Titans Episode 8 Reaction Thread: Spoilers Ahead!

I watched the ep a couple of times this morning. It started off a little slow for me, but it definitely got better with each viewing. I like Angela (reminds me of Jodie Foster), and I enjoyed the (not) sunrise scene between her and Rachel, with Gar providing always welcome and subtle comic relief.
I still love Dick and Kory, and was so pleased to see them together at the top of the episode, despite it being short-lived. Kory seems to have fallen hard, and while Dick is still guarded, you can tell he has feelings for her too. Their awkward good-bye on the sidewalk was very endearing.
I liked seeing the fallout from what each person endured in the Asylum too. I appreciate that events have real consequences on this show: Dick still has the cut on his lip from the tunnel fight, Gar is disturbed by his first kill, and Kory, most of all, is haunted by glimpses of her past that must have been triggered by the torture.
I half-expected Dick to be haunted by his mental torture too, but it was great to see a lighter side to his personality. The opening flashback set up Dick and Donna’s friendship beautifully, and the two actors have great rapport. Every time the credits roll, I find myself hoping for time to speed up until it’s Friday again. I’m a little concerned that it appears to be a flashback episode, but so far, the creators of Titans have made some bold choices that have really paid off, so I’m reserving judgment until the Hank and Dawn episode airs.
Overall, a good episode. It wasn’t my favorite, but they set a high bar with Together and Jason Todd. Each individual scene was pretty good, but the whole seems incomplete until the next episode (hopefully) ties everything together.


I’m still not sold on the actress playing Starfire. I do like every other casting choice. I hope they will expand on beast boys powers soon, even if it’s just him changing into one more animal besides the tiger just to give us the satisfaction of knowing more animal transformations will come. Hopefully Donna Troy winds up sticking around too. :slight_smile:

Story progression was slow and seems it will be next week too but the last two episodes still has a ton of potential to do great things and then start off s2 with a bang.

Some of you seem to be anti filler but a lot of the best episodes have been filler


Anyone notice the Birdarang that young robin threw? Or just me?!


I hope hawk and dove inspire duck to take the name nightwing and he learns to accept his new self and dawns the costume in the last two episodes. I wanna see my boy in blue

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Am I the only person tired of seeing Kory continue to wear that purple onesie? I mean a wardrobe change is due…


@tx85, there is no way they can get the team to assemble I’m list the next 2 episodes… Is all gonna tease other #Titans with an official team-up happening in the final scene of the season!!

There are ways. Just let it play out and then judge after the season finale

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For real huh, and for hawk and dove

I’ve really enjoyed these episodes that have explored other heroes in the DCU. I like the Titans characters well enough, but Dick Grayson shooting the shit with old friends has led to some of my favorite moments of the series.


Most of the team has already been assembled. Pretty obvious Dick and Donna will meet up with the rest by the last episode and Hawk & Dove may find some way to catch up if they are supposed to be in the team or finale team up.

Only thing missing are costumes and an official name


So this slooooooow slooooooow progression is really becoming problematic. I’m wondering if this Titans show was a ruse to get subscribers to pay for the DC service.

The show has potential but this slow slow pace is really just throwing away season 1 and prepping us for season 2.

This show is like dating a girl for months and and then when you try to kiss her she says “omg I think we’re moving too fast, let’s slow it down”… ugh I mean I’ve seen traffic on the 405 in rush hour move faster then this show. .

You’ve swindled my subscription money based on some great fight scenes but it seems I should’ve subscribed next year during season 2.

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It was always expected to be an origins and building foundation season. Did you really think it was going to be like an animated show with everything established and on full blast?


Honestly they making Batman out to seem less and less like Batman and more like the Punisher. Not sure I like that


Now that I’ll agree with. We need his side of the story and Dick better make peace and get back on good terms with the bat family when he comes Nightwing


I absolutely loved Donna Troy!


Like all of the espoides except the last one number 8, her mom has to go and only the wonder women side kick chick story line was worth watching.

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You can’t build someone up by tearing other people down. That is an established psychological principal. Excessive negative judgment of other people only leads to disliking yourself. That was what Patty Jenkins applied to Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot, and if you rewatch that movie you see that while WW never hesitates to voice her expectations and disappointments with the men, she also never hesitates to share the credit and appreciate others contributions. This is the exact opposite of Donna Troy, who repeatedly says “older, smarter, prettier”. Can you imagine Gal Gadot saying that? Of course you can’t. Not only does this undercut the character of Donna Troy, and Amazonian culture, it castrates Dick Grayson. No man, woman, boy, girl, no one who is an effective leader would let themselves be talked to in the way that Dick Grayson lets Donna Troy talk to him in this episode. If you want to see how you empower women and show them as strong without disempowering and tearing down others, which is something no effective leader would ever do, watch Patty Jenkins’ WW, or for that matter anything Chris Evans as Captain America. You will see that you have not only destroyed Dick Grayson as a leader, but you have shown that Donna Troy certainly doesn’t know how to be one either.


Loved it. Some cheesy dialogue with Rachel and her mom, but this episode was awesome. Dick Grayson and I apparently have the same problem she socializing, and it ended on a great cliff hanger!!


If there were three seasons of this I wouldn’t sleep for 33 hours… assuming they were all 11 episodes long. PS dc should hire me I’d make a great villain/hero… or extra.