly. (Just about 4 months, AND amidst the workstop holiday season!) I am honored and humbled to be able to represent a community for a company that listens and responds to its fans, and I am deeply grateful to the community members that share that enthusiasm to keep the heart-tank filled.


Applejack, you and the other Mods, did a great job listening to us, documenting our wants, and advocating for this.

For myself, I never believed that we would get many New 52 books, let alone Rebirth.

And yet here they are, hundreds of then

All because if you.

And doubling the library, as well!

Kudos to all at DC Universe that proposed this. approved this, as well as well as those who updated the library.

Well done.


An incredible achievement! This represents an unqualified success for comic fans. Bravo to the team for letting us be heard. Here’s to many more comics to come.


@TurokSonOfStone1950, we mods communicate the messages, but the higher-ups made it happen. I’ve never worked for a company with leadership that took so much time to personally look into community feedback and work around the clock to negotiate and compromise with half a dozen teams to make sure consumers are happy. It’s really something else.