Titans Season Three Discussion - Contains Spoilers!

This is so true for me. Everytime the episode ends I don’t want to wait because a week feels so long but next thing I know here we are and the season has flown by. I am always excited for the next one but sad because the season is almost over.


#JailbreakBG. :pleading_face: :00_batgirl1:


This episode had so much going on I really feel for a lot of the characters right now. Babs had to make a tough choice to save Dick. I kinda feel bad for Blackfire right now too because I think she has been genuine with the team and now Starfire is showing that she will never trust her and always accuse her sister. Jason is still struggling between a rock and a hard place. I think he only went back to Crane because he knows the team will think he lured them there for a trap. At the beginning of the episode you could tell he didn’t want to be there with Crane but by the end he seems to have been manipulated again even without the drugs.

On the plus Donna and Rachel have both shown up to help out! The team could really use their help. I really liked the scene with Rachel and Gar it was nice to see them together again.


Poor Gar. Rachel finally gets a full-on Raven suit, and all he gets is a more adult cut to his jacket.




It looks like a nice shirt


Cauterizing a wound with an internal bleeding lung will not stop the lung bleeding.

As for Connor’s heat vision being more targeted-- why isn’t Superman training him to do these things, man? (because Warner Media won’t allow an appearance by Superman…) And poor Connor’s only 6-8 months old… I mean, Blackfire has no trouble teaching him… stuff.


Welcome to a special edition of #RaeRaeThursdays

Rae Rae returns! :smiley: :purple_heart: :00_teen_titans: :0_raven:

As happy as I was to watch this BBRae reunion unfold this past Thursday (I especially loved how actor Ryan Potter channeled just a bit of TTG! BB in this exchange with Rachel :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:), that happiness was choked back by the revelation of watching my gurrrlll be UNFAIRLY :angry: taken into custody after she very righteously put down a corrupt Gotham cop (there are sooo many. of. them.).

#JailBreakBG :00_batgirl1:

Now, one could say that the onus for BG’s current disposition falls on the crooked cops at the GCPD who set the Titans up, and they would be right. However, If one strives to place the blame :100: accurately for my gurrrll being locked up then that blame has to land squarely right here:

A few days back my super cool fellow DC History Club member @TurokSonOfStone1950 very wisely posited that there’s only one Titan who can truly dispense the level of justice that Crane deserves, and he called back to this memorable confrontation between Raven and Dr. Light from Teen Titans that so effectively illustrates his point:

“WHAT’S THE MATTER- AFRAID OF THE DARK?” (Raven, Teen Titans Sn 1, eps 6 ‘Nevermore’)

Yeah. It needs to happen to Crane this way. For all of the pain and chaos he has so selfishly wrought upon my gurrrlll, the Titans, and on Gotham itself. Now, some may say that that’s too harsh of a punishment for this weirdo. Hmm, welp, B’Man doesn’t think so

and neither do I.

Show this twisted fearmongerer what REAL fear looks like, Raven. And put him down HARD.

#RaeRaeThursdays :00_teen_titans: :0_raven:


Also if
Raven messes up
Crane’s mind:

There is no need to murder him yet justice is served

He will NEVER be a threat again

What he knows about Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson will not be revealed.


Agreed @TurokSonOfStone1950. :+1:


BBRae! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :purple_heart: :00_teen_titans: :ttns_gif_gar: :ttns_gif_raven:


Digging season 3 thus fae. So fdar it is my favorite season. Cant wait to see what happens now that Raven is back and when Donna meets back up with the team. And what is gonna happen to poor Barbara?


I think it was ‘Wayne Castle’ in England that he was burning down as I think he has owned a castle in England in one of the continuities. I am kinda wondering what has been going on with Bruce. He seems to have been distracted since before Jason’s death.
I just realized superman got cought sleeping on the job so to speak as thats likely a great explanation as to why he let jason die. cause lets face it he can hear bruces heartbeat from the other side of the planet…he would hear Jason’s across the harbor or in Kansas, and jokers laughter…he would go save his best friend’s son/partner/sidekick. :open_mouth: wait the league did not show up because they likely think the same way Babs did do to the deaths of Alfred and James Gordan. that’s why they were not giving him some support after losing his adopted son.
PS: batgirl is likely going to get out on bale…


Beast Boy Raven scene
At end of Episode 10

Some notes

Gar has been given a tranquilizer dart

So though
Raven seems to just appear

It is from Gar’s point of view so ambiguous

She HANDS Gar his clothing

She got it from Gotham City head quarters.

She says just sensed Gar

It is a rule of Magic that possessing something of an individual helps in a spell about that person.

So that is why Rachel found Gar so quickly


Teagan Croft

Born: April 23, 2004

Which means
She will be 18 next season
No longer a minor

In contrast

Ryan Potter
Born: September 12, 1995 (age 26 years)

Thus a
Beast Boy Raven
Can finally be a possibility
Especially if done slowly.


Plot twist below

Allows Dick Grayson to stay in Gotham with Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake

A new leader for the Titans takes over, in their storyline


Except for
Well, being a Dick

Utterly Compelling and Convincing

A lot of jumping around, as all but two characters are shown and given a chance to shine.

Some money was spent
On special effects
Including a new status quo for one Titan.

All three ladies shown look great and have agency (Two are missing from this episode, just talked about)

Only two episodes left after this.

A lot of ground to cover.

I can see a lot left over to be dealt with
In season 4.

I predict in that season

A new leader for the Titans.

Barbara, Dick and Tim remain in Gotham, with a new Batman and Robin.


Yeah, I thought a lot of Dick’s choices in this episode were odd. I liked the physical/on location set up for his fight with Red Hood, and the fight itself was decent enough… But his interactions with everyone else seemed to lack sense. Why hold Connor and Krypto back? One could listen for calls from the team, while the other provided some level of back up, even if just to keep a perimeter. I mean, I get that Nightwing can out fight Red Hood (already happened), but now the city is anti-Nightwing/Titans. Also, the gun dude shot Dick a bunch of times before getting a hit (yay, high AC!)… I would have expected a more mobile reaction from Nightwing. Anyway, at least he didn’t get shot in the head or I’d fear a Ric storyline! :stuck_out_tongue:


Good episode. Crane hs really lost it now. This season just keeps bringing the hits.