Titans Flop

Am I the only one who think Titans is going to flop? It looks bad. Acting, casting, costumes(not robin), you name it. It looks like an edgy teen drama…

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Pretty much on point

The reviews say otherwise


it’s getting good buzz though, give it a chance and try to go into it w/ an open mind


I thought so too until I saw the Netflix trailer and read the positive buzz/impressions at NYCC


I was feeling the same but there’s been positive reviews coming out of NYCC and they already renewed it for a second season…


I never doubt a Greg Berlanti production. I thought it was too cheesy and emo too, but the reviews and newest trailers changed my mind. I think they went more cinematic style which hopefully sets it above the Arrowverse, which is already high level. And the shorter seasons should give it a quicker pace with constant action.

The only things I’m a little concerned about is I don’t know how Hark and Dove fit, but I’d love to see their story develop on screen. I’m also not sold on Starfire’s look, but the actress is great and people are assuring us it’s not an ongoing issue.


Aside from the fur coat I think they all look pretty good. I’m sure all of their costumes will evolve as they become a team. I’m really excited for this show, I think it looks amazing. It’s the main reason I subscribed to DC Universe.


I’m sure they’ll all evolve by the end of the season and going into the next season. S2 may take place months after s1 or something

It’s completely reasonable for you to be wary about this. Look at the other shows they produced/came out with. But I dont think it does the brand/fan-base/characters/actors any good to bash something the general audience hasnt seen.


Where’s episode one

Reviews seem to disagree. Either watch it or don’t. I’m pumped and it’s been renewed for a second season already.


Well it got a season 2

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It would seem reviews disagree and honestly I’m stoked for the show if only because Jason Todd will be appearing in it instead of being summarily skipped over like he normally is. B:TAS skipped from Dick to an amalgam of Jason and Tim. YJ skipped him entirely only giving him a memorial hologram with a brief mention of his death. The current Animated movie verse seems intent on only having Dick and Damian as Robins, skipping both Jason and Tim entirely. I’m honestly surprised to see him in this show and pleasantly so.


My first impression from the early trailers was not a good one. It struck me as a “we are basically just using the names… everything else is different” kind of production.

The interviews from NYCC kept using the “gritty” buzzword and then throwing “fun” into the same sentence, so that kind of set off an alarm too (since they tend to be opposing forces).

Despite that, I will give it a fair try and watch the whole first season - good or bad. I have been surprised a few times in the past, so I am hoping for another one.

looks like we found oct 5ths site troll …

We got a daily troll of the day? Lol

The second trailer has my psyched, and it got good buzz at New York Comic Con, so I think it could succeed. I mean it will never get the audience the Arroverse had due to where it is being released, but this it will be successful.

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Technically it will succeed because it’s a given that it’ll get lots of views on here. It’s just up critics and fans to see if They like it. Given the buzz so far, it’s very possible than thought before

Evidently, they have already approved a second season.