What Do You Love About The DC Universe Community?

We continue to march towards the release of Community 2.0, which will include all sorts of shiny new toys and tools that empower fans to create awesome discussions with editable posts, custom emojis, easily embeddable graphics, videos, and GIFs, and so much more!

In the coming weeks we’ll continue to ask you specific questions about what you want to see regarding these customizations and technical specifications.

But today, we want to know:

What do you love about the DC Universe community that you want to make sure stays strong?

As we grow, what values and philosophies have you come to embrace and don’t want to see forgotten or anonymized?

It’s easy to lose sight of what matters as a community grows and sections off into its own sub-communities. Tell us what matters to YOU, and we’ll work hard to keep the DC spirit alive and well across all the galaxies of the Universe!


Oh wow this seems so cool.


Thanks, @dckid13 :slight_smile: We’ll be relaunching in the summer.


I think it would be pretty cool if we could have a friends list and we could live stream with others and hang out!



The future of DC Universe is looking bright!!

As DC Universe’s Forum is the best forum I’ve ever been a part of, it’s hard to think of any major things I’d change.

The addition of an edit button will be most welcome. I can’t wait for the emoji’s. Will they be custom DC emojis? (Joker emoji. Batman emoji, etc). That would be really cool!

Man, I can’t wait for the 2.0 Update :smiley:

I just had a wild idea while writing this comment…

What about the ability to add a background pic to your thread. I know that’s probably very difficult but this would be especially useful for Fan Creation writings to add atmosphere and would seperate the forum from others even more. Making each thread potentially unique.

That’s all I got lol


@AppleJack I like the way the community supports one another and the diverse backgrounds in the community. We all like DC Comics in different mediums (Film, Games, Televison, Comics, Collectibles, Toys). Some people are just beginning their DC Comics journey. Others are seasoned explorers of DC Comics. It’s interesting to experience and discuss the different mediums together. That’s what I like about DC Universe.


At the risk of flattery I think what makes the DCU community special is YOU, the moderators. I think most people here realize how toxic and heated discussion of comic book culture can get out in the wild plains of the internet. The fact that you’re all able to keep such a tight but loving handle on it is what makes a huge difference.

Another important element, I believe, is how heard we feel as a community. The DCU board represents to many the first forum where we’re able to tell the publisher we love exactly what we want, all our wishes and concerns. The fact that you all attend to us and represent our interests makes an ENORMOUS impact.


I’m a big fan of the Trivia and Game threads. Right now @kingofspeedsters and @BatJamags both have threads that pose a daily scenario and people use their knowledge of DC characters to “solve” the given problem. @HubCityQuestion has a trivia thread that’s great, and another that one called Six Degrees of DC where he connects any two DC characters with 6 relationships or less. There are plenty more out there, but I can’t name them all.


And perhaps controversially, going off my first point, I’d say that another thing this community has going for it is that it understands civility and freedom of speech are not the same value, and that in a regulated space for the sake of everyone’s comfort the former is more important than the latter. Ad hominem attacks and intolerant speech may be protected on a government level, but they have no place here.


I value being able to congregate in an area to do a specific and focused activity within a stated time-frame.

This includes: Watch-alongs, Book Club, Trivia, Games. Today, we do this in threads, I’m not sure how it will be done in community 2.0, but I’d like to see this core value/ability remain.


Everything pretty much from above I would second, especially about the mods and the care they show regularly. This may be rather simplistic, but I would also say I appreciate there being multiple areas for conversation. It helps separate out the conversations from each other. If I want to go talk about comic books I know where to go, TV and movies I know where to go. In any updates to the community, this definitely still needs to be there in some shape or format to help guide the conversations. I would also say, keep the like button if possible. It allows to show appreciation for a post. Also we are comic book fans, a little anti-socialness is expected and the like can help with that. There is a sense of closeness currently on the forums and hopefully that is thought of and considered on how to maintain that in 2.0. It is more of a generalized idea than a specific goal, but I would hate for that to go away accidentally with any updates.


I honestly didn’t know what to expect from posing this question, but what you are all providing is more than I could have asked. Thank you so much, I would love to hear more!
Special shout-out to those who would like to share in this thread who might not have shared elsewhere before :slight_smile: As @portalman above so aptly pointed out, we have started creating a space that allows all sorts of DC fans to share in the love- if you feel something is missing, let us know!


How involved the community team is with us. I feel like I’m pretty well informed with whats coming and can get my voice heard. You guys do an incredible job.


Also I don’t know if this would necessarily be a community feature, but it would be really convenient to have a way to do community reading orders that link directly to the issues in DC Universe.


Sorry for so many replies in a row. (Edit button pls) I like InMagno’s suggestion. Something like twitch presents where there could be a live stream of a community viewing with chat.


This app is pretty cool for those with a pretty complex schedule in their life. Gives us an opportunity to talk to people around the world which is awesome!

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I love how involved admins are and how friendly and fabulous everyone is. I enjoy a community with like-minded people with a nice zero tolerance for jerks. 🤷


What I like:

  • Mods seem to be very active and respond to (almost) everything.
  • Seems like trolling is minimal.
  • Members, for the most part, seem respectful. I’ve seen healthy back & forth discussions, disagreements, with mutual respect and no name calling/insults.
  • Plenty of Superman/Trinity fans to talk to…always a good thing!
  • Insightful discussions, like “Behind the Mask”. Fun to talk about social or life concepts as they relate to certain heroes.
  • Feels good to be “linked” to DC in a way. It certainly feels like they’re listening to what people have to say on the forum. Or maybe the mods make it seem so :slight_smile:

Should I post what I’d like to see, or is that a topic for another post?


@moro, I’d love to hear more of what you’d like to see, as well!


I like seeing everyone’s opinion :slightly_smiling_face: