Walmart 100 page giant.

Every time I stop my local walmart I never see them, do they not sell them at every walmart?

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Not every. Like, where i am, theres a walmart 20 minutes away in every direction and only one sells em

The Walmarts that carry them are the stores with a trading card section up front.

If you see that section, you should hit paydirt. If you don’t, then it’s likely that store doesn’t carry them or the DC Collectibles Batman Black and White mini-statues/figures for that matter.

I imagine the March releases should start hitting around next week or so.


Mine sells them. It is pretty cool. Vroom’s right though, they are usually next to magic and Pokémon.

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One of my local Wal-Mart hasn’t restocked them since issue 5 and it’s actually the WM that should see the most business of the three I go to on a regular basis. This is why I’m not a big fan of store exclusives. I’m my opinion store exclusives should be in every store or if like in my area where you have like 7-9 WM within a hour drive out then in half of the stores. Getting a store exclusive should be based on getting the item before it sells and not I’ve never seen the item once not even a empty peg.


Mine has them, looks like its been selling nice recently…i just see a near empty DC comic box when i last checked. I go for the Supes giant comics.

So jealous, I had one with the area by the registers but that one closed 2 years ago, the one new doesn’t have that.

Just got my 100 Page Giant of The Flash!


I grabbed that one a couple of weeks ago! Still waiting for the free time to read it… :pensive:

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Mine hardly sell, yet they still order a whole bunch. They only keep out the most recent issue, with at least 5-8 copies of each one. I didn’t go to Walmart for a month or two and now I’m hopelessly behind on the original ones. It’s a good thing they started putting out the Swamp Thing Giant. I know I’ll stay on top of it with this series.

I purchased one Teen Titans 100 pager from our local Walmart. It’s a good deal, assuming you haven’t already purchased some of the stories reprinted from the other DC comics.

Superman 16 has not shown up anywhere around me. Which is weird because they’ve always shown up and all the other October books have and still are in the shelves.

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Every Walmart in a 50 mile radius of me stopped after issue #5 or #6 depending on the title. I gave up trying long ago but would have loved to continue with the Teen Titans giant.

I believe some of the 100 pagers are now available at comic shops. My LCS has a few, don’t know for sure if they are the same Wal-Mart ones.

I have the first few issues of most of them but stopped getting them a while back. Just like others have said it was h it or miss if a Wal-Mart would carry them and when new issues arrived.

I have never seen them in my local Walmart, which makes me sad :frowning_face:


I’m not sure if distribution is region specific or anything, but I live in Southeastern US and all of my local Walmarts are filled with them. They were hot for about 4-5 months after launching here, now nobody really cares.

They’re a solid deal, and pretty new reader friendly imo. A mostly solid concept on DC’s part with poor execution. They suffer from lack of eyes more than anything

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I’m seeing Superman 15 at one Walmart, no Superman issues at all the others, no a Superman issues at all the comic shops. Superman 16 has never shown up here. I don’t get it. I missed the boat in 3 and 4 as well and now I’m going to have to pay mark up for a third.

For those curious, the 100 Page Giant books that comic stores are getting are 100% identical to the books that Walmart is carrying.

The only difference is that pre-existing artwork is used for the covers of the Walmart editions, while the covers of the direct market editions utilize brand new artwork.


I didn’t know that. Is there a delay on the mass release vs. the Walmart release?

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There is. It seems to vary by title, but generally it’s about three weeks to a month for when direct market accounts get these books after they debut at Walmart.

The second issues of the Batman, Flash, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman series that launched at Walmart in September have yet to come out, so expect a direct market delay on those.

Also, the new Superman Giant series should be debuting at Walmart either this month or next month at the latest/likeliest, as it’s direct market release is January 1st.