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Happy Friday @TheWildstormUniverse, and all fans of good, great and absolutely grand comics! :partying_face:

You’ve seen and/or read this week’s news regarding Gods and Monsters, the first chapter of DC Studios’ forthcoming, cross-platform, interconnected, on-screen DC Universe.

Among the franchises/characters highlighted were household names such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Booster Gold.

However…one franchise of note that garnered its share of the spotlight was The Authority, a Team Supreme from the WildStorm Universe that, until now, was known only to comics fans. Rest assured, once The Authority makes their big movie debut, they too will become a household name.

Now, you may be saying to yourself “Self, I’m intrigued by The Authority and it being the first team-based movie of the new DCU. However, I’ve never read any Authority comics, so where do I begin?”

This is where you begin:

SN: Yes, the Authority have their beginnings in StormWatch. However, that’s not required reading to get the scoop on them. Fun to go back and check out after you’ve read The Authority, sure, but not essential reading beforehand.

This is the ground floor for DC’s next big screen adventure. When someone asks “Did you know of The Authority before the movie?”, those among you who are new to the property thanks to this week’s news can confidently and truthfully say “Why yes I did, and it was thanks to DC Universe Infinite.”

Check out The Authority and chime in with your thoughts on it, as well as what you hope to see in the movie.

Whether you read the series as it originally came out, or you’re brand-new to the property because of the movie announcement, the team supreme of the new on-screen DC Universe isn’t yet the Justice League…its The Authority.


I’m looking forward to studying up on this team! Gotta know all the things for when my family starts asking me questions lol


Studying The Authority is studying of the best and highest caliber. :ok_hand:t2:


“Family, gather around. For I shall now tell you of The Authority and what they were like prior to their big screen excellence.”


Thanks for this @Vroom I know nothing about The Authority. So I am excited to get to reading about them!


You’re quite welcome.

I’m excited that you’re excited about The Authority, because they are…wait for it…exciting! :superman_hv_4:


You can’t fight the Authority 'cause Authority always wins.


:grin: That should play in the movie, as well as over the end credits.