TITANS, S2 Ep 10 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

“Fallen” has us all wondering what’s going to happen next! We got confirmation that Dick’s definitely trying to punish himself (for 7 years!), but that giving up the mantle of helping others is not as easy as he would like. We got a little peek at Mercy Graves outside of Cadmus, got to see Rachel “attempt” at controlling her powers, and Donna returning to Titan Tower in the aftermath of the attack. If you haven’t watched episode 10 yet, make sure you hang on because it’s a wild ride! Once you’ve watched it, come back here to discuss everything, and (almost) anything about the episode!


Great episode! That Gargoyle scene was insane…


How does Donna NOT know that Dick is in jail? I mean… ex-cop, ex-ward of infamous Gotham playboy Bruce Wayne goes nuts in an airport after acting strange and that just… totally gets a pass on the news? For the entire affair? Guilty plea, etc? That seems… unlikely? Does she just not ever, period, check a headline?


Interesting episode overall. I thought Dick & Conner/Gar’s story was the most interesting of the 3 main plots this episode. Glad they acknowledged Conner is now a wanted criminal (hopefully they don’t drop that plot point like they did with Kory last season) but SUPER unlikely no cops died realistically when he blew up the cars unless writers want us to think those ‘critically’ injured ones look like a pink/red sloppy version of ‘Swamp Thing’ now. @Chaoticmuse Good point about Dick’s arrest & Donna or Gar for that matter not knowing Dick would be in jail is kinda crazy. Gar has the Wayne Tech on his side too.


General reactions:

  • I want Krypto to have his own show somehow. I am just delighted every time he’s on the screen.
  • Yes queen, Raven! :crown:
  • I love this version of Mercy Graves
  • As @jeffmelton379.56573 said, the gargoyle scene was intense - and awesome!
  • I miss Trigon
  • I miss Kori
  • I geeked out at the azul bird, so exciting!
  • I need Dick to snap out of it! I understand it’s a journey, but I’m ready for Nightwing and a functional Titans group (but maybe that’ll be the payoff at the end of the season?.. I’ll wait.)

I’m glad Gar is being tied into the whole Cadmus plot line now although Rachel’s plot line with these other kids ‘so far’ seems so disconnected from anything that has to do with either Cadmus, Deathstroke, Kory or the rest of the team it felt a bit out of place given there’s only a few episodes left this season. IDK we’ll see where that goes.


I think maybe Dick might not make it back to the team until the final episode. Which would kick Deathstroke to S3 (which I really freaking hope they get). I don’t know where Hawk and Dove fit in the rest of this season either, if at all. Preview art shows Raven and Starfire together, which is cool (and yes, loved the stuff with Raven today, more please) and maybe Deathstroke will be a carryover villain, Blackfire the later half big bad, somewhere along the way potential shock(ish) reveal that Deathstroke is actually Jericho.


Kind of interested to see if Mercy Graves can get her family off their electronics. :laughing: Really wondering where Rachel’s story is going. The thumbnail for next episode has her standing next to Kory, so it can’t last very long. Actually, I’m wondering where most of these plot lines are going. Feels like they opened up a lot of stories for only the back half of the season.


Yeah I wouldn’t mind if Deathstroke carried over into S3. He’s such a cool villain. We haven’t gotten too many interactions with him and the whole team, not even with the OG’s that much like Hank and Dawn. If not we’ll see how they tie this all together I guess.


Side-note: When Gar fought the Cadmus guys the quick movements of his body & his expressive facial expressions reminded me a bit of Jackie Chan. The CGI for Krypto looked really good when he tackled/flipped the Cadmus guy over and rushed the other and when they shot him with the net gun thing.


Once again this show’s overall pacing is very poor. There’s only 3 episodes left and so far there’s been little to no plot progression. They really need to stop introducing so many characters at once when there’s still little to no reason to care about the current set of characters . Seen this brought up a lot and I tend to agree that this show so far is just Titans in name only.


I liked the guard that took interest in Grayson due to him being a detective. I liked all of the scenes in the prison ( painting the picture of a place where you don’t want to be.) Raven looks really cool when she lets her powers loose. Where is Rose and Jason? Also the bits with Gar, Superboy and Krypto, good-stuff. Another solid episode that will make it all the more rewarding when the Titans finally comes back together.


Gar, Conner, Krypto and Raven scenes were the best. Praying Donna got her S1 personality back. Dick is getting on my last nerve… this feels like a filler when so much can be shown and theres only 3 eps left. This show is SO EPIC then has these scratch my head scenes…
Dick couldve came back to the Tower see the mess and fight to get Gar, Conner & Krypto back leading him to Metropolis, speaking with Clark getting the idea for Nightwing & REALIZING PEOPLE NEED HIM AND HE NEEDS TO STOP THE BULLSH*T! Repent for the past by doing better now.
Aiyaa I dont even know whats going on with Rachels powers. Kory give her a bracelet & lets keep it moving to deathstroke & blackfire please.


Yeah Dick is a mess. This image reminds me of him anytime he shows up now.


I think the gargoyle scene was amazing! I’m realizing that Dick is going to turn into NightWing after his jail time, cause the bird the guy was talking about looks a lot like the NightWing symbol and what it stands for. I’m guessing this is when NightWing originated.


The Gar stuff was interesting. The Haw/Dove/Donna/Raven/Kory/Blackfire stuff is okay but there’s too much going on at once.

Dick in prison is really cringeworthy. Like if Slade framed him for something I’d be interested in it, but he’s just in it for being a 28 year old moody teenager.


Don’t get me wrong it’s a slow burn but the show is still fire. I hope they end the season with a Nightwing reveal and next season I hope they focus more on the team and a villain. No more new heroes for now


No wonder Mercy is a villain her family sucks


This whole season has been one step forward, 2 steps back. Team breaks up, team gets back together, team breaks up. Conner escapes, Conner and Krypto and Gar have some promising scenes, Conner and Krypto (and Gar) get captured and locked up. Dick for reasons that aren’t really made clear, decides to go to prison. We all screw up to some degree but how does this make sense? How does Bruce not know and at least contact him? The “bad Immigration” sending the poor illegals to certain death was so heavy-handed and awkward. And Dick is in even more trouble. This season just gets more tedious. The short episodes make it even more frustrating. Hope they pull something off to tie things together. Such a waste of potential.