Titans "Jericho" SPOILERS!

Woah so now that I finnished this episode woah so now I get how dick technically killed Jericho and aw :pleading_face:. I wonder what rose will think of this when she finds out more. This made me really excited to see how everything continues and now I have more of an understanding of the titans relationship with deathstroke and why it is how it is. When slade fought Donna and robin I was lowkey shook b/c I was like damn Salde is that good at fighting and beating them BUT when dick and slade fought it was AMAZING! :flushed: also I was eating a sandwich when I was watching the first half and when I saw the leg …i- lol but otherwise I really liked this episode and I’ve really been enjoying seeing titans and cant wait to see robin turn into nightwing and see this all unfold :see_no_evil:


Deathstroke vs Robin was a DAMN great fight. Not as good as the DickKory Tag Team vs him but still KUDOS! ALSO GOTTA GIVE A HAND TO CHELLA MAN/JERICHO & ESAI MORALES/SLADE. I was rooting for them both #sorrynotsorryTitans​:clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:
Donna take some lessons from Kory & stop relying on your lasso. Now I’m rooting for Kory, Gar, Jason & JERICHO. I dont think he’s dead…no way Robin survived if he died… Also glad the secrets out cause these flashbacks were getting irksome


Are we sure that Jericho is dead? Sure, he was impaled, but it is possible that Slade was able to save him.

If he did die, I think that he escaped into his father’s body (like in the comics). I’m wondering if he later jumped into Jason, though that was risky as Slade was planning on killing him. Perhaps he jumped into Dick or Kori during the Jason rescue fight.


This was definitely a bittersweet episode. I have been waiting for this flashback even though I knew it wasn’t going to end well, poor Jericho. Chella Man did an awesome job as Jericho and they did a great job showing off his power. I hope he somehow survived that ghastly stab to the chest so we could see his story continue and maybe get to see him in a costume. I won’t get my hopes up though:slightly_frowning_face:. Overall it was a great episode and as alway I can’t wait for next Friday. Bring on Atonement!


According to comics jericho lived in inside his father dormant. So I’m thinking that’s what’s happened. And it’s exactly why Jason was acting weird and preying on the others secrets


The Jericho episode was by far the best episode in season 2 for me. The character development is coming along nicely. I loved the Deathstroke vs Robin fight.


This episode was well done. I liked the fight scenes and Chella Man was amazing. I’m looking forward to finding out if Jericho is somehow still alive. Hopefully he was maybe dormant in his Father. Though I don’t like the idea that he is now in Jason, maybe Rose?


Good theory. Though knowing Jericho is living inside Jason while Jason almost banged his sister Rose is kinda creepy.


Kinda disappointed the episode didn’t show or hint at any sibling relationship between Jericho and Rose it makes me wonder did Jericho even know of Rose being his half sister.


I loved this episode. I am also hoping Jericho is somehow still alive. I knew Dick couldn’t have deliberately killed Jericho, but I can see how he feels responsible. I thought the fights were done well although I was disappointed at how poorly Donna and Dick did against Slade.


that episode had me in my feels!


This was a very emotionally heavy episode. The love of a mother for her son…a fathers love for his son…
The camera work was top notch, the color grading was excellent. Jericho walking into the titans change room was warm tone…playful, joyous…hell I even shouted when he saw the uniforms! Then later in the church a bluish tone…anger, confusion. A DAMN GOOD EPISODE!


Another thought, maybe Slade got him into stasis or something.


Deathstroke was a beast. He was more of a beast than the Deathstroke in Arrowverse. Those were some great fight scenes. didn’t expect him to thoroughly beat down Donna Troy like that. I really hope somehow that they do bring back Jericho and Aqualad.


You know, it’s funny, every episode I’ve come out like “this is the best one yet.” The drama and acting in this was amazing, even if it doesn’t have the immediate visceral emotion as seeing Ian Glen doing the Batuzi. :smiley:


Oh man, this episode was so great! I’m kinda really hoping Jericho is still alive :pray: The actor is really great, and I don’t wanna see him leave yet lol. Also, wow that Robin vs. Slade fight was one of my favorite fights of the series :hushed:


Hope to see more of Mayko Nguyen as Adeline Kane


Slade, has defeated Batman in the comics. I would have been disappointed if any one of the Titans had bested him. Slade, took on the Justice league by himself in Identity Crisis. He is not to be trifled with.


I think I can safely say this was my favorite episode of the entire run of this show. We need a stand alone Deathstroke show, immediately!


I’m confused. Why did he kill him?