Thoughts on Batman: Wayne Family Adventures?

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is DC’s collaboration with WebToon.

For those of you who don’t know what WebToon is, it’s a Korean digital comics platform. It consists of titles made for reading on a mobile device. Rather than swiping you scroll, and it’s one consistent page.

As an existing fan of WebToon and DC, I’m quite happy with this collaboration!!

I haven’t finished the available episodes (chapters) yet, but so far I’m enjoying it!

The art style is different, the format is different, and it seems to be more slice-of-life focused, and It’s completely free to read on the WebToon app.

Feel free to discuss it in the replies!


Stupid. The concept would fit the Super or Flash families better as they’re actual families and not some cold, distant, traumatic, toxic, and abusive job. The Batfam is more like coworkers that both love and hate each other than a family. That’s the extent of Batman’s relationships. He treats EVERYONE like expendable co-workers and it bleeds in to the others’ personal relationships. The only ones that treat everyone like family are Dick and Alfred.

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Well that’s one way of putting it. I personally wouldn’t call it stupid, as it fits well in place with WebToon stories. As a normal Batman story I agree that it would be a little off, but as a WebToon I think it’s ok.


It’s a cute series! I hope we can get other DC related comics on Webtoons.

I’ve read all the free chapters that are available right now and it really is fun. It is a series that wouldn’t work in a normal DC comic format but Webtoons is the perfect spot for it. It is also a great way to introduce new fans to the Batfam. I hope it continues for a long time.


Understandable. I think part of the reason I dislike the idea so much is that DC has continuously refused to acknowledge the toxicity and abuse within the Batfam and specifically the environment/dynamics Bruce has created within it. They act like it doesn’t exist, like it’s okay, like it’s a normal thing. It’s not. But then they turn around and act like it’s all loving and supportive. It’s not. If they would be honest about it and actually try to change it for the better rather than saying one thing and then doing the complete opposite I would likely feel a lot better about it.

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Super cute and fun so far!

It really does focus on the little character moments/beats between superheroics. It seems to mostly exist in the new52 era, although Babs is Oracle, Dick has blue arm stripes, and Tim was formerly Drake… so maybe an amalgamation.

It reminds me of Lil’Gotham, which I love.


It’s Little Gotham for adults, how can someone not love it?


I’m surprised at how good the artwork is and the writing, stacks of webcomics don’t reach this height, trust me.

This really was striking to me, where else but the Batman family would a group use shadow silhouettes instead of actual pictures or likenesses of someone lol.


@Nobody.bladesmith @D4RK5TARZ Here’s a nice thread to share favorite things about Wayne Family Adventures.


that’s mainly cause we do not actually get to see the batfamily really interact outside ‘The Misson’. the thing bruce values the most is his family. we do get to see glimpses of just how much bruce cares for his family but they are rare.

Also the flash family is all of Barry and Nora, superman family is Superman, lois, and Jon and Martha. the bat family is literally the largest family in DC.
If the relationship with damian is strained because of how talia raised there son, as she literally tells bruce she misscarred then leaves him since the kids inseption in son of the demon. yet his relationship with this daughter Helena Wayne is normal and stable and loving. damian would not have been the brat he is if bruce was allowed to know of his existence before the age of 10.


I really enjoy it! I’m a big Batfamily fan so It’s definitely a breath of fresh air from all the Batfamily drama that goes on in a majority of the comics. It’s fun, and I love the art style.
I will say that it’s definitely not for everyone, though. I look forward to new chapters every Thursday!


Anyone else still keeping up with this series? With 31 (free) chapters now available, what does everyone think about this series?

I am still loving it. It is so nice to see this side of the Batfam (and others). So many characters have gotten the spotlight and there is room for so many more. I know it isn’t canon but it is a fun series and I hope this series continues for a long long time.


Oh i am loving it… ITs really the best favorite moments Batcat getting caught on the radio at the start of a rooftop moment in TMI. Jason stealing the tires off every batmobile and bat cycle in Recover(one of the best issues really) Issue GCPD. however, i am liking the recent fast pass episode the most…It looks like jason is finally getting that Hug he really needs. THis is Hands down my favorite Damian wayne.
Now if only they would Introduce a wedding ark for batcat…then Helena Wayne as a baby. then a Spinoff the Adventures of Helena Wayne Baby Wonder where its Helena’s being babysat by the Waynes, Justice League, outsiders, and BOP and perhaps Harley and Ivy…and perhaps even Talia and the crazy stuff she gets into.

