What if: Superman Met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Discuss!

I know Batman Vs the TMNT is a popular series, but what would happen if the Ninja Turtles met the Man of Steel?
In this case, we’re using the IDW ones: Leo, the leader of the Splinter Clan; Raph, the bruiser that wanted to be a farmer at one point; Mikey, the wiseguy with an emotional support cat; Donny, the inventor/cheesy sci-fi writer; and Jenny, a bisexual ninja turtle and a former Foot Clan member (Nice to see Shredder is an equal opportunity employer.)

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Former bisexual? What happened, did she change her mind?


Yeah, I messed up. She’s still bi but she’s no longer a Foot Clan member.

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I’ve see a few random panels for the TMNT/Batman books but never glanced at them more than that but someone is buying them, since they did it more than once. I’m not sure if it will work with Clark, but I do think they should do more of this stuff - I bought the Madman/Superman Hullabaloo collected TPB last year, and enjoyed that Tarzan cross-over. I’ve glanced at those Aliens cross-overs as well.

Superman - Madman Hullabaloo!



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They easily put Clark to shame just like they did Silver Sentry.

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Just looked. Silver Sentry is much weaker then Superman. For starters, Silver Sentry needs a fulcrum point on a sturdy surface to use his full strength while Superman can catch planes in the air. Plus Superman has been punched through a planet and he just shrugged it off. Silver Sentry has no such feats of strength.

Also, just to cap it off: Superman is strong enough that if he used his full strength, he could obliterate the Earth in a single punch and possibly the entire galaxy.

In short: the TMNT would stand no chance in a 4-on-1 fight.

No Alopex @BatMike9theMKfan ?

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I didn’t mention her because last I checked, she walked out on the Splinter Clan.