What are your Tips or Tricks for Using the DC Universe Infinite App?

I wanted to create a place where people could post any tips or tricks they have in using the app.
Here is mine (and maybe most people did this naturally but it took me a moment or two to figure out).

I create a private list titled “Pull List” and then added all current series that I wanted to read. By adding the entire series to the list and not just individual issues, whenever a new issue comes out it is automatically reflected here. I go here every Tuesday to see what was added or to catch up instead of searching through my history.

Here is a screenshot of my DCU Pull List:


You can re-vote on polls. Just choose hide results and you’re back at the voting screen.


Is there a way you can add the entire series with one click of a button or do you have to add them individually?



You can add entire series by pulling up the series and clicking on the plus button.

Here is a picture of what it looks like for a current ongoing.


Very helpful. I wasn’t aware of either of those tips.



Interesting. What device are you using? When I pull up a series my only option is to read or share. I can only add individual issues to a list. Any suggestions? I am on an Amazon fire tablet.


I can add series when I’m on the app through my web browser, but not my kindle fire.

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I use an IPhone.

When I click on an individual issue, on the bottom it says “In this series”. I click on this to bring me to the series page and from there I can add the entire series to a list.
Here is a screenshot of what I was talking about:


I tried it and even though I click on the add button it still only allows me to add one at a time.
How do you put all the title into one group like you did in the pic above? Mine are listed one after the either instead of groups like you have

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Great question. The answer is I’m not sure. I feel like I stumbled onto this and that was why I wanted to share it.

After I go to a series page, where all issues in that series are listed, I then click on the add button on the top and a window pops up with options of adding that series to an existing list or to create a new list. Here is the next window that pops up:

Besides those steps, that’s all I really know. I’m sorry if that doesn’t work on all OS systems.


Thank you for taking the time to help. I appreciate it


You deserve a hardy handshake :handshake: for that tip


Thanks! It was the one thing I really wanted the app to do and it seems to do it but it’s not straightforward.
Hopefully it can work for everyone no matter what OS you are using.


When the app gets stuck on the loading screen in iOS like so,

Just shut down the app and restart it. Annoying, but effective.


In the Comics section:

  • If there’s a comic I want to read in the near future, I’ll open the comic, then close it. That way it’s one of the first things on the “Dive Back In” section of the home page, and I don’t have to navigate to my lists.

In the community:

  • When I’m on a device with a keyboard, I press the equal sign = to open the options. It’s faster navigation and shows more options. There are quite a few keyboard shortcuts; the link to the keyboard shortcuts is shown when you press the = sign on the keyboard.

  • The Watching First Post is one of my favorite features. If you add a tag to the Watching First Post section, you’ll get an alert anytime someone uses the tag. I’m currently using it for book club and watch-along notifications.

To receive a “New Topic” alert anytime someone adds a specific tag to their post:

  1. Open your Profile (click on your user name)
  2. Go to Preferences > Tags
  3. Add the tag you want to the “Watching First Post” section.

Here’s the view from the DCU website interface:

And here’s what the alert :bell: looks like. You also get an email :incoming_envelope: alert!


Nice. Are there any current DC Comics on the service you recommend?

How do you tag someone?

“@” followed by the name of the tagged individual

So right after the @ it will start to prompt as you type to find the person you’re searching for. Same with # for topics.

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Android tablet fun behavior, I’ll be reading a series, and going through next book, next book, then I’ll see someone messaged me or I want to open up a new series. The back button doesn’t work in that it keeps sending me back issues. Have to close the app and come back in to get out of “reading a series” mode to pick a different run to read.


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