Titans Season Three Discussion - Contains Spoilers!

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Oh :clap: my :clap: goodness, I don’t know where TO START!

First of all, this is not a drill, RaeRae is back! Just in time for @DC89’s celebration of #RaeRaeThursdays, which is great. Gurl, we’ve all missed you!

Second, Conor Leslie is absolutely gorgeous, period, especially in the black and white film filter. I love the creative choice the show had in terms of portraying purgatory/ the afterlife. I loved the slight 1920s like feel to the train especially.

Third, Hank is great, even in the afterlife. All the life and death jokes really feel natural coming from his character. Also… strong Supernatural vibes anyone? With the car, the rock and roll playing from the radio, his knowledge on the ghouls and everything else there, deciding to stay and fight off ghouls with his brother vigilante style… it gave me some Supernatural vibes, and I liked it. Obviously it’s a little sad that he’s not coming back, but at least us as the viewers know that he can at least be happy to be with his brother.

Also, I like how Donna feels the same way about her death as we all do, and Rachel was getting as impatient to bring her back as we were to see her. It all fits perfectly!


I saw the tears she gave him when she revealed she was using him! I would never do that to someone, much less my bae, so yeah… by qualifications she is my enemy, and that’s all I can say about her, because I’m still a lady who shows some respect, mhmm :relieved:

Besides, she seemed uninterested when he took her to that school he used to live at and I know that if it were me, which did eventually happen, I would (did) be interested and embrace his inner thespian side… just sayin’. She was a bit rude :grimacing:


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This actually made me “aww” out loud. See, even she’s excited she’s back! :grin:




And there’s still room to bring him back if they ever need to do so. It’s a fine send-off if it’s his last appearance, and it’s an open door otherwise.


Every week I think an episode can’t hit me more than the week before and every week I am wrong. Ouch.

Tim. I really enjoy how he just ‘noped’ out of the entire train metaphor. He barely knew what was going on but he still knew that he wanted to live. That he had something to live for. He was the voice of reason for Donna and Hank and it was the perfect role for him. He didn’t throw a punch or shoot a gun. He barely jumped the gap. But he convinced two heroes to do the right thing. That’s Tim’s character to perfection.

Donna. Finally. Finally. Finally. I was really happy with how this all worked out. In the end, Tim and Hank brought her back, not Rachal and Themescryia. It was a nice twist and it worked well. She saved them as much as they saved her.

This felt like a wink to the camera from the writers, but I appreciated it. Her death was rough last season and this doesn’t feel like it undoes all of that though. It was just enough to make it all work together. I am excited to see what she does when she realizes everything that has happened.

Rachel. I mean, we all knew she wasn’t gonna wait for the Amazons to do their thing. This went about as well as we all expected, except she didn’t accidently raise Donna back as a zombie. :laughing: I’m excited to see everyone come back together soon.

Hank. This was a nice touch. Some needed closure from episode three. I am still laughing at “She better be!” when Donna said the Dawn must be devastated.

But I think him super-heroing with his brother in purgatory is a good wrap-up for his storyline. I guess the bridge always has a chance to re-appear so we could see them at some point in a future season, but I kind of hope not. This was a nice bow to everything.

And, finally, Bruce. His response to killing the Joker after Jason dies is to set himself and his (random) house on fire??? Seriously? I just don’t understand.

But Donna saving him was a nice touch. I’m not sure how she knew to go there but Bruce’s total confusion was worth it. “I’m dead and the first person I’m seeing is my sidekick’s ex, really?”

I know they just wanted the Connor Leslie looking off into the distance after a cool one-liner shot to end the episode with, but it was worth the awkwardness of the scene. I loved it.

Ok, sorry for the, once again, long post but it was another good one this week! See you all next week!


Donna’s just about the only one who isn’t Richard’s ex!

Other points…

Donna’s been in limbo a long time compared to Hank-- but she’s still on the train to help Tim— she hasn’t actually passed on, while Hank and Don have chosen NOT to pass over. Why she is still on the train? Because she’s meant to go back.

Hopefully, Donna is Jason’s path to as much redemption as he can find.

Where’s Rose? Yes, I know realistically it’s half pandemic/half she doesn’t fit into the set up of a Red Hood storyline, but everyone other than Jason seems to have forgotten her. Of course, her showing up to help Jason be Jason again at the end could just be a surprise they managed to keep.

Donna was pulled from a fire as a child. Now, she saves Bruce from a fire. Hmmmm. As for Bruce, fire is painful-- and that old castle would likely not burn up.

All things considered, could the Atlanteans also have brought Garth back?


I assumed it had something to do with the ritual at Themyscryia. Donna wanted to pass on but the ritual was trying to pull her back, so she was stuck on the train.

Haha, I couldn’t remember if she was or not. I just assumed she was. :laughing:

Also, happy DCUI anniversary!!


Just watched the new episode and it was so good! Everybody involved did great but the parts that really stood out to me were Hank. Even though I just knew the whole way through that he would not end up making through with the other two it was great to see him again. He kept making us laugh we had to pause at one point we were laughing too much. I am going to miss that and seeing him on the show. But even though I was expecting him to not make it it still sucked since he was the one who really wanted to find the bridge. Im glad he found his brother though.

I was glad to FINALLY see Rachel again. It has been too long. Poor girl was out there learning some hard lessons, hope shes Donna soon.

