What's New on DC Universe Infinite: August 2022

Exactly. Some of the backlist issues are digitized directly from scans of their physical counterparts and these aren’t always in perfect condition, so time needs to be spent restoring the quality either before or after scanning. Sadly it’s not as simple as just scanning the pages of the comic, trimming the images, nesting them together in a digital file and then throwing them onto the site.


@Alec.Holland I’m so thrill to see six issues at the end of the month, so I really can’t complain.
I’m thankful for the effort and hard work that DC team are doing. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m still hopeful for more Archives comic.


I will read all of the comics on the site and the Wildstorm issues are ones I skipped in physical so at least they are new to me. A few comments

  1. I am disappointed that Captain Carrot has been discontinued. There were only five more issues. I was hoping for the Oz Wonderland War but didn’t actually think it would be done now. CCAHAZC is my favorite comic series of all time and I was looking forward to having it all available without pulling out the physical copies.
  2. I was enjoying the Milestone and truthfully would have rather had the other series than Wildstorm, but conversely it’s been only or mostly Milestone for a few months and I can wait for the rest. It may seem an overload of Wildstorm, but for a while there were Static, Hardware, Icon and Blood Syndicate. Now it seems to be Wetworks, Wildcats, Gen 13 and Stormwatch so it is the same number of titles.
  3. I have been looking recently at the comics DC has published over the years and was surprised at how few Vertigo titles are on here. Most of them are mini-series and are done in less that ten issues. It seems they could be done sporadically as a five to ten issue drop. Of course, I do realize that most of them are not digitized yet so the time frame is probably longer that I think.
  4. The Secret Society of Super-Villains surprised me but I’m happy.

TL:DR - I’m okay with this schedule but not as happy as I could be. And finish Captain Carrot.




See, I get that. I get that there are issues that require extra work and I respect the team for working to improve their output. Now, if DC would actually invest in their archive team, this wouldn’t be as bad a problem. But I think that too often any critique we make gets hidden behind “The archive team is doing their best!” which doesn’t really answer the problems, like:

  1. Why do you keep starting short series and dropping them before completion? (e.g. the Zatanna and Superman mini series from earlier in the year.)
  2. Why is there no decent pattern to the stuff that is scanned? (e.g. why do we not prioritize series that have been requested, or series that are relevant to current events, like additional Milestone issues for Black History month, or series staring LGBTQ+ characters for Pride month?)
  3. Why can’t we get issues of books that we know are digitized? For example, Milestone compendium one has been out since January, and there are 12 issues of Xombi that have been printed that we do not have available to read. Where are they? We can’t read any of the crossovers.

I understand that there are extenuating circumstances, I really do. But I think it’s a fair critique to point out just how monotonous this lineup is. It was monotonous when the four slots were solely Milestone, but swapping those four slots to Wildstorm titles that are just as long (if not longer) doesn’t solve the problem. I cannot be convinced that there is not a single post-crisis series that would be as easy to put up as Gen13, just so we can have a little variety in what we get each week.


Looking forward to the Gen13 stuff. I read Gail Simone’s run and loved it, so the earlier stuff will be of interest.

I’ve also been saving Batman vs. Bigby until the whole series is uploaded, so I’m almost there. Loved reading all of the Fables on here. The whole series popped up here out of nowhere and was a real delight.

Saving up Nubia/WW/Amazons until I can read the whole crossover at once. Getting closer…


I’m also really excited to read Batman vs. Bigby. Even though I still haven’t been able to make myself finish reading the original series. I love it so much, I don’t want to be finished with it. Which seems a bit sillier now that I’m actually buying the new physical issues of the series. :stuck_out_tongue:


Always thankful for the additional comics, but why are we not getting the back catalog of Wonder Woman volume 1 at all? I mean, it has been missing most of the return to WWII issues from the 70s up into the 80s if I’m not mistaken. It would be nice to at least get the complete run during the TV series, especially if you add the letters page(s) in as well. Will we ever get the Huntress back stories added complete as well? Thanks again for the great service!!!


Understand this completely. I binged it while I was on vacation, but I kept telling myself to slow down and savour it. I lacked the willpower to do so! :grin:

My only saving grace is that I forget things quickly so a re-read will still be very good in a couple of years. :grinning:

Hear! Hear! :wondersquadron1: :wondersquadron2: :wonderwoman: :00_wonder_woman_1982: :00_wonder_woman_gold: :00_wonder_woman_stars: :0_wonder_woman:

They were putting out Golden and Silver Age pretty regularly for a year or so but it’s been a bit dry recently, but perhaps that could change?



I get why you won’t release original graphic novels on here (for the most part), because those tend to be evergreen sellers at bookstores. However, you should try to loosen the “single issues only” rule for collections that have been digitized to fill in holes in places where the individual issues have not been released digitally.


Let me take a spin through DC Connect Issue #19 and see what looks good to me!

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FINALLY THANK YOU!! :batman_hv_1:


I didn’t even know this was coming out, but seeing Tee Franklin and Max Sarin revisit this show in comic form again is a lovely surprise! :heart_eyes:

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Seeing the Secret Society of Super Villains listed is a nice surprise! I forgot that series even existed and am quite interested in checking it out. I remember that the entry for that team in the original Who’s Who series which I found on this site seemed quite interesting.


I’m glad to be getting more Wildstorm, especially titles like Wetworks, can’t wait until Tao shows up in Wildcats


This Sectet society comic sounds good.

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That was unexpected.

Anyway, the usual for me:

DETECTIVE COMICS every week. Yay.


THE JOKER #12 – I guess I’ll stay with that since there’s going to be another ongoing; and Punchline is getting a limited series too, so yeah…

I AM BATMAN #6 – …and you say New York City.

PENNYWORTH #7 – …wrapping that up.

BATMAN: THE KNIGHT #2 – …and just getting started with that.

Good month.


I’m just glad that holes in the collection are being filled even if they aren’t the specific ones I want at this moment.


Gen13 v1 and more from Stormwatch v1 and WildC.A.T.S v1? As Bizarro Jerry said on Seinfeld, “Me am so happy!” :blush:

The new WildStorm goodness is a fine, fine way to ring in the imprint’s 30th anniversary. As Russell Casse said in Independence Day, “Keep it comin, keep it comin’!”

You said that in your best Humphrey Bogart voice, yeah? Yeah. :wink:


Play it again @Vroom. :smirk:

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