Legion of Doom Movie...Cast by YOU!

I think a Legion of Doom movie would seem a natural, and a refreshing change from superhero team movies. Who would you cast in such a film? Please understand I’m going by the team from the Challenge of the Superfriends series, so knock yourselves out with the casting.


Well, I don’t know much about The Legion Of Doom so I don’t know if ANY of these people will be right, but I recommend Margot Robbie, Jurnee-Smolette-Bell, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ruby Rose, Rachel Skarsten, And/or Chris Messina.

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I love the Challenge of the Superfriends Legion of Doom, but for a feature film, that’s a lot of characters. I’d pair it down to these 7-

Lex Luthor- Jimmi Simpson


Joker- Bill Skarsgard

Cheetah- Samara Weaving


Black Manta- Trevante Rhodes

Zoom- James McAvoy

Despero- Dijamon Hansou

Sinestro- Luke Evans

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Giganta- Gwendoline Christie

Toyman- Josh Gad

Brainiac- Jeffrey Wright

Star Sapphire- Alicia Vikander

Poison Ivy- Ana de Armas

Dr. Psycho- Peter Dinklage


Gorilla Grodd- Javier Bardem

Parasite- Jim Gaffigan

Solomon Grundy- Braun Strowman

Bizarro- Henry Cavill

Scarecrow- Penn Badgley

Captain Cold- Joel Edgerton

Riddler- Harry Treadaway


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I am glad i am not the only one who thinks lukes evans would be a good sinestro.

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@prescriptionhipster Far from it- he was even rumored to have landed the roles few years ago when they were looking at making a GL Corps movie. People got excited and created some fan art, but it didn’t happen. Or it didn’t happen yet anyway…

Circe- Anya Chalotra

Abra Kadabra- Ben Barnes

Mirror Master- Tom Flannigan

Prometheus- Christian Bale

Livewire- Giorgia Whigham

Bane- Esqueleto

Condiment King- Jim Carrey in that scene from Dumb and Dumber


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I know I’ve stated that Charlize Theron would be a perfect Giganta, but another actress I think would be great for the role would be Taraji P. Henson. What does everyone else think?

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@patterson65.37405 I’d say yes, cause she’s a good actress, but she’s also 49 years old. Which wouldn’t be a problem if the role was different. But playing Giganta means a lot of green screen filmed action sequences. Which would be asking a lot of someone almost in their 50’s, especially if the character returns for sequels.

I hadn’t thought of that. But, if not Giganta, and if Wanda Sykes isn’t available, maybe the Queen of Fables?

@patterson65.37405 Definitely- the Queen of Fables is generally a character that has others fight for her. Much less physical role.