What underrated actor could play a live action DC Movie

So long title but great concept thanks me ( I’m not talking to myself) The people didn’t come to see you talk to yourself ok ok let’s get on with it. Hey everyone don’t bother with the crazyness above let’s talk about the crazyness below. Who is an underrated actor that could play a live action DC Movie? I think Scott Adkins could play Batman easily . I think they should have hired Scott Adkins rather then going with Ben Affleck. So who do you think could play any character? Let the crazyness begins!

Don’t mess with the S @Kon-El

Every time I saw Day-Lewis with a buzz cut (before he retired) I’d think about how great he’d be as Luthor.

I’ve wanted to see Ben Kingsley play J’onn J’onzz since I started doing imaginary casting!


I heard somewhere that Nathan Fillion wanted to play Booster Gold and I could totally see that

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I have a few options for Dylan O’Brien. I think he could be a good Conner Kent, Nightwing, Red Hood, or Green Lantern.

Freddie Highmore Might make a good Riddler or Negative Man.

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I posted a lot of them here-

I’d say Victoria Pedretti as Zatanna

The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix is the best ghost story I’ve ever seen, and Victoria was the best part of it.

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