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actually, it’s Dick who creates the toxic environment/dynamics in the family and he has since he cared more about bruce going on patrol with Batwoman in the silver age than he did about his father possibly being happy, crying when imagining his father marrying the woman and forgetting about him, which he would never do. He also does not really care much for the other members of the family the exception being his Robin Damian.
He freezes Cassandra out when she gets mind-controlled, he strips robin from Tim Drake without asking and gives it to Damian. He does not comfort Steph when she gets fired by Bruce. He flat-out ignores Bruce from 87 to at least 1993. he is hurt by bruce asking him to take over batman, yet after Bruce’s back is broken, he cares more that Bruce can attends his wedding than just how Bruce is injured. There are more examples of him being the toxic one with Bruce too.

I also believe He also does not inquire about Babs after she is shot by the joker. Now I will admit that was Pre them having a mutual love interest post-crisis, which actually does not happen until Batman TAS popularized the paring (although they have something going on in the copper age).

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He literally trained BOTH Jason and Tim on how to be Robin and stood up for them against Batman’s emotional neglect and mental abuse several times. He even advocated for Tim to be Robin when Batman didn’t want him. He might not of been there all the time cuz he was out living his own life which isn’t a bad thing - in fact it’s a very good thing but he’s always been good to them but the same can’t be said in reverse and it always has something to do with a situation Batman constructed, but Dick gets all the heat for cuz god forbid we call Batman on his ■■■■.

To quote Usher, “If you’re gonna tell it then you gotta tell it all.” Dick didn’t strip Tim of Robin. That was Alfred in order to help him with his grieving since the person and entire reason he became Robin (Bruce) was dead. And last I checked Tim doesn’t own the identity of Robin. If any character does it would be Dick since he was the original, his mother gave him the nickname, the suit is based off of his circus uniform, and every character to wear it afterwards has been following his coat tails and essentially recreating or rehashing everything he already did - the measuring stick. And since Dick was now Batman he chose his Robin and it opened the door for Tim to become rEd RoBiN so you’re complaining because…? Funny how the Batfam is constantly evolving because of Dick but he’s better without them.

He barely knew her.

It’s been said and shown over and over again how traumatic being Robin to Batman is and how completely one-sided the relationship is and you wonder why? He had every right too.

Dick worked his ass off to get out of Bruce’s shadow and became Nightwing to specifically to distance himself from Bruce and the batfam. And Bruce had just asked him to give up his entire life that he built for himself to come back and become the exact thing he was running from. Ofc that would make someone upset. And the man’s back is broken he’s not dead, he coulda showed up to the wedding but just didn’t want to. Again he had a right to be pissed off. It’s the same ol’ one sided relationship.

And was later revealed that nobody including Bruce or Barbara told him anything about it until after she became Oracle and basically got her mind right so…? Nothing you say will EVER make Bruce’s toxicity Dick’s fault so miss me with all that BS.

Now that I have officially read all of the 42 issues that are currently available, I can officially confirm that I am once again in love, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

It’s fun, it’s cute, and I like the way that they portray them as an actual family, while also showing them as vigilantes now and then. It’s a nice happy break from the usual dark and grim comics.

And of course, I can’t NOT gush about how hot Jason is in this:

I just swoon everytime he’s in a panel :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


actually your entire argumant is predicated post becoming rightwing. when the entire reason for dick’s hero career is bruce trains him in the first place. Something Bruce is forced to do. Do you know the Graysons still fall even if bruce does not become batman. lets look at the outcomes: fist off B:tas:Batman: Gotham Adventures #33
Dick works for the man who killed his parents after becoming afraid of rights and unable to take the strain works as a hussler.
Batman (2016-) #46
He still becomes a hero: a batman who used guns. and bruce shoots him in the head killing his entire family.
and the last is Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman: Hush #1 batman beats him up and locks him in a cage.

Shows how much you actually know about the large-scale DCU.
Superman family has Superman, Louis, any and all of their children, Supergirl, Connor Kent, Steel, and Power Girl.
Flash family has Barry, Iris, their kids, Wally, his kids, Jay, Nora, and a bunch of new characters apparently.
There’s even a Wonder Woman family with Diana, Donna, Cassie, Nubia, Artemis, Hippolyta, and now Yara Flop.
And the funny part is most of them are actually related and have good relationships over the Batfam. I.E. the better options as I said before.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: The fact that you believe Bruce was FORCED to take Dick in and train him is laughable. It was a CHOICE because he saw himself in Dick.

And that has to do with what now?
You’re entire argument here makes zero sense because it has nothing to do with proving your point that Dick is the toxic one. Plus the way you describe those make Bruce sound like the bad guy anyways :joy::joy::joy:

Superman family:Prime earth: has Superman, Louis, Jon, Kara the Kents.the rest of their kids are from elseworlds tales.

[quote=“EverAJ, post:18, topic:2236343”]
Diana, Donna, , Nubia, Hippolyta, are a fammiy
Yara. Artemis is not a part of that tribe. CassieDemi god not living on the island.

Earth 2:Superman, Powerwoman, Lois.
Flash Family: Berry, Iris. No kid. Wally Jora Jai. Bart Max Mercury, Jay garric.