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She can play the harmonica.
And its not just a hobby. Playing the harmonica actually allows Dinah to practice controlling her breathing and strengthen the same muscles she uses when she lets loose with a Canary Cry, making it even stronger.

Source: Things You Didn’t Know About Black Canary | ScreenRant


Not really a fact but for appearances in other media, she’s a playable character in Injustice 2


She dated R’as al Ghul. Fell in love with him & almost married him while vacationing in Birds of Prey vol 1 issue #32. The stray. She also mistook him for a European on vacation not originally knowing it was actually him.


Black Canary lost the use of her Canary Cry in Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters, but it was restored after she was immersed in a Lazarus Pit. Source: Birds of Prey (1999-) #35.

(From the same story arc @capo-mage referenced, in fact. When I saw that post, I almost thought I’d gotten scooped.)


Green Arrow and Black Canary. Vol 1 Black Canary deafens a friend at school after he encourages her to blow off some steam. She lets out her 1st canary cry unknowingly & causes Sean Sonus, her friend to go deaf. He was an aspiring musician & takes revenge after creating a device that cancels out sound. Enemies list arc. Sean takes the nome de guerre Discord. They were best friends in high school when it happens sitting on the bleachers in high school.

Black Canary rescued and adopted a young girl named Sin from a training camp for assassins. Source: Birds of Prey (1999-) #95


In birds of prey #66. Its revealed that canary’s father was a P.I. (Larry Lance) who befriended Jim Gordon. After canary is born to Larry & her Mother Dinah, she is named after a librarian who assisted her mother in an unsolved murder case. The librarian’s name was Laurel & canary was named Dinah Laurel Lance in memoriam to the librarian who was murdered for helping canary’s mother try to solve the case. She gave her access to books & canary’s mother worked privately to solve the case as it was taboo for a woman to be a vigilante. Canary solves the case to honor her mother. To be accurate she took only the middle name Laurel from the librarian not her full name.

In an alternate universe, Dinah was a Green Lantern, replacing Hal Jordan after he succumbed to the anti-life technovirus and died

Source: DCeased #2 (2019)

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Her first appearance is Flash Comics #86 August

Glad I didn’t ruin it for ya’. I didn’t check the Encyclopedia. I forgot & my heart was beating like a drum after I went to check it. They were all around the Jim Lance angle, but not the librarian thing :sweat:

When Black Canary moved to Seattle with Green Arrow, just like her mother and predecessor she opened a flower shop called Sherwood Florist

Source: Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1


The “Golden Age” Black Canary was Dinah Drake Lance, now portrayed as a much older woman. Her daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, was henceforth the “modern” Black Canary.

Joined the JSA in All-Star comics #41.

Her father’s name is Richard Drake, who was a lieutenant police officer, his universe, Earth-2, his first appearance is the DC Special Series #10 January, 1978 and died in the same issue.


Dinah Laurel Lance, from New Earth, adopts a daughter named Cynthia Lance found in Vietnam, also known as Sin and her first appearance is Birds Of Prey #92 May, 2006.

Creators- Gail Simone and Paulo Siqueira.

I’m pretty sure it’s Vietnam if not it’s somewhere in Southeast Asia.

During her time in the JSA, Black Canary dated the third Dr. Mid-Nite (Pieter Cross)

JSA #16
JSA #21

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Green Arrow once stole $500.00 from Black Canary to buy a crossbow. Source: Black Canary (1991-) #1.


At sixty-eight years, Black Canary is currently the character who went the longest between first appearance (Flash Comics #86, 1947) and ongoing solo series (Black Canary #1, 2015). Source: INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: From Debut to Ongoing Solo