Now how did Donna know to go to Bruce and save him? Also, this just did not seem like something Bruce would do. I know he has been through a lot but I just don’t see him doing that.

Can’t wait for next week to see what happens with the dosed water supply. And hopefully a couple of reunions… Rachel…Donna :eyes: :airplane: Gotham.


I was actually really surprised that I liked this episode as much as I did. Whenever a show does the whole “afterlife” thing it’s always unbelievable, cringey or cheesy, but it wasn’t the case for this. I found the next place really beautiful but haunting at the same time, and I think that was a perfect way to really capture the essence of it. What I didn’t find beautiful was the Themyscria. Paradise Island is well a Paradise and this place looked bleak. I know that they had a budget so they couldn’t make it a massive place like in the Wonder Woman movie but at least make it look tolerable.

I’m not gonna lie at this point I don’t give a crap about Bruce. He can die or he can go to Tahiti in his private jet I don’t really care, I just don’t want him on my screen anymore. I mean he does nothing. Besides being old, cranky and a bit fo a douche, he serves no purpose. I don’t know why the writers are trying to fit him into storylines.

I really loved seeing a lot more of Tim in this episode. I think that having him “die” was a good way for him to learn what it takes to be a hero. That it’s not just all fun and games. I’m excited to see where we goes, and I’m praying that we get to see him suit up as Robin this season.

Donna was as amazing as ever, and so was Hank. I think both their performances were great. I absolutely loved that Hank reunited with his brother. I was almost in tears because it was so beautiful the way that he found peace. For some reason I really didn’t think Donna was actually going to come back. With Raven and her accepting her death and how Donna wanted to move forward, I was really hoping that she would reunite with Garth in the next life and find peace. Not complaining that she’s back I just think that if it went the other way, that it would of been really beautiful. Raven was kind of a let down, didn’t really get the excitement that I was hoping for since this her storyline was kind of a filler. Really excited tho for Donna and her to rejoin the team.


So I found this article including an interview with Alan and it is confirmed that he is leaving, but he is open to coming back if the show wants him to. He even discusses how he got the news and he addresses the large cast problem the show has:

“Titans: Alan Ritchson discusses leaving the DC show | EW.comTitans: Alan Ritchson discusses leaving the DC show | EW.com


Very awesome™:+1:episode.

Raven trying to help Donna. Learning about Themysciran ways. Very nice stuff. Felt bad for her when she thought Donna was dead for good.

The Afterlife was very cool. Nice unique take on it.

Great to see Donna again. Nice stuff from her. Funny how she wasn’t a fan of how she died. Cool action and nice stuff with Tim.

Hank[/spoiler] was fun see. [spoiler]A lot if laugh from him. And great inspiration and all. Fun with his summoning stuff. And a nice end for him with his bro protecting the Afterlife.

Tim was great. He wants to help. He knows he’s not perfect but that won’t stop him from helping. Just a lot of great stuff from him this episode.

Bruce guilt ridden over killing joker and all the death that followed him. He just wants to end it all. Until Donna saves him. Fun stuff :sweat_smile:.

Will Tim be able to recover? Will our heroes reunite? What’s next for our heroes? All this and more Same Titans Time Same Titans Channel


Ep 3X10 - kinda starting to think the Titans are bad at their jobs?


Pretty cool episode

Gotham is in chaos (as usual​:sweat_smile:) and the government goes with the go to plan. No mans land it :sweat_smile:.

The Titans try to help but the propaganda is strong with Scarecrow. So the turn themselves in. Goes south fast.

Dick and Connor together fur this. SF and BF escape. The healing goes wrong and mistrust sparks. BB saved by Rae. And Donna after and Amazon magic trial battle and some guards gets to Gotham.

Babs is loosing the police and now jailed.

Jason still struggling with his actions and Scarecrow is on top of the world.

How will the team get out of this? Will Donna mage before it’s to late? Has Scarecrow won? All this and more Same Titans Time Same Titans Channel


There’s only 3 episodes left :sob:

The waiting week feels like forever, but it’s hard to believe that this season is almost over and time has been flying by real fast, at least for me.

Anyway, in terms of the episode, the team is in need of some help, and I hope Jason will finally, once and for all, help them out of it, even if he doesn’t rejoin the team in the end. Also, good on Jason for staying away from Molly, but even I was screaming “DON’T DO IT!” towards the end when he was stabbing the Wayne Family painting.

sigh I wanna give Jason a hug… as usual.


In the end
What I want
Raven to do to


“What’s the matter- AFRAID OF THE DARK?”

Agreed @TurokSonOfStone1950. This skeevy weirdo version of Crane needs to go down and he needs to go down hard. :+1:


Oh, dang. I haven’t been paying attention to how many episodes have been in the season. :sweat_smile:

The team split up and it isn’t looking good.

But Raven is back! With Gar! That scene was so cute and I’m so happy to see them together.

I was yelling at my tv about how this team doesn’t know how to cauterize bullet wounds and then Blackfire did that. So I guess the one time they try it just… backfires…

Connor knocking out that one guy with his finger was really funny. Hopefully we get some nice team-up time with him and Nightwing next episode.

Jason really needs to make a decision. He isn’t drugged anymore. He is running out of excuses.

Donna with the training and then the scene was guards was really good. I can’t wait to see her take out Red Hood and Scarecrow in one go. While Nightwing thinks he is fear hallucinating the whole thing. :laughing:

All in all a great episode. We’re in No Man’s Land now. I wonder how it will play out this time.