What's New on DC Universe Infinite: January 2022

I agree that more old comics would be welcome, but I would like to point out that Marvel Unlimited has not added any old comics for the last two weeks.

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Understood. But when they were doing that they clearly had a capacity to do quite a few at once. Having 10 or 11 old comics a month is not all that impressive. Honestly, I would like them to announce lines of comics being released each month.

There’s a post here in the forums every month letting us know what’s coming the next month :slightly_smiling_face:

+1 to you. I know the content team is small, and that is exactly the point. That team has to grow bigger. I also would like to see more vertigo / black label content, but I already feel demotivated to keep asking for those every month. I also somehow think I’m not the only one (I used to see a lot of chatter requesting sandman issues a few months back, I don’t see it anymore).

I don’t want to sound negative here, I like that we have this service available, but I want this to be at least as good as the competition. Right now, we still have some ways to go.

I agree completely. I am here for the older material, I don’t read or care about the newest stuff. If I wanted the newest stuff I would buy it off the shelves in my local comic store.

I am here because of older comics that I can’t find (or that are too expensive for me) that I would like to read without spending a fortune.

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We appreciate your hard work… and hope you soon can add more to your team! We love seeing new back issues added to the mix!

Personally, I love quirky choices like New Guardians – these last two issues have been a blast, and a real walk down memory lane in 80s culture! – but I totally understand the wish for completing runs of DC’s most popular characters as well.