There May Be Someone on YouTube That Might Have To Be Corrected About the DC Comics Wonder Girl TV Show Concept Idea

Youtube account member Pagey on YouTube might have to be corrected about the DC comics Wonder Girl tv show concept idea because he is building false hopes among some of his DC comics fans YouTube Followers

New Arrowverse Spin Off CONFIRMED for Next Season! CW & HBO Max Crossover Shows Coming Soon? - YouTube

I haven’t watched any of their videos so I can’t speak to their content in general, though the thumbnails and titles do look pretty clickbaity. But as far as that specific video you mention, it was released just a few days before news broke that the Wonder Girl show wasn’t moving forward, so it was still fair game to talk about it like it was happening at that point


However I do understand that based upon situations such as what occurred to the Wondergirl and Arrow and Canarries tv show concepts that if there are any repeats of that it might just end up gradually killing off the Arrowverse subfranchise tv shows several years after it started with the ending of its early shows do to not necessarily successfully providing continuanation tv shows to follow up on what was and ended. Unless some drastic actions are taken to handle that.

The future of the Arrowverse is focusing on Superman, Stargirl, (hopefully the soon to be good) Naomi), and the future shows they make. Time to accept that the older shows are done and move on. They had plenty of time to make a good finish.


Right now there is The Flash, Superman and Lois, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Stargirl and Naomi.

I think the Arrowverse is gonna be fine.


However there are rumors going around the Arrowverse fandom that Season 8 will be the last season of the Flash and so I am wondering similarly about Legends of Tomorrow and due to the DC Universe Infinite’s goofy discussion thread about the claims of Ruby Rose’s Twitter claims/reasoning about her leaving Batwoman TV show with certain amount of her Batsman fandom that is seemingly backing her up on DC Universe Infinite. I am honestly a bit nervous if the Arrowverse continues to continually cancel their possibly planned upcoming spin-off shows such as Wonder Girl and Arrow and the Canaries rather than trying to figure out how to work with covid restrictions in order to take advantage of periods of the covid stay at home type of restrictions. Not that I have a problem with the shows ending as long as they successfully provide appropriate direct spin-off shows and/or move the characters over to other shows that are going to continue going and also more recently developed Arrowverse tv shows. I hope that message will be passed on.

They’re just that, though: rumors. I wouldn’t put much worry or thought into rumors when there’s nothing official out there to verify them.


That is tv production. Pilots are made. Getting a pilot and consideration is not the same as a season.


Agreed! Pilots aren’t always guaranteed to be picked up…or even made!

We don’t know how far into development they got with Wonder Girl. As for Green Arrow and the Canaries, I’m sorry but I just don’t think the interest was there. They used up two seasons of flashforwards on Arrow, with a back door pilot in the final episodes and most of the finale devoted to Mia, but it just didn’t land.

I remember when both Superman &Lois and Green Arrow and the Canaries were given the green light for pilots, the overwhelming discussion of Superman & Lois Vs the small chatter for Green Arrow showed me what the people really wanted to see.

Who knows, maybe with Mia showing up in the Armageddon storyline, it might ignite interest, but I think much like Wonder Girl, the days of a show for Mia are gone. Instead, we got Superman & Lois and Naomi coming. I’m fine with that.

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I would not be surprised to see Flash and LOT go away soon as they have been on for awhile and Netflix, and not HBOMAX, owns the streaming rights to them.
With the way Batwoman’s ratings have been, I would bet this might be the final season also.

Batwoman was CW’s 3rd most streamed show, and cancelling it could be a PC nightmare. I would be happy with cancellation, but I have to keep my fingers crossed.

I think Flash and Legends have a few more seasons in them.

I’m wondering if Wonder Girl will show up on Titans now that her solo show isn’t happening.


That might be cool; have Donna pass on the mantle to Yara now that Donna might be working with ARGUS.


I personally think that was simply due to DC comics CWverse/Arrowverse tv shows fans such as Arrow tv show fans both trying to force upon a multiverse concept the idea of removing any sort of freewill that would allow infinite possible pasts, presents, and future with a predestination single future (Fate and Destiny) which ultimately would mean that there ultimately be only one reality/earth/universe with only one possible past, present, and future and yet they didn’t like admitting that ultimately would mean that the predestination possible past, present, and future would ultimately have a 50%/50% chance of either being the most negative darkest possible past, present, and future or the most positive/light possible past, present, and future basically involving a polarization 50%/50% chance possibility predestination past, present, and future. Whereas if they hadn’t interpretively forced predestination/fate/destiny they might have realized that the flash forwarding of the last two seasons of the Arrow tv show was just showing one possible future among infinite possible other possible futures. Of course that is only my personal opinion/theory. I honestly think that they could use the possible benefits of reading/listening to the novel flash forward by Robert J. Sawyer since that might philosophically greatly help them out/benefit them.

CW fans forcing a multiverse and free will? I’m sorry, I don’t follow any of this logic. Post-Crisis we’ve seen changes to the future with XS and Bart. We’ve also seen Mia’s future is a possible future. With shows like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, we see the future can still be changed. There’s free will/destiny/fate.

As for Green Arrow and the Canaries, there just wasn’t enough interest. I’m sorry, but there wasn’t. If I’m the CW and I have to make a call between a show I know won’t have the ratings to justify a full series order over Superman & Lois, a show I know will have interest and ratings, I’m gonna go with Superman & Lois.

