We need to talk about the upcoming Birds Of Prey

Based on trailer and images we have seen online I would say that this is more of a Harley Quinn film than it is a birds of prey team-up movie with a slight black mask origin. Everyone’s costumes other than Harleys garb is drab. And there are less scenes that are shown showcasing the chemistry between the girls and the origins or backstory of the other birds. At first glance one could assume that the birds are just a plot device to further Harley Quinn’s narrative as there isn’t much in trailer and what is presented isn’t that awe inspiring. I know Ewan McGregor is a good actor so I want to believe that he will do role as black mask justice. But I wish we got a seasoned black mask and not an origin of the character- one that already has the iconic mask. But who knows maybe they are holding out for iconic costumes towards the end for birds and villain, maybe more of backstory and all those things griped about will be shown and perhaps fixed in full length film. After all what we were presented was just snippets of the whole thing and not the actual film, so its hard to give an accurate assessment off rumors and snippetts. And there is enough time between now and February for major change to happen. So only time will tell.


I’m so with u on Huntress, specifically Bertinelli. Probably by far the character I’m most excited to see.