I know this is a strong word by my God, DC comics is run by a bunch of incompetent people. Once YJ season 3 is over I’m cancelling.


Don’t you want YJ season 4?


@biff_pow does make a good point. For ONCE!



Shots fired…




Warners has owned DC for nearly half a century and they still can’t figure out what to do with it.

Sure they’ll have successes, but everyone of those successes (minus the Nolan trilogy*) have teetered off into crapsville.

*Only reason the Nolantrilogy stayed strong was because of Chris Nolan.


Good for you. Good riddance.


If you cancel your account…then nothing really happens. Sure, go for it!


I’ve read reports from various sources about this all day.
And one thing I’m quite certain of, after reading these and coming to my own conclusions…
Is that DC/WB is the farthest from being at fault here.

There’s two potential parties at fault, one of which definitely is, but neither one is DC/WB.
They were being led to believe, by one party or the other, that half of the budget was being reimbursed.
When the truth came out, they ordered production to cease.

Now after more info got leaked out, the show’s cancellation was confirmed.
DC/WB surely don’t want to spend $80 million per season for Swamp Thing and depending on the party involved that caused them to lose money on Season One, they’ll either want a new production crew handling it or they’d want to film it somewhere else.
And even then, with a smaller budget, the show would lose quality and some of the cast would have to be cut, especially Virginia Madsen who was most likely the high ticket member.


@ScatterShot Damn right!

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DC Comics oversees absolutely zero DC oriented movies or TV shows.

Warner Brothers Pictures handles the movies and Warner Brothers Television the TV shows.


DC need to move from Warner bros, just like that…


DC can’t move from Warner Bros… Warner Brothers owns them. They can’t just walk up to Warner Brothers and say, “it’s been fun… but you don’t own us anymore”.


This whole debacle is DC/WB’s fault. I understand the politics that forced the cancellation of SWAMP THING. For whatever reason North Carolina conservatives have been sabatoging its film industry for some time.

Despite this the producers chose to film there without regard to that history, and without a backup plan.

That isn’t too much to ask of a streaming service we are paying to support.


I read today following the Swamp Thing cancellation that the DC Universe May be discontinued with the arrival of WBs new streaming service

Wild speculation, nothing more.

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at this point everything is speculation. It could be rolled into the WB service as an extra/lower tier option for comic fans. I am good with that, I just want to keep Titans, Doom Patrol and the backlog of comics.


Since WB has recently announced more of their plans for their new service it seems apparent that DC Universe will likely not be rolled into it. It’s going to be more for HBO, Cinemax, their network TV shows (like Friends and BBT) and their movie catalog old and new. The only mention of a DC property was the Aquaman movie but as the DCEU stuff has all ended up on HBO that’s hardly a surprise. So far only one out of four original shows has been definitively cancelled most likely due to budgetary and creative issues.

That said I do think DC Universe’s long term fate is in question…though I don’t think it will be going anywhere for another year at least. FilmStruck is a good example of a similarly niche service that ultimately failed because its assets were more profitably deployed elsewhere. While DCU does have a sort of built in fix for this thru content rotation, it remains to be seen how much of the early subscriber base is going to jump ship after the first annual memberships come up for renewal in a couple months. There is obviously a lot of dissatisfaction with how things have been handled. What is less clear is the number of subscribers who are perfectly happy to avoid these forums and enjoy what’s available.


@Scatter shot u aren’t making the situation any better.