This Week on DC Daily, 1/27 - 1/31

Hey, everybody!

DC Daily has an amazing week of shows for you, starting today! There’s a little bit of everything, so make sure you tune in. Check out what you can expect next week on DC Daily!

Monday 1/27- Harley Quinn Episode 9 Recap Show

Tuesday 1/28 - Batman: The Animated Series Cast WAL, “Christmas with the Joker”

Wednesday 1/29 - Wonder Woman #750 Comic Book Chat

Thursday 1/30 - Comics Chat with Phil Jimenez

Friday 1/31 - Talking Toys with Todd McFarlane

And don’t forget to let us know in the comments what you’re most looking forward to this week!


Looking forward to the interview with Todd McFarlane.

I’m really liking his new line of DC figures, and I’d love some news about Wave 2, pretty please!

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I didn’t see the topic for Christmas with the Joker watch along, had I known I’d leave a comment, will there be one for episode 3 ‘Nothing to fear’?

Sounds awesome an some Christmas in January. Couldn’t be better.

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Definitely looking forward to the Todd McFarlane chat. They did a great job with this initial wave of figures, and I’m excited to see what they have up their sleeves next.


Omg todd mcfarlane is amazing , cant wait to buy all the new figures!

Check out the thread for our B:TAS WAL here: UPDATE! DC Daily is watching Batman: The Animated Series!
“Nothing to Fear” will be up in a few weeks!

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I love the shows that highlight interviews with creators. I love hearing their stories and process when working month in month out on the comics, animated shows or TV shows. Todd McFarlane interview was a lot of fun, and I liked hearing from George Perez or Marv Wolfman and the other creators (Andrea Romano ep was cool!). More of these please!

Just started listening to the podcast, looking forward to many more shows!!!

Christmas with the Joker must be watched every year with Rudolph and the ilk.

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I watch both Wonder Woman Christmas episodes every year too…

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