🚨Warning: Spoilers!🚨Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 10-13 Reaction Thread

This is it, everyone… The Young Justice: Outsiders mid-season cliff-hanger batch! Use this thread to post all your thoughts, free of worry from offending unspoiled eyes! Let it all out, you’re safe here!

What mysteries remain that you need solved ASAP? What do you think will happen next? Let everyone know in the comments below!


The episodes were amazing!!! Definitely the best episodes of the season so far. I give the episodes overall a 9/10. Young Justice is the show ALL DC fans need to watch. I just hate the the season is not coming back until June but at least we got Doo m Patrol and Swamp Thing in the meantime


The one with the Teen Titans Go parody in it made me LMAO. I couldn’t believe they did something so silly. That was glorious. Another favorite for me was Cyborg’s birth. Very captivating sequence. I love this show. When do we demand season 4?


So I really like the new season, but does anyone else just get super tired of Forager? I don’t know. I just miss all the old characters. I was rewatching Season 2 recently and they just did such a good job with Impulse and Blue Beetle, and I know that Season 2 focused on them because of their distinct ties to the Reach, but still. The season also highlighted Wonder Girl, Lagaan, Tim Drake, and a bunch of other characters in their own time. And I just feel like this season just spends a lot of time on Brion, Halo, and Forager. Brion is not super likable and Forager can get on my nerves. He reminds me of Jar Jar Binks. And now that I say that, I feel like its fairly spot on when it comes to their speech patterns. I have to say, Halo is pretty cool and the job they did with Cyborg was freaking amazing, even if his dad is played by Aqualad’s voice actor, which made me miss him being in the show. In the end, I just don’t think there have been enough mission episodes yet, but the ones that have were awesome! Also, Vandal Savage’s episode was awesome!


Never trust tara in any universe :man_shrugging:


Reveal that Dr. Jace had (or still has) a daughter is making me think that she may actually be the biological mother of Tara Markov!


Did anyone else see that Lobo’s pinky is starting to grow it’s own limbs? :thinking: it didn’t look like it was decaying, but it looked like it was trying to grow. Could we be getting Lil Lobo?!


I also had to Google the Harper Row character and it turns out she’s in the Batman Family! They keep expanding the roster like this and we’re gonna need a whole spinoff show!


Oh and did anyone else catch Cisco in the locker room? Do they even have room for Vibe on the show? These Easter eggs and teases are all over the place!!


Cyborg is more man than machine crazy. I love this show its takes. Last week red hood omg


wtf is up with the doom patrol go! i hate that stuff … way to dumb it down

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Is anyone here surprised how short beginning and end credits are? Some episodes have adult situations in them. I love Young Justice…would love to see how season 3 develops to focus on other characters besides Brion, Forager and Violet

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Also shoutout to the OG Teen Titans voice cast! I liked the Beast Boy episode a lot! Khary Payton is doing his thing this season too. Not only is he the original Cyborg, but he’s been Aqualad, Black Manta, Black Lighting, Brick, Victor Stone, and he doubled as Robot Man in this last one. Dude is amazing!


oh yeah, and great show btw! didn’t mean to be just a negaive nancy

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YOOOO , I bet lobos finger will become slobo (kid lobo) !!!


Was going to pist the samething about slobo

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Cotrection: was going to post the same thing about Slobo


Besides what I felt was a slightly slower start and Halo’s somewhat offense depiction, I have been enjoying this season.

Young Justice does a pretty good job of combining all the lore of the DC universe and respecting and showcasing one of my favorite aspects of this universe, it’s legacy.

I can’t wait for Wally’s return after the foreshadowing in Nightmare Monkeys! I wonder if he will replace Barry as The Flash or just take on the name in the new suit.


*Totally meant Silas Stone instead of Victor, but Khary voices all of them anyway! :joy: I just hope they don’t give Cyborg the Blue Beetle treatment for the rest of the season. It’s bad enough they have to worry about Terra.


It is too bad many of today’s reveals were spoiled by the Dive Deeper into Young justice seres.

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