What Do You Like About Krypton? What Do You Want to See?

Jor-El becoming a monster on Earth would’ve been so crazy to see and then to have his parents, Seg and Nyssa saving his soul.

That is terrible news! I hadn’t heard it was cancelled. I agree… would be super easy to keep this going with so much unanswered… like Nyssa with the omega and Lobo and Brainiac… what ever happened to the codex? Seems pretty important but didn’t hear anyone looking for it.

I’m just starting this series and am hoping to finish it up before the video is taken from us here on DC Universe but so far, so good. I think the “disappearing cape” is a bit schticky for me as a visual reminder that there’s a time pressure and I wish they explained Adam Strange a bit more for those that aren’t well-versed in DC lore but I like the idea of going way back to Jor-El’s dad and showing how he played a role in Superman getting to earth.

I’ve really liked the way they’ve fleshed out the Kryptonian culture and hierarchy. I’m still early on in Season One but seeing how important the family name/crest is, how vital rank is, how eugenics played a role in their society - it’s all good so far.

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What episode are you on?

I just finished Season One.

So now you know the truth about the show. This is the first and so far only live-action Elseworlds TV show. Nyssa and Seg, do you prefer them?

I like them, yes. Nyssa and Seg are both good characters with mixed backgrounds but they’re set up well for Season Two. Doomsday and Brainiac were fantastic and General Zod was well developed and done.



Just finished Season 2. It was really good, though I wish they’d sustained the tension between Adam Strange (“Krypton needs to explode so Superman can happen”) and the other characters (“Screw you, dude.”).

I was so excited to get a potential “Hawkworld” season—it’s one of my favorite comics. Ah well.

Anyone else notice that all Kryptonians are British? Who knew?

I think the love triangle would have ended disappointingly in one way or another, since Lyta and Nyssa were both such good characters, all cloning aside.

Right now I’m watching episode 5 from the 1st season. I definitely like it. Adam Strange is a plus! I’d like HBO Max continues the series somehow.

After Season 1, the show became Elseworlds, so the stopping the destruction wasn’t at the forefront anymore.

The love triangle was basically ignored and it makes me so angry. It’s like they forgot Seg had feelings for Nyssa!

He definitely still did, he had just already made his choice.

The show was better than any CW show.

No, they didn’t show his feelings about Nyssa at all in Season 2. They acted as if he hadn’t already given up on Lyta after everything she did in Season 1.