What Do You Like About Krypton? What Do You Want to See?

With all the #SaveKrypton happening, I think we need to show why we don’t want to lose this show.

I love that It’s for the most part new. a new political system, new religions and now with the time line changed a new future for Krypton. Imagine given time we could see an army of Superman-like powered kryptonians, exploring the universe.

The show is also beautiful. The sets and wardrobe really make it feel alien and real at the same time. In season 2 Nyssa’s 1/2 coat had an inside pocket that they not only referenced but showed in use multiple times. THEY GAVE A WOMAN USABLE POCKETS (sorry personal rant).

An the diversity in this show! Women, people of color, bisexuality and some disabilities.

So what do you love about Krypton please be detailed and if it is saved what would you like to see in future seasons?

I would like to see Nyssa experiencing some of those kryptonian powers now that she is off world?
Maybe some conflict from Drew being Seg and Lyta’s son, like they will never be allowed to have children?


So many possibilities. I’ll start with the performances. Seg, Adam, Lyta, Nyssa, Drew Zod, Lobo, Brainiac, Val, Kem all played by actors who knock it the heck out of the park.
Second, humor just the right level of laughs to lighten an otherwise serious show. Finally, SFX. They save them for the big episodes but Brainiac’s ship, Doomsday and Krypton’s moon exploding are spectacular.


Nothing. Hope it stays cancelled.

Really want to see the Rann/Thangar War


Yes on Rann/ Thanagar and getting Jor el back. Would be nice to just get enough episodes to finish the story


I like at lot of things from the show. First of I’ll state I’m not a big Superman guy. I’ll watch his stuff but I’m dying to see it. I do like some of his villains though and that one thing this show did was deliver a lot of great villains.

This show definitely doesn’t hold back on the looks. Everything looks so different from your usual near destruction Krypton but it still feels like Krypton. The cloths they were looks great and the characters alone looks awesome. That Doomsday was probably the best live action Doomsday I’ve ever seen. And Brainiac, Lobo all looks amazing. Even the human looking characters like Zod, Adam, Seg, Lyta, Nyssa, etc looked great.

It definitely was a nice way to explore more of DC’s space with the other planets being shown.

Also the origins of characters they were able to show. Like why was Zod the person he was and how Doomsday came to be. It could eventually lead to how a thriving planet like Krypton lead to its destruction.

The stories were great as well. Instead of being a simple origin story they made it a time crisis which allowed for changes and the introduction of these future Supes threats.

The action was great as well. It all fit when they needed and people fought with different skills and strategies.

The show could be a bit slow at times but it all works out in the end.

Also the cameos and teases are great as well.

For the future (hoping there is one) I would like see what the flying people and omega symbol meant. It could be thangarians, the omega men, Darksied, parademons, and I just want to know.


What I like about Krypton: Everything.

What I’d like to see more of: Everything, especially Lobo. Booster Gold would’ve been a good fit for this show too.


Nyssa gaining superpowers while on Rann would be a fun story line


@BrightKnight I wondered that when they were on Colu (I think I spelled it right, Braniac’s home planet). I kept thinking “wouldn’t Seg have Super Powers?” They kind of ignored that detail it seems, or seemed to like you said no hint Nessa didn’t have them and just hadn’t realized it yet.

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@Dan - Oh, but did they actually ignore it?

Remember when Seg and Brainiac fought on Colu in the third episode or so (off screen) and we came back from commercial to find Brainiac’s skull smashed in? I remember thinking, ‘Whoa, how was Seg strong enough to do that?’ Well, yellow sunlight might be the answer…

It’s such a tiny detail, but one that speaks to the quality of the writing. So many subtle things hinted at. The writers don’t feel the need to hit you over the head with explanations concerning every tiny detail. I appreciate a show that respects its audience’s intelligence.

Also, Lobo is a character I’ve never really enjoyed in the comics. I remember hearing the initial announcement, seeing the production photos and worrying the whole time. And then somehow, they won me over with Krypton’s portrayal of The Main Man through writing and performance both.

And special effects/makeup? I’ll contend that Krypton’s version of Doomsday looks far superior to the one we saw in the big budget Batman vs Superman movie!

Also, I really like the cast. So affable when I’ve seen them on DC Daily.

They deserve another season, if only to wrap up the storyline.


Not really well versed on Kryptonian lore, but I would think gaining powers for the first time would be a gradual thing. Seg was probably getting stronger without realizing it.


Anyone see any final definitive “we shopped this show and no one is buying a third season?”


I want to see Darkseid. Don’t get me wrong. I was super exited about Brainiac. Also was I very pleased with General Zod. I have not seen season 2 yet, but I am assuming it will feature Zod and Doomsday. Season 3 could utilize a young undisciplined, not as powerful, and headstrong Darkseid. If not. More phantom zone stuff. Bring Brainiac back to fight against Darkseid maybe. These are a few of the things I would enjoy.


Binged Krypton in 1 night. I loved it.


Without a Yellow Sun? Krypton has a Red Son, and that means there is less radiation. That is why Superman has all that power. On a planet with a Blue Son. Superman would be so powerful.


Brainiacs ship was amazing. Loved it.


I love this show. Hoping it at least gets a continuation. If its connected, maybe the upcoming Strange Adventures show will tie up some season 2 loose ends.


There needs to be a season 3 incredible show I loved doomsday graphics were amazing! And dax story line was great aswell when he put his finger to the glass !!!


@Schoenberger31.35624 welcome to the community. It would be great to get another season.


Honestly, I’m still in disbelief it was canceled.