Titans- why is Dick the only bad guy in the room?- SPOILERS!

Seriously? I was watching the episode this morning and when Dick told them all the truth, they all just abandoned him? I personally took offense to this for some reason. As Rachel says to Donna “you were all there. You all played a part”. So why are they all dumping the guilt on Dick? It wasn’t like he ordered them to go along with the plan, they all agreed to it, and it wasn’t like he even tried to make it right by suggesting they train Jericho to be a hero. But in the end, they all abandon him, again. Even Donna, who I think has the least right to be angry, considering she most likely went along with the plan because she felt guilty over Gar’s death. And Dawn’s supposed to be the embodiment of forgiveness and understanding, yet she once again leaves with her lump of meat punch first and ask questions never boyfriend. And Jason, didn’t Dick just talk you out of jumping off the roof??

But sure, let’s dump everything on the one guy who apologizes and tries to make things right.


End rant.


Yeah, I thought the same thing. They wanted honesty from the guy and when he gives it, they have the worst possible response. No wonder he doesn’t tell them the truth! But I do think something is up. If they are going by the comics, then Jericho is still around somehow. Could any actions out of character be attributed to him? Especially that scene with Slade later. I’m curious to see what’s really happening!! And how can Conner’s actions not get the attention of Superman? LOL


This episode honestly sucked, it was all over the place and left so many unclear and unanswered questions. :-1:t3::grimacing:


The episode was clearly setting the table for what is to come. Interviews by Brenton Thwaites indicate that Dick has to hit rock bottom before the transformation to Nightwing is earned. It seems the Titans in general are headed for a similar experience, given the events with Conner, Gar, and Hank.


I thought it was great. The show has only gotten better in my eyes. I’m already hoping for a season 3.


I noticed the writer of the episode was Jeffrey David Thomas. While he does have interesting things occur in his episodes, he consistently has trouble focusing on how to convey why the characters do things and is also the master of out of place swearing. For example, when Raven asks to come with Donna, only to ditch Donna in the very next scene, we are given no explanation or context as to why Rachel does this. The turn was completely out of left field for Rachel, there were no signs throughout the season for her wanting to strike out alone.

Starfire also saying f**k throughout was so forced and had no weight to it. There is swearing in this show at times, but this season it was used at much more opportune times. I felt like we were returning to season 1 writing again, where the characters swore just cause this show wasn’t on network tv… If they have to make her swear, I’d find it way more convincing if she swore in Tameranean since she has her memories back. When you’re as frustrated as the writer would want you to believe Kory is during this episode, she would totally swear in her native tongue.

Everyone acted so genuinely shocked at Dick’s confession when the manipulation of Jericho was perpetuated by all the old titans. The way the reactions were written, it was as if the whole team had been completely in the dark about everything involving Jericho.

Of all the episodes this season, this one seemed the most like, “things happen cause they need to”. Nothing was organic, it was all so forced.

I’m just glad it seems that this episode seems to be rock bottom for both the characters and the fans. It seems it’ll only get better from here cause Nightwing is coming!


Didn’t care for this episode.

While the Gar part was decent, the Starfire + Blackfire part and Superboy going postal just served to remind me how far away this version of the Titans is from the one I enjoy.


It is because he is team leader and they expect him to take all the darkness and blame for every bad thing that happens. Even though they all wanted revenge and they all manipulated Jericho.


I liked aspects of this episode but the writing for that part was awful. Out of the OG Titans I thought only Dawn was justified in feeling upset about Dick lying. Since the beginning she was against using Jericho to get to Slade, she also made Dick tell Jericho the truth and she regretted telling Dick to “be Batman”. So his lie would hurt her the most. Donna isn’t justified and Hank is Hank. Also Rachel shouldn’t be mad at people keeping secrets since she’s keeping the secret that her powers are out of control. I get Dick has to hit rock bottom to become Nightwing at some point but it could’ve been written better and make more sense.


Wholeheartedly agree. I’m very sick of all the stupid angst shown by these characters. Every scene all the characters seem to reach an even lower point. If this continues, I’ll drop the show honestly I can’t take much more of this.


I agree with the original point and I too don’t think Dick is the only bad guy in the room. I think the reason everyone turned on him and left is because they all feel just as guilty. Expect no one is willing to face the truth and the consequences that come with it. So it’s easier to run away and blame him, as opposed to coming to terms with their own faults in the matter. However I do think this episode begins to show the characters dealing and trying to suppress their guilt in their own ways. for example Hank appears to be relapsing again and pushing away/blaming Dawn. While others are in denial focusing other problems. Instead the big one at hand.


I agree with you on everything you said here @ToughGuyStu.

There also seems to be a pattern here. A few episodes back everyone was ready to turn on Jason for the “pranks”, which lead him thinking about ending his life and now, in rapid succession, everyone is turning on Dick as well. Its like a hidden someone is trying to isolate the team from the Robins and is also manipulating things so that no one has time to actually think about who might be responsible. ( I think Deathstroke is just a distraction while the real player works behind the scenes to dis-stabilize the team and I also happen to think that player is Jericho.


I think we know that now after Atonement. Dick attacked the police officers for no reason. Some one made him do it.

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Can we please talk about that awful karaoke scene?


I think someone has been manipulating Dick and the others off and on all season. Someone is not who they appear to be.


I’d rather forget that scene altogether.


Nope. There was no Hank and Dawn in the episode. They exit after Hank punched Dick and they weren’t seen again. LOL


100% agree with your saying, I’ve wondered myself if Rose could be a mole and be a plant for Deathstroke as well. Like as if she is the one who messed with everyone, including herself to throw the scent off her. Plus how she was able to take the photos without anyone noticing or caring. Assuming she is in on it. But I love the idea of it being a whole family affair and all the Wilson’s working together against the titans in some way.

Also on a side note is it odd that Rose’s parents never mention her or have photos of her. Maybe I’m overthinking it and it’s nothing but how come there was no Rose in the family flashbacks of Jericho. or photos of her in mama Wilson’s house. Like also why isn’t deathstroke still hunting her or down. Unless maybe it was all a ploy to dis-stabilize the titans and get her on the inside.

I like the idea of maybe Jericho living inside his father. Could explain some things and certainly make others things more interesting. For example maybe the reason Slade is having these spasms let alone living at home with mama Wilson (who kicked him out and forbade from coming back in the flashbacks); is because Jericho and Slade are combating for control of the host body.


I think this season is about all the characters having to battle their own guilt.

I also think Raven doing something “not her” makes sense. She is unsure of who she is. She is no longer destiny’s puppet. She really gets to struggle with who she decides she’s going to be. Making your own destiny is hard and scary.

Threads (mist ar least) will eventually align. What seems “out of character” still has time to play out and in a serialized format actions, intentions, motivations don’t need to always be explained that episode. Keep the audience wondering or WTFing for a bit is all part of the genre.

People feeling depressed after the episode I think was the intent and it seems to have had that effect.

And let us not forget that Slade told Dr Light the plan was to separate them & thin the herd. Find out who the most vulnerable are first. The “mole” is either Trigon messing with them or maybe Raven being an empath and can see people’s memories. Like Donna’s soda. How would Rose or Slade know that particular detail. Maybe Jericho is in Grayson and it’s him who is messing with the team.


That’s an interesting theory and it just might explain some things.

Also about Rose…I find it odd that in the scene in “Bruce Wayne” where the Bruce illusion told Dick that someone was missing from the group there were actually two people missing. Jason and Rose were both not in the room. While it was the right choice for Dick to go after Jason the scene also seems to be pointing out that Rose is not there either.