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Arrow Ending Explains Season 7’s Show-Limiting Flashforwards

Arrow ending after season 8 explains season 7’s flashforwards, which appeared to severely limit what the show could do with its characters.

That was sort of what I had read/listened among fans responses with Arrow season 8 however I can’t refind those fans site responses none news articles that I was reading and watching/listening around the same time period that Arrow Season 8 was occurring.

I guess I was simply communicating that I thought I read some of what you were talking about since in the fan reviews of the last two seasons of the Arrow tv show that I had read and watched/listened to. They were complaining that the last two seasons of Arrow flash forwarding scenes and episodes were flash forwarding to the shows direct personal (The)future which was dark rather than one of the possible futures among an infinite possible futures that just happen to be one of the Darker possible futures. And personally I didn’t have enough Arrow verse flashforwarding within the characters personal possible timeline futures since the previous Flashforwarding of that particular type that occurred was constantly somewhere between 2030s-2049 because of the influence of the Batman Beyond animated series. Which personally I view wasn’t far enough since while it was far enough for the earlier animated Batman tv series which were storyline set in the 1990 and early 2000s so the 2030s-2049 would end up somewhere between 40-60 years into the Animated Batman’s personal future. It doesn’t quite work for any of the Arrowverse tv shows that are set between 2010-2021 and so the 2030s-2049 now ends up being only 20-39 years into the future. And I personally would like exploration of combination of becoming some sort of Mechanists are ancient aristocrats, their lives prosthetically extended with advanced technology. From Schismatrix(super extreme longevity extension montage)
by Bruce Sterling . Even if it might mean having a extended amount of time to further gradually age further than what is currently considered possible. And Justice League Dark volume 1 #15-18(Justice League Dark* #15 “The Death of Magic, Part 1: Up is Down”, Justice League Dark Vol 1 16 “The Death of Magic, Part 2: Night of the Hunter” Justice League Dark Vol 1 17 “The Death of Magic, Part 3: Prisoners of Epoch” and Justice League Dark Vol 1 18 “The Death of Magic, Part 4: The Last Stand” and Six feet under Finale episode final episode ending final scene(death montage Breathe Me. For Flash Forwarding scenes and episodes into possible futures. You guys can be as frustrated/annoyed with me as much as you would like that is simply the sort gradualof Flash Forwarding into possible futures that I would personally enjoy and appreciate to have CWverse/Arrowverse tv shows explore.

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I’m lost with what you’re trying to get across. You’re statements are jumbled and very confusing. If you could clarify, that would help. I’d like to understand your point of view but with how it’s presented, it’s difficult to read and comprehend.

Give it a try. I’d like to see where you’re coming from on this.

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1)What I initially was initially was trying to say is that with the fans reviews/responses that I had read and watched and listened to in the past in which sometimes influence other fans but not necessarily always influences other fans complains that the Arrow season 7 and season 8 in the last two seasons of Arrow flash forwarding scenes and episodes were flash forwarding to the shows direct personal (The)future which was dark rather than one of the possible futures among an infinite possible futures that just happen to be one of the Darker possible futures.

  1. I personally would enjoy more flash forwarding scenes and episodes with in the characters personal gradual close near future, mid near future, far near future, close distant future, mid distant future, far distant future, close far future, mid far future, distant far future, and far far future. That gradually goes past the 2030s-2049 not just by years but also by decades and centuries up to at east two centuries and half further if not mellinia (which for personal futures would be to far for none immortal characters). Since I would like to view characters as they age into their year by year decade by decade early middle aged years mid middle aged years, late middle aged years, early elderly years, mid elderly years, late elderly years, extreme elderly years and possibly for some but not necessarily all of the characters their Super extreme elderly years if they make the personal choice to extend their longevity/lifespan through through various means such as becoming Mechanists who are ancient aristocrats, their lives prosthetically extended with advanced technology. This is DC comics version of science fiction and fantasy genre and so it would be interesting to have explored theoretical longevity/lifespan extension and how that might possibly extend the gradual aging process of even the individual characters’ outward appearances. 2030s-2049 is just not far enough gradual flashforwarding for me since it is just 20 something-39 years from 2010-2021 which is approximately what the CWverse/Arrowverse tv shows storyline timeperiod set in. And I was trying to acknowledge that 2030s-2049 was the storyline timeperiod setting for Batman Beyond at the same time pointing out that the Animated tv shows that were prequels to Batman Beyond was gradually set in 1990-early 2000s meaning that Batman Beyond with storyline timeperiod setting of 2030s-2049 could logically be 40-60 years forward in time a clear difference in passage of time between the DC comics Cwverse/Arrowverse tv shows and the Animated tv shows including the multiple Batman Animated tv series of the DC Animated Universe.

Unless there is a strong idea, I don’t think you’ll see a lot of characters go that far into the future. You’re best shot is a Legion of Superheroes show. Now that would be fun to see!

The aging process thing…I’ve noticed thats a running trend in your posts. And like before, unless there’s a strong idea by a writer (which is never out of the realm of possibility, mind you), I don’t see many people tackling it. But hey, no idea is ever thrown away :slightly_smiling_face::+1: