Titans Episode 4: Thoughts and Reactions?

How did everyone like this week’s episode of Titans? Are you looking forward to the Doom Patrol series now? Let us know in the comments below!


Mixed impressions. The scenes with Raven and Gar alone were perfect and invigorating. Robotman is weak looking, sorry. The jaw should articulate and the eyes are better solid red. In the comics he is agile and powerful like a Ferrari, and those don’t whirr but rather purr. He was Cyborg before Cyborg. You spent cgi on Rita but I never saw Neg Man. The DC shorts are much better nuanced and action based. Could Robotman not have caught Caulder as he fell or at least move. This guy is clumsy like danger will robertson.

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If the Roboman jaw cant articulate then an Iron Man slit would be nicer. Have it flash in time to his speech pattern.

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Definitely the weakest of all the episodes so far. I know it was a filler episode but it was disappointing. Didn’t like the chief. Here’s a review of all the episodes:

Episode 1: 9/10: Great pilot

Episode 2: 10/10 loved it

Episode 3: 8.5/10 Awesome

Episode 4: 6/10 boring

Jason Todd episode I predict will be the best episode and I’m so hyped for that. Btw hopefully they have foreshadowing in that episode

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Love the show so far, still disappointed with star. Im giving her a shot though. I really wnjoyed episode 4. I am happy to finally have a show with numerous heros and villans. I love the arrowverse but always felt it lacked in the costumes for the backround heros. Overall i love the show and i cant wait to see beastboy in actual action transforming at will.

This was a great episode and great set up for the Doom Patrols series coming in 2019. All the characters were pretty much spot on and love that first scene of Negative Man dancing in the kitchen. Robotman was my favorite of the group and I really felt for the guy. Look forward to Elasti-Woman journey in gaining control of powers.
Best Episode so far


My favorite episode so far and that’s saying something as I like them all. So far, I’d rank…

Doom Patrol(4)
Hawk and Dove(2)

I’m excited for next week as the team are now officially together

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@Redhood, You’ve been predicting that the Jason Todd episode will be the best one but that’s just because he’s your guy. He could only have one or two scenes but you’ll probably say that by default, he’s your favorite character or thing about the show.

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Honestly, I feel let down. I have high expectations for this show, but I’m not giving up just yet. I have patience and understand they’re in the first season and are still adjusting, tweaking, and and learning as well.

I thought Timothy Dalton was supposed to play the Chief. It was an okay episode. Don’t know much about the Doom Patrol so I don’t know if they were done right. Dick seems to be way off character here. Jason is supposed to be the brutal one which is going to be weird since he’s going to appear later on.

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I enjoyed it. Knowing the context of the story they are wanting to tell helps understand why some of the characters are slightly different from their comic book counterparts. It is allowing for growth and development that will make for a great story overall. I don’t know much about the Doom Patrol but this was a great intro and I think I’ll invest the time into their show next year because of this episode.

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Really liked it. Robotman was great, though I’m concerned how the costume will function in the Doom Patrol series when he’s forced to move around a lot more and fight and whatnot.

I’m loving Titans so far! I like the gritty and brutal tone of the show. Especially Robin excessively beating the crap out people. This episode really shows that all of the Titans are psychologically flawed, and that’s why they need each other. The Doom Patrol was awesome, and I can’t wait to see more of them in their own show! Negative Man was my favorite because he is the fun guy of the group. They really care for each other like a family.

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@TX85, he is one of my favorite characters yes. I’m just predicting it. It could easily not be one of the best episodes. I don’t see your point

I LOVE it. Though I’d like something with a less serious tone. Still love it though!

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Not really on board yet for this. Enjoyed the Hawk and Dove episode and loved the looks of The Doom Patrol. Even though they really didn’t do anything. I am excited for there stand alone series now

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I’m assuming Robotman’s suit will be made in different material and just slightly look different to fit action scenes and bigger involvement in their show.

Apparently, Doom Patrol got their own spinoff green lit after they filmed this episode and so costumes probably wasn’t planned for the future at that point.


@Redhood, my point is that you are extremely biased. You have talking about the Jason Todd episode probably being the best episode since episode 2 and so you come off as no matter what, you will love that episode the most and even predicting it as the best

Doom Patrol episode was good but still haven’t gotten onboard with gritty ultra-violent tone of the Titans. The ascetic just doesn’t feel the comic book Teen Titan. Especially Starfire seems nothing like her comic book counterpart.