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One of Nightwing’s favorite restaurants in Gotham is Toole’s, where he had his first date with Batgirl. Nightwing Annual #2, he got a Chocolate Malt and Burger on the date :wink:


If anything they should make a specter show :fire: that will be cool because 1. He’s one of the powerful dc characters ever 2 . And with the shit that dc is doing right now they’ll kill it with this show :fire:


Nightwing’s very first action figure came from 1994’s Legends of Batman toyline by Kenner.


A. Myself.

B. This:



Hey, everybody! It’s your friendly fifth dimensional super-fan here to fact check your work! Looking forward to learning something new from each one of you super-whizzes, and guiding you you all in the harsh, rigorous standards of academic citation.

(Because if there’s one thing we all love in the Fifth Dimension, it’s arcane and arbitrary rules… “Kltpzyxm,” anyone?)


@RollingThunder06 Aww! How adorable! What an auspicious beginning to a wholesome teen romance between a boy and a girl who like to dress up in spandex and smack around clowns.

In the future, though, could you give us a hand by being a teensy bit more specific about your issue citations? There have been MANY “Nightwing” comics, after all, so it would help to indicate this was the 1996 series, and not the 2011 or 2016 ones!

I’d also advise you to be careful of the superlatives… while Dick is clearly excited when Barbara presents him with a meal from O’Toole’s, he never specifically says it’s “one of his favorites”! We’ve got quite a few tricky wish granters up here in 5D, and they’re sticklers for language.


@Vroom This is an utterly 90stastic toy, and one I’d love to get my mite-mitts on. Everybody knows Nightwing doesn’t go ANYWHERE without his rocket launcher!

But I’ve got to ask: where on this page is it verified that this is the FIRST Nightwing action figure?


@darkmite Y’know, I can’t seem to find any specific citation on it being the first anywhere online. Google and other searches come up with zilch.

If it counts, history and I say and know it’s the first. We know our stuff :slight_smile:

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His first official appearance in television was on the new batman adventures

  1. The first mention of Nightwing in the live action realm was in Batman Forever.

Source: Chris O’Donnell’s Dick Grayson suggesting the name in the movie.

  1. The first iteration of Nightwing’s trademark black and blue suit was in Nightwing (volume one) #2.

Source: Nightwing (volume one) #2.

  1. Robin’s black and red suit in the Batman & Robin movie was clearly inspired by Nightwing’s black and blue comic suit.

Source: Costume designers Ingrid Ferrin and Robert Turturice in many interviews. I couldn’t track down anything online, but the June 1997 issue of Empire magazine that I still have has a interview with them that stated this.


@Nightwing480 Sure, that’s easily verifiable enough. I’ll grant you that!

@Vroom Now THAT’S using some sources! Vicki Vale would be proud.


I found a source that mentions the Kenner Legends of Batman Nightwing and it’s first timeyness:

Here’s the relevant text:

“Legends of Batman was released in 1994 with brand new stylings and molds including renditions of Elseworlds storyline designs as well as recent additions to the comic books from the Knightfall storyline. Also included were a number of first time characters to the hobby such as Nightwing

Ta and da!


As Robin, Dick Grayson was originally considered a member of the JSA in All-Star Comics #3

@Vroom: Oho! Well spotted, my friend!

@adaymerced: Hmm… I’ve read that particular issue, and while Robin’s name does come up alongside Batman and Superman, it’s before their meeting constitutes a proper society. I’m afraid there’s too much conjecture involved.

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In addition to the Nightwing name being used by Superman in the pre-crisis DC Universe before Dick Grayson. It was later used by Superman’s lookalike second cousin Van-Zee in the bottled city of Kandor, taking over the identity from Superman.

Source Superman Family #183

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Nightwing takes his name from the legendary Kryptonian hero of the same name. Source: Nightwing: Rebirth #1.

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Whoops my comment is already in the encyclopedia

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In Nightwing Rebirth, he almost was going to become a father only the pregnancy test failed under his new love the Defacer!

In Nightwing (2016) #44, Nightwing upgraded his sticks to also be grappling hooks reminiscent of his Robin days.

In that same issue, it was revealed he has a wired analog phone!

Nightwing is Robin.