🚨Warning: Spoilers!🚨Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 10-13 Reaction Thread

This show had truly lived up to the hype, every week I am pleasantly surprised with this show. This week with the beast boy episode and the reveal of cyborg has pushed the envelope and to have to wait till the summer for the next 13 episodes but would be happy if the next season starts before the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020


Okay so first off, I loved theses episodes! Especially the part were Gar gets brainwashed, but the whole thing was heartbreaking really (especially the Wally part). I think the idea of Halo being mother box is amazing and a great thing to add to the show. I just wish we new more about the bat family, because they never talked about Jason at all! Also I’m also confused about how mount justice got rebuilt? And I hope Will gets to move on and find a lady that can be a good mom to Lian (but PLEASE DONT MAKE IT ARTEMIS PLEASE).


Judas Contract is confirmed, bay-bee!

Also, dat Beast Boy episode. Doom Patrol Go! is both horrifying and filled with terrifying implications. I’m going to wager it existed and went extinct off-screen? And, man, never trust the Goode Goggles. Shit fucks you up.

As someone else said, hopefully Cyborg doesn’t end up how Blue Beetle ended up last season. Even though he ended up being less mechanized than his usual appearances, you gotta wonder how much of an influence that Father Box is taking up. It’s bad enough the team’s got Terra starting shit up soon-ish. Hopefully Halo fixed him up, but for how long?

It’s a shame we’re going to have to wait at least a few more months. It’s been a hell of a season so far.


Oh, just finished episode 13 Judas contract confirmed.


That was the most brutal interpretation of Cyborgs origin. I mean all his origin stories are brutal but seeing the damage on him, you could see his open chest, the broken ribs and his beating heart.


These episodes were amazing! I like how they showed the Court of Owls (I assume they are because they have the white mask). These episodes really got the show going!


Hello, Megan!

How did I forget to mention the Court of Owls being in Young Justice? It wasn’t much of an appearance and I hope they get more screen time in future episodes, but with so many characters and plots already established and only 13 episodes left, you can only do so much.


Doom Patrol so meta


Cyborg, Harper Row, Cisco, Tara, so much going on in these four episodes! And all SO GOOD!

And to all of those who are pointing out the Court of Owls references - have you noticed that if you watch the credits all the way through, there’s an owl hooting towards the end? Those YJ folks sure do know how to foreshadow…


No one is talking about Jason Todd’s hologram getting killed enough! I’m trying to stay whelmed but its getting difficult


Can’t stop crying! WTF! I am never wearing VR goggles as long as I live


Man idk how the heck we’re going to wait 5 months for more episodes! Doom Patrol doesn’t even start for another 3 weeks! I’m going to be in serious DC withdrawal.

I hope we get to see more of the Impulse/Blue Beetle/Static portion of the team, along with more of Batman’s collection of sidekicks being led by Tim Drake. Maybe we’ll see Stephanie Brown graduate from Spoiler to Batgirl, to make up for Barbara no longer holding the role (understandably).

Now that Cyborg is in the show (and I dig the sleek design), I wonder if we’ll get Raven and Starfire.


I noticed the Owl masks, but didn’t know if it was just a nod to the Court or if it was really them. I originally thought the “not quite Red Hood yet” guy was a Talon because of their connection to Grayson’s family.


The last two episodes were decent but I just cringe at a lot of the moments in this series and I honestly wish they’d stop forcing romance on every single character. Tbh the only good parts of the last episodes were Cyborg, the fight scenes, and the beast boy scenes in my opinion. I hope they focus on characters like Static, Tim Drake, and Wonder girl later on because we’ve been too focused on these new characters that people don’t really care much about.


Oh my motherbox!
These were great, but I wanted to see more Oracle. Dick was hilarious, he always says the right thing. I called that Tara was evil, by the way. I love Cisco’s cameo and hope they build the character. I am feeling the mode till June though.


Ok I love this all, but anyone else notice there seems to be a bit more “tell” and less “show” than the previous two seasons? Like, I don’t need the characters to voice so much stuff out loud, especially if I keep assuming teams get briefed before a mission. Oracle seems to almost be a narrator at times. That is my only complaint. Otherwise… Damn everybody is kissing up in here!
Anyone know more about comic book Beast Boy? Is that monkey god really a thing?
So totally want Garfield and Victor to meet.


I found it disturbing that they are playing the Tara/Slade relationship. She’s only like fifteen!


Official Ships:
DickBabs/ Graybats- Dick and Barbara
Halon- Brion And Violet
Dr. Lightning- Dr. Jace and Jeff
Bioger- Bio Ship And Forager
I’m not mentioning what people who know about Tara and Slade are thinking. Ew.


Honestly I’m loving this season so far, it’s sad that we have to wait for the other episodes to drop but it’s all good. The amount of easter eggs just drove me insane and i loved it. The teen titans go (doom patrol) part also had me laughing. I hope they bring wally back sooner or later


A) I loved the weird sequences in Beast Boy’s vr scenes. The Doom Patrol GO was hilarious, especially as it got so flipping dark. Side note: were the paramedics a little easter egg nod to Casey Brinke and Sam from the 2017 Doom Patrol? If so, well done.

B) I shouldn’t like Fred Bugg with two G’s but I do. I’ve enjoyed the humor.

C) I’ve seen these episodes, “Justice League” the movie, “Justice League: War” … HOW MANY TIMES DOE I HAVE TO SEE VIC STONE BECOME CYBORG? Seriously. He’s rapidly catching up to Batman and Superman for origin re-tellings.

By far my favorite season yet. Keep it up. It makes me want to continue my subscription.