Titans Episode 8 Reaction Thread: Spoilers Ahead!

In this week’s episode, we learned that we couldn’t trust anything! What did you learn? What are your thoughts?? Spoilers can and will happen.


Oh man Starfire is reborn


I was very impressed with Donna and her actress.

Loved the scenes between Rachel and her Mother.

Gar is such a good comic relief.

That twist!


Great episode. Hope Donba sticks around. Cant wait to learn more about Hawk and Dove next week.


Loved the quote from Donna, "Wonder Woman was born to protect the innocent, Batman was created to punish the guilty. " :heart_eyes:

The name dropping was awesome :+1:t2:

Whats up with that cliffhanger? Is that out of the books or are we trying something new here? Or maybe its not what it seems…

Give me more NOW​:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


I felt like Dick reacted as an awkward Bruce would have reacted at a party. “I wonder what the penguin’s doing right now?” :joy:


The main story is developing incredibly slowly. Major plots were already revealed in the promo. I hate to say this, but episode 8 is quite disappointing.
Donna is awesome, Conor Leslie did a great job.

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I wouldn’t say disappointing just because it’s slow with the main story


I frickin’ love this show. DC forever.


so well done, Donna and Dick’s relationship, I love them as almost-siblings and sidekick buddies …

great to see Dick actually smile, can’t wait for Donna’s outfit!


I’m expecting or just really hoping for everyone having costumes and superhero team up action

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Intense ending can’t wait for the next episode. Starfire rocks


I wrote this on the Titans comments, but I’m loving what DC is doing, and I’m loving this show. Very excited for what’s coming in the future.


Not a big fan of this episode pretty lame

Im thinking were going to see a fight between star and wonder girl. wG is the only one who can stop her at this point but watch out for this furious star its daylight and her powers bout to be lit

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I think we’ve got like three weeks left to see the true team up with over half the team not able to use their full powers and the next episode being a origin story so two episodes…not looking good for a action packed series.

I loved Donna Troy! The episode and the character. Every one has been special on this show and it’s awesome adding here to the list. Titans proves more and more every week it is the best show of the season. Thank you DCU!


Donna Troy was great. I wish the show was longer


As a sometime write.r, ( one hundred short stories and one novel), I am fascinated how we are learning about these other great characters in the DC UNiverse, while never losing site of the main goal: At the end of season one, the New Nightwing persona of Dick Grayson, and the creation of a super hero team, who look upon each other as family.

There is a reason why Dick took Rachel to Dawn and Hank.

There is a reason Dick visited Donna.

They are not detours to the main plot. They are part of the main plot.

They also allow characteristics about Dick and other characters, often Rachel and Gar, that would not be possible otherwise.


I hope Donna becomes a regular on show! She had some excellent chemistry with Dick!!! If she doesn’t though, may I promise a spin-off?!? Anyone agree?