What's New: 4/9 Wesley Dodds The Sandman

Happy Tuesday! Ready to get READING? :eyeglasses: :books:

This week is full of continuations for many fantastic stories, including:

  • Batman: Justice Buster (2023-)
  • Joker: One Operation Joker (2023-)

Let’s see what else is on the roster:




And that’s not all! Make sure to also check out what’s going on in our community this week!

Let us know what you’re checking out first in the comments below! :point_down:


I’ve been waiting for Suicide Squad: Dream Team and Batman/Dylan Dog. I am curious how they are listed as new for both Ultra and New for DCUI but not listed as early access. No complaints, just curious.

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It seems like on the homepage, the ultra releases are from a few weeks back. Its not showing the new books.

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You’ve got to fix this app. This is weeks in a row that the new releases have not updated. If I have to reinstall the app weekly (and erase my downloads) to get it to work then I also have to question how much I want it.


Batman/Dylan Dog and Wesley Dodd: The Sandman for me.

The title of this thread is misspelled; the hero’s name is Wesley Dodds.

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Same. The last several weeks the only way I have to see new releases is to uninstall and reinstall the app. Not ideal!

I’ve experienced this problem of the wrong week’s books showing on the app. I usually read on my phone (IOS) and here’s my workaround. It’s a little annoying, but IMO better than reinstalling every week. I go to the site on my laptop and click on the latest releases that I want to read (which is all of them) on the issue page, I click the read button and advance a page or two. (This advancement is not necessary I think, just an old habit from a different situation) Then I can open the app and read since they will all be on the dive back in list.

Like I said, not ideal but better than a weekly reinstall.

master has given dobbsy a gas mask

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:joy: nice….!!!