Thoughts on Batman: Wayne Family Adventures?

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is DC’s collaboration with WebToon.

For those of you who don’t know what WebToon is, it’s a Korean digital comics platform. It consists of titles made for reading on a mobile device. Rather than swiping you scroll, and it’s one consistent page.

As an existing fan of WebToon and DC, I’m quite happy with this collaboration!!

I haven’t finished the available episodes (chapters) yet, but so far I’m enjoying it!

The art style is different, the format is different, and it seems to be more slice-of-life focused, and It’s completely free to read on the WebToon app.

Feel free to discuss it in the replies!


Stupid. The concept would fit the Super or Flash families better as they’re actual families and not some cold, distant, traumatic, toxic, and abusive job. The Batfam is more like coworkers that both love and hate each other than a family. That’s the extent of Batman’s relationships. He treats EVERYONE like expendable co-workers and it bleeds in to the others’ personal relationships. The only ones that treat everyone like family are Dick and Alfred.

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Well that’s one way of putting it. I personally wouldn’t call it stupid, as it fits well in place with WebToon stories. As a normal Batman story I agree that it would be a little off, but as a WebToon I think it’s ok.


It’s a cute series! I hope we can get other DC related comics on Webtoons.

I’ve read all the free chapters that are available right now and it really is fun. It is a series that wouldn’t work in a normal DC comic format but Webtoons is the perfect spot for it. It is also a great way to introduce new fans to the Batfam. I hope it continues for a long time.


Understandable. I think part of the reason I dislike the idea so much is that DC has continuously refused to acknowledge the toxicity and abuse within the Batfam and specifically the environment/dynamics Bruce has created within it. They act like it doesn’t exist, like it’s okay, like it’s a normal thing. It’s not. But then they turn around and act like it’s all loving and supportive. It’s not. If they would be honest about it and actually try to change it for the better rather than going back and forth I would likely feel a lot better about it.

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Super cute and fun so far!

It really does focus on the little character moments/beats between superheroics. It seems to mostly exist in the new52 era, although Babs is Oracle, Dick has blue arm stripes, and Tim was formerly Drake… so maybe an amalgamation.

It reminds me of Lil’Gotham, which I love.


It’s Little Gotham for adults, how can someone not love it?