What's New on DC Universe Infinite: January 2022

Me too!! Draper-Ivey has been hinting at some big stuff in this next issue, and I’m excited to see how his artwork portrays the intensity of everything going on!


Never hear of that series


I hadn’t either? The horror club requested it & just read the 1st & only issue (on here) so far. It was fantastic!!! Can’t wait for more!!

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If they can get it

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Six months ago was an interesting time for DC Comics. The [New to DCUI Book Club] will continue to highlight the weekly issues as they come out that seem the best to suggest reading and discussing.

Wonder Woman was caught in some odd mashup of mythologies 6 months ago, now showing up on DC Universe Infinite, that was full of dead gods and wiped out pantheons and lots of blood, very similar to the Jason Aaron initial Thor run with his Gorr the God Butcher.

Green Lantern was similarly super full of dead heroes and depressing concepts summer of 2021 in spite of having some great characters like Far Sector’s Green Lantern and Teen Lantern mixed into the Greek Tragedy stuff. I don’t know about you, but I have enough classic horrible fates Greek tragedy playing out in real life all around me without having to have my escapist literature hang out there too…

I want to enjoy the elaborate Batman / Detective storylines, but I guess personally I’m just not in the mood for stuff that reflects current society trends so accurately (cities full of cameras constantly watching us, feds with their pulse on social media including here no doubt, and the hard leaning by political groups, both sides of the aisle, to use all this to control what you and I do and believe “for the betterment of society”).

Engrossing, uplifting or thought-provokinng and inspiring series from this past summer coming in January here include (in my opinion):

  1. The Flash run that features Wally West hopping from one historic Flash to the next like episodes of Quantum Leap (I needed a Super Friends Legion of Doom tie in and didn’t even know it lol)

  2. Catwoman, with the new gallery of supporting characters and new intriguing villains and challenges, all on the fringes of society.

  3. Swamp Thing, again, all new cast and Swamp Thing, nicely diverse, and a well-conceived villain who is evil, but still with rational basis for what they do…and sweet artwork / coloring!!

  4. Nightwing looks great, nice to have Barbara back, it’s trying to be upbeat. I’m not as enthusiastic with the macabre “heart tearing” stuff, a little over the top, but that’s Tom Taylor…it’ll move on to less gory / horror stuff soon maybe?

  5. Superman / Action / Superman and the Authority: I am one of those who like Jon all grown up rapidly, it’s a very Silver Age kooky concept that, considering the power levels of Superman and kin, actually makes fictional sense. It’s kinda sad for his parents, but then again they missed his Junior High years, so there’s that. Phillip Kennedy Johnson is bringing lots of fresh ideas to the Superman mythos. I do get a lot of the same feel from Warworld as I did from Planet Hulk / or the movie version “Thor Ragnorak” but imitation goes both ways between the two publishers for sure.

  6. Milestone: it’s been hard for me to get hooked emotionally with the two Milestone titles due to how irregularly they have been published. When they appear, they look great and are well-written with neat twists as compared to the original titles I enjoyed back in the '90s.

  7. Crime Syndicate has been surprisingly fun. Again, this has definitely been done very recently by Marvel with Heroes Reborn the past year, but the art for Crime Syndicate and the new concepts for them have been entertaining.


I agree with what you said.

Though I liked the Wonder Woman title more. Enjoyed the squirrel. Especially liked her visiting the world of Bat Mite.


I’m hoping the meager back issue content this month is a matter of the holiday crunch – there wasn’t enough time to do everything during the holidays, and digitization of old content took the hit. (Maybe New Guardians was subbed in because some advance work had been done on it, while Zatanna and Superman were running closer to the wire.) Hopefully we’ll be back up to speed in February. (Although 5 books a week isn’t asking for a lot; a while back, it wasn’t unusual for 20 new backlist titles to show up on Comixology each week. But that was before significant layoffs a couple years back.)


Can we expect to see some gaps filled in for Batman (particularly the 1970s) in the coming months? There’s a ton of issues missing in the 200-300 range.

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Welcome back to the community @lemon9000.93079! :partying_face: Unfortunately, while we cannot give an ETA on when you can expect to see specific titles added to DCUI, we have a thread (linked below) where you can request certain comics that you’d like to see on the platform. The moderator team adds these requests to a list which we forward to the content team, who are in charge of deciding what gets uploaded to DCUI and when. Feel free to request any specific comics there! :point_down:

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything. :batparrot:

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Robins #4 is not released, but should be according to your list.

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Thanks for reporting! I’ll get that brought up today. :+1:

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You guys really aren’t doing a great job releasing older back issues. There is so much classic content we’d like to see added. When will you focus on this a bit more?

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Hey there! Thanks for bringing this up. To slightly reiterate, Shayera said it best above:

And that link would be to our Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread.

So, while the moderation team doesn’t hold any sway over what gets published and when, we would certainly be happy to note your feedback (as I’ll do now) for our content team to later on review. If you have any specific titles you want to see, feel free to drop them in that thread and we’ll get those noted too. :slight_smile:

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True. But you release like 3 old titles a month at best. Very disappointing. You should release 2-3 titles (all issues) per month

I’ll get that noted along with your other feedback. We appreciate it!

They’re doing everything they can. Believe me, I’d love to see more of House of Secrets and House of Mystery, but I also acknowledge it’s not the moderators here who make those calls.

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As a heads up we will add 12 backlist issues this month and previously, every month in 2021 we released 20+ backlist issues per month. The archive team is very small and they do a lot of great work, it’s just not always the easiest or simplest task, especially with the older issues.

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I accept that you guys don’t make those calls, but you are only voice to the ones who do make those calls. So we ask you guys and express our frustration to you.

I understand it takes a while to digitize old comics, but it shouldn’t take this long to digitize, for example, the Warlord series. Look at the Marvel Unlimited site. Every week they come out with 15 or 20 new titles, many of them long runs of back issues to fill in gaps. Seems to me you guys could at least to do as good as them.

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Yea…I’m not a moderator…

Just a fan.

I suspect this was an accident as they responded to the comment via email :slight_smile:

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