What's New 8/22: SUPERMAN: SPACE AGE

Happy Tuesday!

This week is full of continuations for many fantastic stories including:

  • Black Adam #8
  • Superman vs. Meshi #4
  • The Flash #793

There’s plenty to sink your teeth (or eyes) into! Let’s see what’s new:





And if all these new comics aren’t enough to help keep your attention, we have a slew of events coming up this week and so much more in our Community!

Let us know what you are checking out first in the comments below! :point_down:


SUPERMAN: THE LAST DAYS OF LEX LUTHOR is sensational, and a fantastic follow-up to BIRTHRIGHT, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary and which I just finished reading here on DCUI! Waid keeps the hits coming, doesn’t he?


Eight of the 13 issues for DCUI Ultra this week are #1’s! :drooling_face:

So what will I check out first? That’s a tough question. It’s gotta be a Knight Terrors title because I’m loving that event and we have six issues to choose from! I think I’ll read them in this order:

  • Knight Terrors #2
  • Knight Terrors: Action Comics #1
  • Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #1
  • Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1
  • Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn #1
  • Knight Terrors: Titans #1
  • Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor #1
  • Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #1

From there I still have some great books to read but that’s where I’ll start! Let’s go!


Today is a big day with DC Universe Infinite app, with so many new books to read, it’s hard to pick one!
Looking forward to reading…

Superman: The Last Day Of Lex Luthor
Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic
Superman vs Meshi
Batman: The Audio Adventures
Shazam #10
The Flash

Speaking of the Flash, The Flash movie will be on Max this Friday! I’m looking forward to that! :smiley:


Books are usually up by now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’ve been reading the new manga stories as they’ve come out, so Superman vs Meshi #4 for me.


I will, of course, read all of them, first the archives and then the manga, and the ultra releases. look forward to the new issues after week. Thanks Dc!

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@Jitsu/@moderators What’s the scoop with Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #5?

It was in our library earlier this morning and is now missing.

We usually get each new issue of that title one week prior to its retail release (which is next Tuesday, the 29th), but alas, #5 is MIA.

Did DC decide for it to be held back a month per other Ultra releases?

Make it a day and date with retail release?

Was there a glitch with the issue and it had to be taken back to the North Pole for a fix?

I appreciate any info you can share and thank you in-advance. :slight_smile:


Heya! Apologies for that. I touched up on this here:


Right, the retail release of #5 is the 29th.

As I mentioned, DCUI always gets the latest issue a week prior to its retail release.

Did DC proper decide to have the final two issues debut here the same day as retail, then (my guess, based on current evidence)?

When I go into the series itself, it lists 5 issues, but only shows #s 1-4 right now (which was just changed it seems, as the series is now listed at 4 issues).


Right — officially, the DCUI release date is the same as the retail release date, 8/29.

To clarify something really quick, release plans do change for any number of reasons, and we on the community team aren’t provided insight as to how or why; thus, we’re not able to relay any information on Superboy’s date change other than that it has, in fact, been updated to be August 29th, which I relayed in the thread linked above.

Apologies for any inconvenience!


Interesting. Is it known ATM if #6 will be coming out day and date with retail, then?

Or was #5 a special circumstance and, as long as things stay on-schedule, the sixth and final issue will be here a week early, ala #s 1-4?

That must be frustrating.

I would have thought DC would communicate release delays with DCUI, as its in their best interests to do so (and it makes things easier on the DCUI team).

No apology needed. I appreciate the timely clarification. :+1:t2:


From the info I have on hand currently, Superboy #6 will hit DCUI same day as retail release, 9/12.


Good to know. Thank you.


Was just going to ask about that on one of these threads. Thanks for clarifying!


Hadn’t heard of GCPD The Blue Wall before, but I really like the comics that focus on the goings-on that are usually kept in the background of the superhero story. This sounds like it might be that kinda thing so I’ll definitely give it a read.


I was able to read Superboy: Man of Tomorrow #5 before it got taken down - looks like I got a sneak peek at an upcoming story!

Each week I set the goal of reading all the books that are released that week on DCUI Ultra and each week life gets in the way or I start reading other stories and I don’t finish. This week I’m two books away - Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #1 and Batman: The Audio Adventures #7 are all that remain and I have about 36 hours to do it. I like my chances this week! :smile:


Befitting after recently finishing The Wire.

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