@superby why are y’all so toxic I thought everyone was nice on here. You’re supposed to support your fellow dc fans and understand our frustrations. But whatever keep doing what u do best

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The show was supposedly being filmed in North Carolina. According to the North Carolina Film Office’s website (https://www.filmnc.com/25-rebate.html). A production company can get a 25% rebate on their production (assuming they film within North Carolina). The per project cap for a TV series is $12 million, so they would get about $3 million per episode up to a limit of $31 million annually. Last year, the annual cap was $34 million. That might have been were the misunderstanding occurred. The producers might have thought they were going to get around $40 million for 13 episodes at a little over $12 million per episode but found out that they were only going to get $31 million and decided to stop their production at 10 episodes (for a total production cost of close to $120 million). That would give them their $31 million, which would be 25% of costs, but have them fall 3 episodes short of 13 episodes. Now, just to give you and idea of how much high end productions cost, Game of Thrones, Season 8 cost HBO more than $90 million for 6 episodes (or over $15 million per episode), but that is probably one of the largest ensemble casts and production costs in history. The real question here is why are the folks at DC Universe and Atomic Monster spending so much for an unproven TV show? They probably could have done as well shooting for $6 million per episode.


The production costs of just the first SWAMP THING are all on the screen.

S#!t happens.

I concur. Bleep happens.
HBO did a show called Rome, both seasons were critically acclaimed and had a big fan base. HBO cancelled it after season two because its production costs were just to high.

The ST thing is a bummer, but folks were never told or promised there would be a second season.

I understand your point of view, but if folks don’t see value in 20k+ comics, the other original series that are coming (stargirl, Titans S2, HQ, YJ second half. These are all handled by separate production units and are still on track for release. AppleJack said that in office hours last night) and other existing video content.

Let them vote with their dollars.

I have come to believe that they are more toxic than helpful. And given that the boards are open to all, I wonder if many of those posting they’re leaving are actually paying members.

Perhaps this entire ST issue is ultimately a good thing. It may give DCU a true insight into how many existing members are going to stand by the service.That is the customer base you really want to know exists.



Thank u but not everyone reads comics.

There isn’t enough content on here at all if u don’t read comics. They take more movies off than put on. And don’t get me started on how bad it works on IOS devices. There’s too many flaws on this streaming service and they take way too long to fix them 8 months and still no app for PS4 it took them 7 to put it on Xbox lmao


@foxybridges omg thank you!!! Ofc the service being in danger is all speculation at this point. But if people dont think this app is way too niche with not nearly enough content then they’re ridiculously naive! DC needs to start going hard I’m the paint if they wanna succeed


@drbulnes yea


I hope some non-comics readers try reading some comics.
It’s sad how many people don’t read after they leave school.


As far as being “way to niche” I get the argument but Marvel has a service like this but just comics… for twice as much. It is not as niche as some people think. They never advertised a netflix level of quantity and depth.



Have you ever done app development?

You make it sound so easy, just whip it up yourself. The same for bug fixes.


@Desade Or maybe they could have released the damn thing when everything was ready?




I get being disappointed by swamp thing, or that the app has to mature some more. But the progress the app/service has made in just a few months leaves me hopeful and value I feel I get out of this service is wonderful. I’ve read way more comics than typical, and way more variety of comics than I normally would. Titans and Doom Patrol have been amazing and I enjoy Batman TAS and Brave and Bold.

If it goes away, gets folded into another service I’ll be disappointed. But for now this service is exactly what I was hoping for when I prepaid for it before release.


I know you can’t please everyone, and just because the forum is loud doesn’t mean everyone is seeing it the same way. But I really think people should count to ten. I get being unhappy, I get voicing it, I get cancelling it if that makes them feel the service isn’t worth it. BUt I don’t get lashing out because a show got cancelled, especially since we all only saw one episode at the time not like we have had years or even months to fall so in love with it. I mean, it’s just a TV show getting cancelled it isn’t the first or the last time we will see a show we like getting cancelled. We going to become Firefly fans (and by the way Firefly was a great show don’t get me wrong) and be complaining for a decade that a show got cancelled?


If you wait to release until “everything’s ready”, you’ll never release.

I’m taking a wild guess here, but you’ve never done application or digital content delivery systems, have you.

You don’t know what’s gonna break in the real world. Sometimes bugs are simple to fix, sometimes not.

And to state the obvious, anyone on here complaining about PS4, you have a way to access DCU without a PS4 and you KNEW when you signed up there was no PS4 support and no published time table for when or if it will come. So save me the sob stories. You KNEW exactly what platforms & devices were supported.


Pretty sure it’s not just the show getting cancelled that is concerning, this is a streaming service like it or not and the content of your service is what makes or breaks you. You spend two years promoting a program and cancel it after one episode. That’s fine if your new but neither DC or WB are new they have established programs on a lot of other venues so you can lay off the “oh their working the bugs out” “it’s an honest mistake” “ it not their fault” it is absolutely their fault and it shows that either they have second string producers and executives on the DC Universe or that they are concentrated on their other platforms and this is just an experimental property that apparently isn’t making the money they were expecting.

@blackburn_scott I think they announced plans for it only a year ago.

If’s there’s something you want to watch or read on DC Universe, do it now. It won’t survive the year. If you paid in advance like a lot of us did, Hope the service lasts long enough to run out your subscription or they refund us or we’ll all be part of a class-action lawsuit against ATT.


@policeradios They don’t want a lawsuit, so if they do end up cancelling the service, they will probably just make it impossible to start or renew past a certain date, then let everybody’s time run out.

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