What Do You Like About Krypton? What Do You Want to See?

Ah. So happy that I found a thread that talked about Krypton. Gone too soon, but not forgotten. Also, found something I had initially wrote about the pilot way back when… :thinking:

“I’m really excited for this show. The world of Krypton looks awesome and there are a lot of interesting character dynamics they can explore this season. Seg and him interacting with his grandfather (hologram projection) about all the science they will work to deal with Brainiac coming to “collect” Kandor is interesting. Seg interacting with the Zod family is also something! His relationship with Lyta is interesting considering he’s rankless while she is of the military guild, and now that her mom killed Seg’s parents it will be interesting seeing where they go from here. Not to mention Seg being ‘binded’ to Nyssa is also fascinating seeing how they react to it and where they will go as well. It was also fun seeing Adam Strange interact with Seg even if he also technically did get Seg’s parents killed (Yikes!). I’m liking the Back To The Future disappearing act the cape of Superman will play as I think through the course of the season it will almost get erased, but not entirely erased. It will be fun seeing how next week plays out…”

And fun it was, also all through season 2 as well. :clark_hv_4:


I love this show why isn’t season 2 on here? #savekrypton


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Season 1 came to dcu last summer so hopefully season 2 will come this summer.


I really miss this series! The two things I most liked about this show are the incredible world-building and the inclusion of a live-action Adam Strange. This show also gave us a fantastic Lobo and Brainiac.

Another season would’ve been epic.


A better show. This one is terrible and insulting to any self respecting comic book fan.

What I want to see a 3rd season!!! They cancelled at such a huge and geek out worthy cliffhanger which is highly frustrated. The Omega symbol alone left my jaw on the floor as I couldn’t help but visualize what a potential Darkseid appearance would look like with Krypton’s impressive production values. To see what I’m assuming was a tease for the Omega Men was freakin awesome.

Brainiac taking Jor-El to earth as a baby is bonkers in a pretty fascinating way and what they did with Zod at the end was intriguing to see for a major Superman villain.

What I love about Krypton is the absolutely incredible production values and cinematic direction from the beautifully presented sets, costume designs, and more than impressive CGI. The overall art direction deserves an award on its own.

The adaptations of iconic DC villains like Doomsday and Brainiac who I never thought I’d see done acceptably with a TV budget are done with fantastic visual flare here (both design-wise and FX wise). The moments of visual spectacle are rewarding, the storytelling is highly engaging overall with its various twists and turns to expected Superman/Kryptonian lore, and the characters for the most part are solid (spotlight being the Zods for me).

So PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! HBO Max or whoever, PLEASE RENEW KRYPTON!!! Don’t let the show’s weak marketing bring down one of TV’s greater treasures for the comic book genre!!


Watching krypton right now brainiac is my man with Zod a close second


I didn’t watch this show when it first came out. For me it was the same problem as I have with Gotham: a show about a larger than life hero, but you remove the hero from it and build the show around the lore. The other main problem being that they’re both set in the hero’s past. That’s all well and good to show that their enemies have been around a while and to show how they became the characters we know now, but because it’s all in the past it’s like reading the ending first - you know how it’s all going to end if you know who the characters are, and if you don’t know who they are then what’s the point?

Personally, I wish they would have done like Batman Beyond and set everything in an indeterminate future date.
“When will all this be happening?”
“I wonder what’s going to happen to _______________ character?”
“NOTHING, because they have to be there in ______________ storyline that hasn’t even started yet.”
Time travel, multiverse theory - yeah, I get all that, but it does still take away from the impact of the story and usually makes the ending shite when they try to wrap the whole thing up in a bow to make it where at the end nothing’s really changed.

All that being said, I do actually like the characters and the story, but that’s only because I’m NOT a huge Superman fan so I DON’T know all these characters and who they become.

I hate that they cancel things so early on or opt to not continue. The CW shows are all on multiple seasons, the dcuniverse originals hopefully get multiple seasons via hbomax and here… I’d like to see multiple kryptonians on earth fighting braniac and Lobo…that’d be cool. There’s so much they vcd ould do. How did they do 10 seasons of Smallville and cancel this show after season 2? This show is wayy better than Smallville was lol. I don’t get it. True that Smallville was one of the first early shows before they were a dime a dozen, but still! We actually get battles and super suits and etc in this series

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I wanted for Seg and Nyssa to become and full-fledged couple! Taking the easy way out and not making Lyta a traitor, that it was only a clone was a complete waste of time.

Seeing Jor-El become Braniac’s son and a villain would’ve been crazy and again more confirmation that this show was the first ever live-action Elseworlds TV show. I would’ve loved to see Seg and Nyssa fight for their son’s soul.

I don’t think Nyssa was on Rann, was she?

I was wondering the same thing too.

This show was Elseworlds, the first one ever, so there was no trying to tie everything in the end like Gotham.

Gotham was also set in an indeterminate time period, they never said on-screen in what year it took place.

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Less… long… dull… emotive… conver… sations… between… two… people… You could make the episodes a half hour if people would just SPIT IT OUT.

The way season 2 ended with Nyssa on…Thanagar? With the Thanagarians? Parademons? Flying over and the Omega symbol on the rock had me like :exploding_head:.

The cancellation of Krypton along with the way Swamp Thing was cancelled is just insane.

So ya, #BringbackKrypton #BringbackSwampThing :pray:t2:


Not to mention Brainiac taking Jor-El and raising him as his own.


I was not interested in this show at first. I think the problem is that the branding and color scheme (weirdly enough) make it seem like just another off-beat SyFy show. I had trouble getting through the first episode (“Superman’s grandfather? Who cares?”), but once I did, I couldn’t stop watching. The idea that Superman essentially hails from a “Brave New World”-style dystopia—and that time-traveling meddlers saving Krypton May actually prevent Superman from ever happening—really fascinating. I love that the guy trying to ensure that there is a Superman is actually a kind of villain because he needs Krypton to be destroyed. Also all the stuff about gods and politics is just brilliantly done. Maybe Netflix will pick this up and make it a big hit. It deserves to be. It’s (in my opinion) much better writing than all the relatively hokey CW stuff. Sorry to hear it’s over, but glad I’m not done watching Season 1 yet.

And yes, Booster Gold needs his own show, or at least a guest appearance in one of the DC shows.

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Krypton was the first tv show, live action or cartoon to delve into the culture and real vibe of the world that imploded because of greed, but which was responsible for the legacy of knowledge and fortitude that is Superman. It goes back along family lines and takes a deep look at motivations and choices. It makes the planet seem more real and exposes the differences that explain so much of the story of the end of the world for Kryptonians. It is tangible in a new way. I love the show and it was the reason I initially became a DC Universe member.

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I just saw the rest of Season Three and I’m sorry to see it didn’t get renewed. They definitely set it up for a pretty good season 3 with Brainiac and the baby and the war between Rann and Thanagar - and Lobo, too. I hope someone decides to pick it up someday.

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